What Is InnovStylish.com – Is InnovStylish.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

By | January 1, 2019

What Is InnovStylish.com Con About – Report Them Here.

Excellent work on finding this article to know What Is InnovStylish.com at www.innovstylish.com. Is InnovStylish com fraudulent, scam, dishonest, bad, untrustworthy or Is InnovStylish good, legit, honest, trustworthy, genuine, safe, real? This Innov Stylish Review is a warning not to buy from their site. I suspect they have other sites such as InovGoods and InnovGoods. Your Scam Reports can be left in the comments below this article if you did not receive your goods for your cash. For those that made purchases are now at risk of having those banking details being used for fraudulent purposes.

Contact your payment provider and get them to secure that info. Even if you do get your goods, the chances are, you will still have to put in for a refund. These atrocious fraudulent sites are usually coming out of China with malicious intent to defraud others as much as possible.

Typically they may have already set up a manufacturing process where they can produce their own goods. What you see advertised is not what they may send you. Their images maybe stolen from others online. The goods delivered maybe inferior, cheap, possibly counterfeit or simply the wrong item(s) delivered.

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What Is InnovStylish and What They are Really About – Scam Warning.

You know that they are not legit and so you probably want to go now and apply for your refund. For some you will want to know exactly why they are no trustworthy. This is where we begin to look into their site to find the scam signs and attached site information. Where we find no information in this area regarding online ownership then that is a good place to begin to declare them possibly not real. 


InnovStylish.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.innovstylish.com!


The above site registered online in 2018/06/11 until 2020. Usually scam sites will register for 1 or 2 years. 2 years is relatively rare but it does follow the pattern of scam sites to set up online for this short period of time only to defraud. These sites can close down at any moment without warning or trace of the owner.

Registered address is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. That is a well used address by many online sites. However, it is notoriously used for scam sites and so when you see this address then you should probably stay clear of that site.

Their Phone Number of is +1.4806242599. That is a number used by other scam companies as well. It is doubtful that you will get a response from that number.

Looking to their site I see an address of 123 Main Street, Anytown, CA 12345 – USA. That even looks like a fake address. Why are they providing 2 addresses for the same online business. Where you see multiple addresses then that is an indicator that your order maybe being posted from out side of your country.



E-Commerce Swindle – How to Spot One, Scam Signs.

Here is how these kinds of fake sites typically operate to maliciously defraud unwary customers. Below is a step-by-step quick guide on what to look out for and then list some of the scam signs present on their site.

1). Many of these fake sites operate on Social Media. Always look up for reviews on any site before you make purchases. Too many complaints then its a good bet that they can’t be trusted. So, watch out for advertisements on Facebook and else and so just because they are being advertised on those platforms does not make them legit. 

2). Once you make a purchase then now they have your banking info. As stated, contact your payment provider to cancel your card.

3). After the transaction were you sent a receipt? Thatis a good sign somethingis wrong if you are not sent a receipt.

4). Review your tracking information – is it real or fake? Very common is for people to receive false tracking information. Also, watch that your item is not stuck in the one place for weeks and weeks on end – that is another sign that something maybe wrong.

5). Did you notice if they took for taxes on your purchase? Again, that is something to watch out for does not make sense to take for that as well.

6). For those that received something in the post then I would be interested if you got what you paid for. Was it the item your ordered or a wrong item? Perhaps its a shoddy item potentially not fit for purpose? Let us know below in the comments – thank you.


Scam Signs.

I see a TV for $78! Its a Sony HD ULTRA that is 55 inches. That is far too cheap. Scam sites love ot scam-bait people into making purchases where it is nearly impossible to make any profits on selling those TV’s oat that too-good-to-be-true price! It would probably cost that price just to print the words ‘HD ULTRA’ on those TV’s.

  • There are other sites that have a similar name – watch out for ‘innov’ sites. 
  • Phone number and address is being used by other sites. 
  • No founder name. Now we have no recourse if we are scammed by that site as their support, if any, may just ignore you.
  • The Phone Number on their site is listed as 1 1001 234 5678. That is either fake or an incredibly rare phone number. Either event, after Googling that number, have spotted one other site using that as their number. How can two companies be using the same number? Obviously, they can’t. Another good sign of  a scam.
  • Email Listed their site is Support@Plazatheme.com. That email is being used on another of their scam sites.
  • Their Google, You-Tube and Twitter Icons are linking to their own website. That is another scam sign to watch out for.
  • Weirdly, they refer to themselves as Sinrato1. Cyber crooks sometimes forget to change the last site name, when they copy and paste the source code, to turn it into a new and fresh URL domain.
  • Just noticed, they have another Phone Number. It is 012 800 456 789. Google that number and you will see that number is being used by other websites. Looks like I have found more scammer sites, but have to dig deeper, to confirm that.





Do You Have A Scam Report On InnovStylish? You Are Invited To Leave Your Reports / Reviews Below In The Comments – Thank You.










Final Thoughts.

Their sites information is undeniably linked to other sites online. They appear to be running a network of scams. There is far too many things are that are wrong with their  site and its attached data. InnovStylish is going into this sites List of Internet Scammers. Please do report them below if they have scammed you – thank you.

That is just about it concerning that sites operations. Those with questions not answered here, additional data or other links of scam sites, are welcome to place such information below. I respond to all comments personally. 


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That is all there is on What Is InnovStylish and hope it has been of use to you. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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6 thoughts on “What Is InnovStylish.com – Is InnovStylish.com Scam or Legit? Scam Alert!

  1. Olga

    I too was scammed by innovstylish.com . I ordered Segway skates for my nephew for Christmas,
    For 69.99 He received a pair of crappy earbuds!,,
    I think I have also just been scammed by “Oakley’s “ website crrtiv.com for 348.00 !,!! I am sick to my stomach, it was originally an Oakley site, but now it isaTimberland site. BEWaRe of this site too,,

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Olga for your review here. Sorry to read this and put in for a refund if they indeed have scammed you.

  2. Shannon Letchford

    I had a sick feeling I was being scammed, but had hope when an email said the product(s) were shipped. That was Nov. 11, 2018 and I still have not seen anything.

    The Drift W1 Experience Segway’s New Age E-Skates × 2 $139.98

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Shannon,

      Sorry to hear this Shannon but InnovStylish is not a good site at all. They are part of a big scam network of identical to similar sites run by same cyber-crooks. Thank you for taking the time to report them here, it is appreciated Shannon.

      1. Paty Crabtree

        I had bought the exact same thing about the same time. Received a receipt, then when I went back to look at my purchase the next day the site wouldn’t pull up. Was hoping the holidays had just gotten the best of them, but still haven’t heard word from them.

    2. Nancy Evers

      Same with me Shannon.. almost the same timeline. Any idea how we can get our money back? Or to whom to report them?


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