Easy Way to Insert Links In WordPress Like a Professional

By | June 14, 2017

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The Easy Way to Insert Links in WordPress Right Now!



Here is a quick and convenient guide on how to Insert Links in WordPress, it is easier than you would even imagine, and once you are shown, you will never forget it!

Here is the Easy Way to Insert Links In WordPress Like a Legend.


We are half way through!  Don’t forget to book mark these lessons for ease of reference.


Hyperlinking A Word.

  • Just High Light the pertinent word.
  • Look to the top of your WordPress Page Editor and you will see various options.  Select the following icon:

Link Image.

  • A box will appear looking like this:


  • Just Copy and Paste your link in the box.
  • Lastly, click on the Arrow Icon inside this box.
  • Done!

REPEAT THE ABOVE FOR TEXT!  It’s the same procedure.

Inserting Links For Images In WordPress.

  1. Assuming you have an image to hand, select your image.  If not, lets use this image to practice on.  Here is where you can download it for free to direct traffic to YouTube.
  2. https://pixabay.com/en/icon-symbol-internet-website-logo-720933/
  3. Select Image.
  4. Select the LINK ICON we seen earlier.Link-box-in-wordpress.
  5. Insert Your Link Where you see in the image below, in this case, https://www.youtube.com/.Inserting Links.
  6. Hit the Blue box with the White Arrow pointing to the link in the horizontal box.

Your image is now linked.  SAVE DRAFT OR UPDATE and text your link by clicking on it.

Any questions about this please just ask me.

Lets Steam Roll On To Step 6!

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