What Is InfluencerClub.co – Is InfluencerClub.co Scam or Legit?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out What Is InfluencerClub.co Here – The ‘InfluencerClub’ Review.

This quick review is for those asking What Is InfluencerClub.co at www.influencerclub.co. Is InfluencerClub co a scam, deceptive, fraudulent, bogus or Is ‘InfluencerClub’ legit, genuine, safe, real? This www InfluencerClub co we want to warn you about that site. It is not their first. We have exposed the scammer before that was behind at least two other sites called KidsEarnMoney and also KidsPaidMoney. Both proven to be fake sites. Those scammed by any of these sites are asked to please report them below with your own reviews/complaints to help warn others.

They are a referral scam network that are targeting anyone that wants to earn big money for easy to do work. If someone clicks on your referral link then they say you are to earn $10 per sign up. That is all we need to call them a scam site! There is not a site online, in the history of the Internet thus far, that has paid out $10 just for getting someone to sign up via ‘you’ in this line of work. 




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InfluencerClub.co Review – Why They Are Not Real!

Right now we are going to commence an easy to do background check to find out if they are trustworthy or not. Since we have already exposed their other sites, 2 sites proven to be fake, then this is only to show you logically why you can’t trust them. We begin with their sites registration date, real world business address, founder name and contact information. Where this info is missing, or false, then that is a very bad sign. This only warrants further research or not to work with them altogether.



www.influencerclub.co good or bad?



The InfluencerClub.co is a new site and was B and they only did so for just 1 year. 1 year for any business that offers paid work from home jobs is considered suspicious. Typically such sites will want to market their services online for more than 1 or 2 years. This is a hall mark of a hit-and-run-site. This is why the registration and longevity of any site of this nature is important to look up. By itself though, it is not enough to call them a scam. 

Their business address in WHOIS is  a business address. Simply putting ‘PANAMA’ is not enough to define as an address. Now we have to go to their site and see if they have left this data that they have failed to supply at their sites registration.

I do not see anything on their site except for 1 P.O. Box address as their ‘Legal Department’. It is very well buried in their extremely hard to read Affiiate Terms of Service Page. That address is Kids Influencer Club, LLC, P.O. BOX 71918, Manhattan Beach, CA 90267, Attention: Legal Department. That is all.

There is no contact name, no phone number and I am finding it hard to locate an email address for their site.



‘InfluencerClub’ Scam Signs.

  • Owner, whoever he, she or they are, have created several other nearly identical sites that have proven to have defrauded people. Shortly after being exposed they tend to shut down very fast. We found another during our research and they are called kidsinfluencerclub.com. Stay clear of that one as well! – Same scam.
  • Multiple copies of the same site is usually a very bad sign and indicative of a scam site. This is so especially when they do not take clear and precise steps to make their own traffic aware of these sites. The point of having copies of the same site is so when one shuts down, whether by too many negative reviews or simply did not get popular enough to make it worthwhile anymore, having new copies replaces that lost revenue.
  • No actual real world address of their base of operations. This whole idea that they are only online is not good enough. What if there are problems of any kind? Who do we turn to? Certainly not the non-existent phone number, or email address, no – there is nowhere to turn to. So it is vita to have an address for last-ditch attempts for help.
  • There are other sources online that have already exposed the InfluecerClub as not being legit. When there are several points all independently coming to the same conclusion then that is certainly something to consider.
  • $10 per sign up is too high! That is considered almost worthless work by Google etc. The payout is typically 100th’s of a cent where most people just leave after a short while and leave their small pennies, for many hours work and effort, with the site. It is legal, but it is not something per time and effort, I longer waste my time on. Up to 3c per click is the usual and the high end for this end of time wasting work. So now you see how impossible $10 per sign up, before your sign up has done any work whatsoever, to pay out.
  • $25 sign up bonus is fake as well! Anyone been paid this amount simply for signing up to the site in question? Breaking it down further, they are giving away – to 100’s and potentially 1000’s of people$35 in total once ‘you’ make a sign up. That would cripple any online business, and all that money, even before 1 penny is generated by its users!! BOGUS
  • These kinds of scams invariably end all the same. At the point of cash out, for which you will achieve in a few days or maybe even 1 day, you will encounter a few requests to you. This usually involves ‘YOU‘ paying ‘THEM‘ to get your cash. Surveys, completing offers, downloading apps, paying a fee to upgrade is all nonsense. The site will earn some commissions but you will only end up out of pocket for doing such ‘Tasks’. Be warned.




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Final Thoughts.

I hope that has answered your questions on What Is InfluencerClub.co. Also watch out for KidsInfluencerClub.com, KidsEarnMoney and KidsPaidMoney – all the same scam operation. There maybe more. Those with reports are very welcome to vent and rant and rave below about them! No swearing otherwise you can let everyone know your experience with anyone of those sites. They are going into my Sites List of Internet Scammers. Looking forward to your comments to come 


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