What Is InnovGoods.com – Is InnovGoods.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | December 16, 2018

What Is InnovGoods.com – Avoid www.InnovGoods.com At All Costs.

Good job on finding the correct answer to What Is InnovGoods.com (www.innovgoods.com)! Is InnovGoods com safe, legit, good, real, genuine, safe, honest or Is InnovGoods crooked, scam, bad, dishonest? This Innov Goods Review is here to alert you to their illegal shopping site. Typically, such sites won’t send you out anything you pay for. At times, they will send you out your order but your order is worthlessly wrong. You are welcome to report InnovGoods in the comments below this article to help others avoid their scam.

Most fake shopping sites come out of China. Many of these fake sites may have real world manufacturing capabilities, where they are able to produce lowest quality items, replicas, cheap knock-offs to sell onto customers. However, unwary customers ‘think’ they are getting the items that they see on such sites. Not so! These fake shopping sites have a habit of stealing product images from others online. Once they place these images on their site then they will add their own ridiculous marked-down-prices.




What Is InnovGoods.com – Beware Of www.InnovGoods.com! – Here Is Why.

The website residing at www.InnovGoods.com is not trustworthy! We have covered quickly to the answer on What Is InnovGoods.com, but also, they have other sites that are identical. Any site you see that looks like theirs you should just avoid. Lets now take a quick look at why they are not legit and only out to defraud as many people as they possibly can.


InnovGoods.com Review

don’t buy anything from www.innovgoods.com!


The founder of this fraudulent site registered it online 2018/07/09. This was done for 2 years online and I can only hope your reports will help get them shut down sooner! Most scam sites will set up their illegal operations for just 1 year, some, will go 2 years. That is abundant time to make tons of cash from their fraudulent practices.

The address they registered with is 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. This is a common scammers address used many 1000’s of times. I personally have witnesses it, for many separate scam companies, in my time research scammer online.

The address submitted on their site is Shijiazhuang Chuangmei Paper Products Co., Ltd, Beitonye Valley, Tongye Town, Luquan, District, Shijiazhuang City. Why are there two addresses for the same business? I will tell you why! They are trying to hide where they are really from. I suspect, with the address above, they are from China.

The founder name is unknown – no surprises there then.




The Scam – How They Are Defrauding People Globally.

Below is how they are operating to defraud. Maybe not all points will fall within your experience of InnovGoods, but certainly this is how such fake shopping sites operate.

1). Many complaints of people saying they bumped into an online scam from Facebook. Other places are Twitter, InstaGram, Spotify etc. Beware of advertisements on any social media platform. They are NOT VETTED BY ANY OF THEM AND ONLY CARE ABOUT RECEIVING ADVERTISING FEE’S – YOUR OWN SAFETY IS DOWN TO YOU, it seems.

2). Once you are on their site then you won’t know the products you are viewing do not belong to the site under question. You may purchase an item. 

3). Despite what they say when payment will be taken, they like to take payment pretty much immediately. Normally payment is taken when your item is shipped.

4). Watch your card for charges you simply did not incur! It can happen they will charge your card even though you did not buy anything from them. Also, watch out for recurring monthly fee’s that they may say you agree to because they are in their Terms and Conditions. Even scam sites who don’t have anything of this nature on their site may use this as an excuse to charge. 

5). Notify your payment provider immediately to get a refund!!

6). People are left waiting for months on end! Excuses may include that your item has just been received by the delivery company. Bad weather. Halt in production or anything other than tell you exactly when you will get your item in your hands.

7). Tracking data they supply you with maybe fake. Or perhaps you find that information is now not available to view. They may give you another but its all cloak and dagger delaying tactics.

8). Should you be lucky enough to receive anything for your money, then I afraid you may still have been scammed. You may receive an item that is damaged, wrong item, wrong sizes, wrong color, low quality cheap cloth items, stitching is inferior etc etc. Basically, it will not be worth the amount of cash you paid for that order.




Scam Signs – Common Warnings To Watch Out For With Fake Shopping Sites Like InnovGoods.

Briefly I want to show you how many serious scam signs they have on their site and in general. This short and simple guide can be applied to any fake shopping site online.

  • Multiple addresses for the one business.
  • Has identical sites running. This is so when one site gets a bad reputation, and people stop buying from them, then they have other sources of income to depend on while they set up others.
  • Contact, address returns search of complaints from past scams. Always Google addresses you see on websites, phone numbers, especially email addresses to see if they are linked to other illegal online fraud. If so, RUN A MILE!! And also report them at scamwitness.com, IC3 and the BBB.org.
  • HUGE SCAM SIGN is at the bottom of their site, next to their copyright symbol, they have stated the age of their site as 2010 to 2018. We have already proven that to be a HUGE LIE! Scam sites sometimes will take some liberties with the age of their site to make it seem they have been online for longer. This may make people they must be legit for having lasted so long. Not true, always check with WHOIS to see the real date of any site.
  • I see knocked down prices of $100! That is bogus!! I’d believe them if the knock down was far less. They are shaving too much revenue off of their prices for them to profit and sustain their own business. And also, they are a new site, and so it takes time to make a profit. That is a crucial and very common scam sign when dealing with fake online shopping stores.









