What Is HyStund.com – Is HyStund.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 17, 2019

Find Out What Is HyStund.com Here – The ‘HyStund’ Review

Welcome to our review on What Is HyStund.com at www.hystund.com. Is HyStund com a scam, deceptive, crooked, dishonest or Is ‘HyStund’ legit, real, genuine and safe? In this www  Hystund com Review we are going to be quickly answer if they are good or bad. That is all and all are welcome to leave their own reviews below this article, especially if they scammed you! If so, contact your bank and get them to look into it. Maybe you possibly have to cancel your card.

Nowadays there are so many fake online shopping sites most of which are coming from China. In this instance it seems they can produce goods that are inferior, shoddy, perhaps stolen or counterfeit. Even you may run the risk of being sent out an empty envelope/parcel, cheap pair of headphones or a USB cable. Those are some of the useless things sent to people, from reports online, about other fake e-stores. 




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HyStund.com Review – Don’t Shop At ‘Hystund’ Until You Read This!

There are a few steps we can take in our own research to find out if a site is good or not. Business sites should always have their address clearly visible, contact information, owner name available. Registration length of their site will also give us a clue to their possible real intentions. Where this kind of business information is missing, inaccurate, then we have to be more cautious and do further research before handing over payment information.



Is www.hystund.com real or not?


Registration date was in 2018/12/14 and 1 year is all they have decided to build an online business brand for. 1 year! Who opens any kind of shop, real world or online, for just 1 year? So that is our first clue that it could very well be a hit and run site. Most fake sites will only register for 1 or 2 years. Happens all the time. Also, such sites tend to shut down very fast, so do put in for that refund while they are still online.

WHOIS website registration database shows that they are from France. Actually, all the founder of ‘HyStund’ has put is Corse, FR. That is not a complete address and actually there is no reason to hide the address of your real world business. So, that is another scam clue to further possibly dissuade anyone from buying from their site.

NO founder name and that is very bad indeed. Now we must go to their site and see if we can find out this information. Legit sites do not hide this kind of stuff…

CONTACT US section on their site only has a contact form. No phone number, address, name – nothing. I do not see an address anywhere on their site.




‘HyStund’ Scam Signs.

So they have hidden all information on who they are and where they are from. They have also only given very limited means of customer support with their contact form. This is all very concerning indeed.

They are a new site, and yet already, they can afford to give away 50% discounts on their products?! Too-good-to-be-true-prices is nearly always a sign of a scam site. 

On top of the unreal prices they are also giving away FREE SHIPPING! Yikes. That is very generous and I have to ask, if all this is real, how are they making any profit. 

Their Facebook sharing icon links straight back to their own home page. So that is only there for show. The rest of their sharing icons don’t link to anywhere. Not good and only scammers do this






Final Thoughts.

Those are the very simple and easy to apply scam-checking ideas to use on any site. Sometimes it is a fact that some e-stores are affiliates and so they can’t exactly put their own home address. Please consider this before what could be a Mother of five’s stable income.

However, if that be so, I advise all legit entrepreneurs to simply state to help avail any doubts. So the aforementioned site is a pure scam. Stay clear. Contact your payment provider for a refund and also you may need to cancel your card. Please spare a moment to report them below. Thank you. They are going into my List of Internet Scammers for good.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!


That is all for now on What Is HyStund.com as I pass over the discussion to you and others. Those with scam reports are invited to REPORT SCAMS HERE. Also, check out our LATEST SCAM ALERTS HERE. Any questions? All are welcome to ask and I respond to all comments personally and usually fast. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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9 thoughts on “What Is HyStund.com – Is HyStund.com Scam or Legit?

  1. belen

    I bought a massage table around 2 months ago and never receive anything and nobody ask to my mails.
    Now what my bank says is that I have to report to the police. THis website is totally fake.

  2. Luciana Pilon

    Sad to know that this company is not suitable! Unfortunately I am a victim of this site hystund.com !! I made the payment, it was approved, it contains order number from order # 40021022 on 01/31/19, but I did not receive anything until now and, apparently, I will not receive!
    I do not have the massage table and I still paid for it! Revolting!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you for your Hystund.com customer review Luciana. Sorry to hear this and if still no item delivered soon then try for a refund. Thanks again Luciana for your report.

  3. Elias Kacheche

    Is startparttimejob.com a scam or geniune?… i need to know because i”ve just joined yesterday.

  4. Senge cynthia

    Yes Hystund.com is a scam. Unfortunately I am one of the victims being scam by the website. I ordered for massage table 3weeks now , there was no confirmation of payment, sent several emails all efforts to reach them has been to no avail. People really need to beware of this site.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Senge,

      Sorry to hear about this. 3 weeks is long enough, no confirmation on payment and ignored by support. Its definitely time to put in for a refund with your payment provider Senge. Thank you for reporting them here to help alert others. Much appreciated and wish you well with your refund. You are welcome back to let us know the outcome if you wish when it is final.

      1. Senge cynthia

        Hi scam witness. thank you so much for your prompt response.
        However, is there a way we can report the website? 2 days ago i came ascross same facebook Ad of hystund. i commented and alerted people that it was all a scam, and i was blocked.

        interestingly this morning, i came across the facebook Ad again, and noticed that they had changed their name from hystund.com to MYKEDD.COM and the sponsored Ad is PWA SPonsored. i truely wish no one else would fall a victim like i did

        senge cynthia from Nigeria


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