What Is ILoveCamping.us – Is ILoveCamping.us Scam or Legit? ALERT!

By | January 29, 2019

Find Out What Is ILoveCamping.us Before You Make ‘That’ Purchase!

Are you here before you made a purchase, or afterwards? Either-ways, I hope the answer to What Is ILoveCamping.us (at www.ilovecamping.us) is of use to you. Is ILoveCamping US a scam, a fraud, crooked, bad or Is ‘ILoveCamping’ legit, good, safe, real and genuine? This www ILoveCamping com Review is a possible scam alert warning! Far too many complaints online about them. We will do our own swift analysis in this review and then see if calling them a scam is fair and legit. 

Those that were defrauded by the aforementioned site, if any, should contact your bank and put in for a refund and perhaps to cancel your card. Scammers are always on the prowl for payment info and so you must secure it as soon as possible. This will help stop unauthorized withdrawals. Unfortunately, scammers may have other company names (or have sold on your payment info), and so you must be vigilant against withdrawals not approved by you by different company names.

Too many sites coming out of China that are fake and dishonest and we will see if that is the same with them. Many times such site owners seem to have the ability to manufacture goods that are plain shoddy, inferior, nothing like what they advertised, counterfeit and perhaps even send you stolen goods. Please do report them below if they have conned you out of your hard earned cash – thank you.



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ILoveCamping.us Review – Why They Are Fraudulent and Not Trustworthy.

So we have conducted our research and here is what turned up for ILoveCamp.us. So far, we can see they have another site that has an ‘ABOUT US’ pretty much identical. That site is called FinderTown.com. How can two seemingly separate companies, that have not been declared to uwary customers on either site, have the same exact wording in the same sections of their sites?

Well, this I have seen many times, with many scam networks, and it is one way to find out if they are hiding more. You simply highlight the whole section, or in part, and right click and get Google to search for it. Many times, actually it is more than normally, you may find multiple companies – but in truth -they must belong to the same scammers.



Beware of www.ilovecamping.us!


The above named site was registered online in 2018/08/07 and for only 1 year is registration. They are meant to be a business that is selling online, whereas honest and legit selling sites will normally register for many years to come, and so they are following the common 1 or 2 years registration just to vanish without a trace. Even they may shut down sooner and without warning.

96 Mowat Ave, Toronto, ON, M6K 3M1, CA is the address they have supplied at registration. Problem with that is that is not their address! There are a few common scammers addresses that they will provide but only to hide behind. You can Google that address and probably find tons of sites that are using it as their own. So don’t trust that address where you find it, or at least, look up for reviews.

Putian City Chengxiang District Ji Mu Liang Pin Trading Ltd is their address, apparently but now we see they have two addresses. But also, we see that they are or maybe honest about being out of China. Who knows, they could come from anywhere int he world because hosting providers are not looking for verification, if they are, it maybe impossible to enforce it due to the high volumes of sites registering online at any given moment.

Nowhere do I see a Founder Name! That is a must if I am to trust a site with my payment information, and so do know, that honest sites will never hide the founders name. We do not even know if they are from where they say they are. They have not provided proof of that.





  • So, just to impress this on you, where you can not verify a companies location, founder name, phone number, email address etc (total black-out on that info) then walk away. Because, quite simply, there is no good reason why any legit and ethical site would hide that info or not confirm it somehow for us all.
  • Anyways, did you find out about these guys (ilovecamping) on social media by any chance? Facebook? Well, many complaints online about these scammer companies making big profits from unwary customers on social media.
  • People think these scam ads are all vetted and secured but they are not. However, these platforms are still getting paid while some of their users are getting royally conned – and e.g. Facebook does nothing! Well, I like Facebook like most people do but they neeeed to do something about this situation.
  • First page of Google there are a ton of reports running riot about the site in question. Too many times people are not getting what they ordered, wrong product that is worthless delivered, nothing like what they ordered and even at times items thrown into the bin. So do be careful.
  • I have double-checked in case I made the mistake, but that has not occurred regardign their registration date. Below, in very small lettering, you will see that they say they have been online since 2013! Go to WHOIS and you will see they have only been online since 2018/08/07!! That is a common trick to garner more trust from people.
  • The older the site then the more trust that is imbued into them from others.





You Can Leave Your ILoveCamping.us Reviews and Scam Reports Below In The Comments To Help Others – Thank You.














Final Thoughts.

As said before, there are far too many complaints against them online that have not been resolved. It is quite horrendous that they have survived even this long without closing down their site out of embarrassment. Anyways, they are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers for life! Please do report them below to help kick-start this discussion to warn others. Thanks again.


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And so that concludes our short article on What Is ILoveCamping.us. Looking forward to all of your comments to come, and those that want to report other scam sites, or sound-off in the comments to let this their scam site know about it – then do feel right at home to do just that 🙂 . Take care for now.



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