Do You Have A InnovGoods.com Scam Report? You Are Invited To Report Them Below In The Comments This Article – Thank You.







Final Thoughts.

I don’t trust them. I advise you to keep your distance and report them below and the other places as mentioned. They will take your money faster than promised, send you out some very very low quality stuff, so low it may be unfit for purpose, after you wait maybe even beyond two months. Support may ignore your pleas for help and a refund. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers where they will stay.

Do you have any information regarding the aforementioned site? Perhaps you would like to report a scam site below? Definitely, if you were scammed, I ask you (once again) to help do your bit and share your report. Thank You.

Beware also of PeakMarket, Auate, BinnVy, NokEast, SuperGoMall, CottonColor, GeemaLand, VsTroll, FairySeason, AmeliaCotton10, SkullnMore, 2uBest, LaLaLandy, 2uFuture, KenShinArt, BeaLoving, Awtoed, Ebuyea, etc as they are also fraudulent sites doing real damage right now! Thank you guys for coming to my site to view the real answer to What Is InnovGoods.com. I really do hope it has helped you avoid their scam, or at least to know now, to get yourself a refund ASAP. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


Feel Free To Share This Article To Your Networks – Thank You.



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6 thoughts on “What Is InnovGoods.com – Is InnovGoods.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Frances Finn

    I too have been scammed by these scumbags. Received emails similarly worded and fake tracking numbers. I just wish there was some way people could get their money back, but I’m glad that your page is exposing these people.
    I will share your information without a doubt.
    Best regards

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Frances for your offer of sharing this article. It goes along way to supporting independent bloggers efforts. Thank you also for taking the time to leave our own scam report on a huge scam network where InnovGoods is but one.

      Thanks again Frances and of course don’t forget to put in for a refund. ~ Scam Witness.

  2. Pedro Rodriguez

    I am disputing your charge of my orders #12094 and #12156 (smart tables) that you failed to deliver as of 26 Dec 2018. I will also report your company to the BBB, Google, and the National Security Agency (NSA) as a fraudulent, [ censored – unqualified statement ], and money scamming site. You were to send me a REAL delivery date, but sent me a FALSE tracking number that said they delivered and NEVER, NEVER did. This is FRAUD. This email will go to many places to inform the world of your crimes.
    MAD American -25 Dec 2018

    Date: Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 2:09 PM
    Subject: Re: This e-mail indicated that my order is shipped since
    Nov-23-2018. Please tell me the delivery date.? Your immediate reply
    will be appreciated
    To: 客服 <support@innovgoods.com >

    On Mon, Dec 10, 2018, 9:35 PM 客服 <support@innovgoods.com

    Hi friend. Thanks for purchase. Your order has been delivered.
    Pls be patient.
    This is your tracking number:LT020854326CN number:LT020853609CN
    You can tract it from here: : http://track.yw56.com.cn/en-US

    Dear Customer:
    The products you ordered have been shipped, please check the logistics progress here.
    If not found, please enter your logistic tracking number in the following address.
    Your logistic tracking number is: LT020854326CN
    Other Track url:
    No1: http://track.yw56.com.cn/en-US/
    No3: http://track.4px.com/?locale=en_US
    Have a good day~ O

    National Customer Service Phone:400-108-5656
    Please pay attention ” Yanwen Logistics ”
    Copyright 2010 – 2017 Beijing Yanwen Logistics Co., Ltd. ICP备案序号:京ICP备05057228号

    DO NOT TRUST this site, they lie, fraud, and send out phony email trails and tracking info to trick you. Their phones just buzz noise that never connects. Their site is going to get liable when I send to NSA. I have disputed the charges that were taken at a LONDON address SCAM. Thanks, Peace, LOVE, and Happy New Year to all.

    Disputers of the goods sold by innov-goods.com

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      HI Pedro,

      Just to be very clear, I personally do not or am not InnovGoods.com. I am Philip (Nice to Meet You Pedro 🙂 ) and I am the owner of ScamWitness.com and am in no way affiliated with that scam site – two separate entities. I simply reviewed their site to help warning others – so report THEM please 🙂 ,

      Thank you for your highly detailed review and scam report of InnovGoods. I know your unfortunate experiene is going to help others avoid their site.

      I wish you a very Happy New Year also, Regards ~ Scam Witness.com.

  3. Vicki

    Hi Philip and again, thank you for helping realize what is going on out there in Cyberspace.
    These people are criminals who need stopping and thanks to you for sharing this great information, hopefully, many people will be saved from losing a lot of money.
    At the time of year, people are buying a lot online so I am sharing this and spreading the word as well
    Keep on being awesome and helping so many people
    Thank you

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you kindly Vicki and I will certainly keep on working to expose new and dangerous online scams. Much appreciated 🙂 .


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