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By | January 17, 2019

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You are very welcome to this article on What Is IDMoney. pw. Is IDMoney pw good, real, safe, legit, genuine, honest or Is IDMoney bad, crooked, dishonest, scam? This ID Money PW review is a warning to not work on their site. No one gets paid. They have been running these Paid to Click sites since 2014 and come from Russia. You click ads all day, fill out a code, and ‘BINGO’ you earn 10c! NOPE, that is not true and it is not possible to earn that much money for so little and easy work.

Those that have been ripped off by the site in question are welcome to leave their scam reports below. While we are happy to expose online scams we are very passionate indeed to show others how to earn online. This is a free start up where you will learn all about online business and how to earn a full time income from home. It requires a laptop, internet connection and a real drive to succeed. Long term goal with the long term effect of stable family income for potentially life. Find out more here about our #1 Recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. To save you reading more then you can SIGN UP HERE for free to see for yourself. Let us continue now with our IDMoney Review.


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More On What Is IDMoney. pw – Russian Paid To Click Scam Network Since 2014!

As said they have been producing these sites since 2014 and come from Russia. They have sites in German, French and in English. I have personally traced some of their sites IP Addresses across the globe and so I must surmise that the scammers are selling their site as a template to other scammers online. Those that know of more of these sites are welcome to leave their URL’s below in the comments where I will be happy to expose yet another one of their sites. You can go through this websites Home Blog Roll and you will we have compiled hundreds of reviews on these fakes sites for some time now.


IDMoney.pw Review

Don’t work for www.idmoney. pw!


The above site was registered online in 2018/12/19 and online for only 1 year. Why would a company, that was legit and serious about providing work to others online, only register for just a year? That makes little sense as that is typical of fake sites to set up for 2 or 1 years, defraud many while taking in much illegal earnings, and then taking down that site which they can and do easily replace. Now they are earning free money from peoples work efforts from 1000’s of these identical sites, and no one has been able to shut them down yet! 

There is no owner information at all. No real world location revealed and so when you find that you do not get paid, you can complain online here at scamwitness.com etc, but no one can find out the real person and so bring that person or people to answer for their online crimes. They share none of the profits. There is no email on their site, no number and certainly no founder name. Now you have nowhere to go to get your cash because it was never real to begin with.



How It Works – Scam Signs Included.

10c is what you are awarded when you click on an ad, view that ad, fill out the code and then you will see earnings go into your account in real time. It would be brilliant if it was not all fake. 

You are said to earn 50% of your sign ups earnings but then that means your sign ups will only earn 5c a click. That is a contradiction as they say on their site, very clearly, that all can earn 10c a click. Sites that do not make sense are certainly ones we must ask if they are scam or not. So, logically, they are not good.

So you click on ads and share your link – and you are expected to believe you can earn about $500 a day for 3 to 5 hours worth of work a day. Again, you may research on Google for years to come and you will never find not even 1 payment proof that will call this article false. Even having written so many articles on this scam networks sites, the owner has never come forward to once, to dispute a single word. Enough said about their legitimacy!


Cash Out – What Happens.

Here is the really horrible part. You will hit your minimum payout of $300 in no time at all! That is not legit if you can appear to earn relatively big money on a site with so little time and effort. Anyways, you will find out that they want you to pay them for your earnings. Any site that asks for a fee for you to get paid is an online scam! No legit and honest companies asks you to pay them for your cash and so it is your first warning.

Those that pay the fee of about $20 then will be asked for more cash when they realize they have not made 40 referrals yet. So now you may pay them a further $9 for 100 referrals to you. This seems to make sense because the pay on offer is huge and also you can earn 50% earnings from all of those sign ups. Problem is – no one gets paid.

Once you pay out all the fee’s they ask of you then you still will not get your cash. There are no transfers to Credit Unions or anything of that nature. It is all bogus and you have only had your time and effort wasted. Those interested in earning online properly, but fear they do not have the training, are welcome to take part in our training on the aforementioned platform. It is free to start.


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Scam Signs.

When I say there are 1000’s of these sites online, I am not exaggerating! To date there are 1828 in English copies that either were online but they are being replaced so oftent that they are always having fresh sites crop up scamming people. So they are a paid to click scam, and by the way, I never recommend this kind of work anymore because it is just too hard to earn anything from. Also, PTC Sites are mostly scams anyways, even if they last for 1 or 2 years paying out, they can go scam at any moment and leave so many waiting for their cash that they will never receive.

  • No owner name, location or legit contact data provided on their site.
  • Their Terms and Conditions is normally in Russian and a very important scam sign.
  • You will note, if you read every word on their site that the time required relative to the earnings they say you will earn, keeps on changing. Do not believe a word they say.
  • The reviews on their sites are all fake. They even sound like they have been written by the same person. You will even notice that they have copied and pasted all of the older sites errors into newer sites. These are scammers that just do not care to pay out to anyone and so once again stop wasting your time on that site. They will never pay you!






Do You Have A IDMoney. PW Scam Report? You Are Welcome To Leave Those Reports Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

Many reports online of these identical sites not having paid out to anyone. Those that say they have been paid are either the scammers or liars. Beware of these kinds of false reports on You-Tube that try to convince people they can cash out – that is part of the overall scam. Please just report such videos to the platform. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Please report them below.

Thank you and that is all on What Is IDMoney. PW. I am grateful you have decided to chose our site for your researching purposes and certainly hope it has been of use to you. Please don’t forget to report them below and also don’t forget about our #1 Recommendation for those that really do want to earn online. It is free to begin and so you can sign up through the links already given in this article. Additionally, all are welcome to get their 2 free websites below just for reading our post. Thanks again and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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