What Is InovGoods.com – Is InovGoods.com Scam or Legit? – SCAM ALERT!

By | December 21, 2018

Here You Can Find Out For Sure What Is InovGoods.com – Please Put Your InovGoods Scam Reports In The Comments Below This Article – Thank You.

My hope for you is that you are researching What Is InvoGoods.com (www.invogoods.com) before making a purchase. Is InovGoods com good, real, safe, legit, genuine, honest or Is InvGoods fake, scam, dishonest, crook, bad? This Inov Goods Review is a warning NOT to buy ANYTHING from that site. Complaints are surfacing calling it a scam. All are welcome to land their InovGoods Scam Reports below this article. Secure your banking info. Alert PayPal if you paid via them and report them there.

China is known for fake shopping sites and so that is a monitoring factor that this article will look at. These cyber-crooks seem to nearly always have a manufacturing procedure helping them to produce cheap goods, replicas, counterfeit etc. The images on their site are JUST IMAGES – usually stolen to make customers pay good money for inferior products. Seek out help from your payment provider to get a refund,  but also, to cancel your card in case these scammers try to charge you more than the agreed amount.




What Is InovGoods.com Actually About – Please Share This Article To Warn Others.

In their short time online they have developed an impressive amount of scathing negative reviews. These reviews help to build a real picture of a site and so help many save their hard earned cash. The rest of this article will constitute taking a look good at their site and all attached info. Where we find lack or conflicting data then we know we have a problem and should already start to consider avoiding their site.


InovGoods.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.invogoods.com!


Their website registered online 2018/11/22 and it is only for one year. This is not long enough for a legit site to make any real revenue online. The only way scam sites get so popular so quickly is because their prices are ridiculously low and so it grows quicker than legit and honest sites.

The Address they have given at registration is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, US. That is a very popular scammers address and is attached to many online scams. They are all pretending to be separate companies, but how can separate companies be using the same address? So we know now they have multiple sites.

Their Phone Number is +1 4806242599. That number is attached to other online scams and you should definitely run from any site with the preceding details attached. There is also no owner name attached to their registration ownership.

They are also registered with GoDaddy where there are lots of scammers getting hosting provided from.

Going to their website there is ZILCH INFORMATION on owner data, where they are from, contact etc. For  me, that is a big no-no because that is hiding themselves behind anonymity. Point of hiding all this data is so when they are found out to be a scam, the owner can shut down the site and perhaps start up a new one, and take all the illegal earnings to walk off into their own sun set. Their unwary customers are then left haggling with PayPal and their Banks for money that is rightfully theirs. Disgusting!




Scam Signs And How The Scam Could Happen To You.

Social Media as a whole is where people tend to bump into these scams. There is literally a whole scam industry sitting there working to scam others on these platforms 24/7. Anyone that has encountered an online advertisement scam on Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube etc are welcome to report them below in the comments. It is high time we all start to complain very loudly about social media platforms who clearly are taking their members for granted. Enough is Enough!

Let us now quickly take a quick look at the Scam Signs that are evident the crooked site known as InovGoods.com.

1). In some section of their site the prices are too good to be true. I can see trainers in the women’s section priced over $400 and reduced to $87! That is a crazy reduction, and if those shoes were actually worth over $400 then they would have lost money on that sale. It simply does not make sense.

2). Including Free Delivery with those shoes! AGAIN, they are simply losing money.

3). There is another scam site known as InnovGoods.com (note the extra ‘n‘). They look completely different so perhaps one scammer is ripping off the name of another. Who knows, there simply is not enough info to link the two without more data.

4). No Founder Name!

5).No Business Address.

6). Zero Email Address.

7). Phone Number Is Absent.

8). “Men below leather” – that makes no sense. It is not unusual for fake sites to make statements that simply do not make any sense. 



How The Scam Could Be Done On You.

  • Making a purchase with your payment info online from a site you don’t know is bad news. Always look for reviews FIRST and then decide. Where there are too many negative reviews, at least far higher than positive reports, then you can know it is a fake site. Not everyone can be lying where a higher percent of scam reports exist.
  • Keep Watch Over Your Card Payments and make sure they are not overcharging you. It is more than possible they may try to take far more than what is owed. Once again, contact your payment provider for a refund. But also, get your card cancelled to stop cyber-crooks having access to your site.
  • I highly doubt any of the images on the site of the products belong to them. Expect to receive a far inferior product then what you thought you were getting. This is the REAL REASON why they can price those items the way they do. Those that pay $100’s on that site will still receive an inferior product, damaged, product, potentially counterfeit, replica’s, knock offs etc.
  • Returns Cost will probably be forced onto you by InovGoods. Even if they make a ‘mistake’ they will still insist on you paying or it. I doubt also there is free delivery to the UK – UNLESS THEY SEND YOU AN EMPTY ENVELOPE. That is just one complaint I have received regarding how online scams treat people.
  • Try Not To Be Too Disappointed If Nothing Arrives. This is a real possibility. Should something be delivered then it maybe worthless.











Final Thoughts.

Be sure to contact your bank to cancel your card to stop unauthorized payments. Scammers like to gather this kind of sensitive data and sell it on for fraud purposes. Refunds probably should be sought in most if not all cases. Even if you do receive something, because the quality of it may not be up to par or simply not be what you ordered, you should be entitled to apply for such. For me, the aforementioned site is being put into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

I hope this article has given you clarity on the nature of that site. Those with questions on What Is InovGoods.com are welcome to ask in the comments. I respond to all comments and you can expect further assistance if you need it. Thank you for visiting scamwithness.com and looking forward to all of your scam reports. Enjoy The Holidays Folks! 🙂 .



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