What Is InnoTVGood.com – Is ‘InnoTVGood’ Scam or Legit?

By | February 24, 2019

Find Out What Is InnoTVGood.com – The ‘InnoTVGood’ Review.

Very quick review on What Is InnoTVGood.com situated at www.innotvgood.com. Is InnoTVGood com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, bogus or Is ‘InnoTVGood’ legit, real, safe, genuine? This ‘Inno TV Good’ Review is a scam alert! There are many of these sites such as IWishGoods.com. Those that gave over their payment info are advised to contact your payment provider now. Please also spare a moment to report them below in the comments to help alert others and all shares are appreciated as well.

Many fake shopping sites coming out of China where most of them are from. Where you purchase from these fake sites you run the risk of receiving nothing, inferior, shoddy, damaged, maybe counterfeit and or stolen goods. There really is no telling what they may send you. Keep a record of all communications as evidence for a refund.



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InnoTVGoods.com Review Guide – This Is Your Warning.

So do beware of InnoTVGoods.com, IWishGoods.com and any site that looks like theirs. They are run by the same cyber-crooks and they have many 100’s/1000’s of fake e-stores. We continue on our search to expose their sites, one by one, by doing a background check on their site. They always fail this ‘check’ which honest sites should never do. Those sites that do then you run the risk of being scammed. It is as simple as that.





We start now by looking for the registration date of their site which was in 2018/11/25 and 1 year is all they registered for. That is considered suspicious because legit sites will tend to register for years to come. Scam sites will tend to register for 1 or 2 years and then run off with all of the illegal earnings. Certainly, when they profit from items on not what they are advertising, it is indeed an illegal enterprise.

14455 Hayden Road is their business registered address. So that is not their address and is used to hide their real location. Honest sites will sometimes hide their biz address as well but only when they put it on their site that we are fine with them. This is not the case with ‘InnoTVGood’.





‘InnoTVGood’ Scam Signs.

  • Many copies of these sites floating around online. Beware of scam-ads flooding Facebook and other social media platoform’s. It is not true that because you see an ad on any social media platform that they have been ‘magically’ ‘vetted by our all ‘caring’ ‘communities’. That is utter bul…
  • They don’t vet. They get paid for those ads alright, the scammer gets their free money, but ‘YOU’ dear ‘USE’ lose out!! The time it takes to get a refund its relatively equivalent to trying to free someone from a life sentence.
  • Even when payment methods KNOW FULL WEEEELLLLLL so-and-so site is a scam, they somehow, still decline some people. Seems arbitrary and confusing to me.
  • Anyways, too-good-to-be-true prices will nearly always signal a scam site. You can pretty much take that as a ‘confession’ of guilt. New sites can no way afford to give out 50%/60%/and even more without going into debt. 
  • Fake phone number.
  • Identical ‘ABOUT US’ section as their other copies. Dead giveaway.
  • One of their scam emails has been cited to have 1000’s of these fake sites with Shopify, if I recall correctly. Its a lot anyways.
  • All basic and standard business information is hidden and so now we are left with handing over payment info to compete strangers. Not a good state of affairs.








Final Thoughts.

They are a scam and now they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Those defrauded are welcome to come forward in the comments below to help expose and ultimately help shut down this site and all sites like it. You are also welcome to use the share icons to your left to help spread the word on the scam site mentioned herein. Thanks for coming by and that is it on What Is InnoTVGood.com for now. Looking forward to hearing from you and others on this topic.


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