What Is HunCD.com – Is HunCD.com Scam or Legit – 100% Scam Warning!!

By | December 21, 2018

What Is HunCD.com Really About – Your www.HunCD.com Scam Reports Will Help Shut Them Down Sooner!

Well done on looking up for reviews on What Is HunCD.com at wwwhuncd.com. Is HunCD com bad, scam, dishonest, crooked or Is HunCD good, legit, real, safe, genuine, honest? This HunCD Review is a Scam Alert Warning not to buy from that site. They have set it up as a Christmas Theme site to take advantage of the online holiday sales. The have many others and BTMD.Online is one of them. People who were unfortunate to have run into their site, and be scammed, are welcome to leave their HunCD Scam Reports in the comments below.

Typically, it is very common indeed to see fake shopping sites coming from China. That is our first port of call. They tend to be manufacturing bad quality merchandise, potentially counterfeit goods, replicas etc while pretending to be selling high quality goods – at Low-Low Prices. These low prices would surely ensure they could never make a profit, including free shipping, they would simply go out of business in no time if they were real. Remember:- If It Is Too Good To Be True, it usually is. Contact your payment provider if you handed over your personal banking data. They may need to take steps to secure that info and also to possibly help you get a refund.





Your Questions Answered On What Is HunCD.com – Beware Of www.huncd.com!

Everyone now has the correct answer on What Is HunCD.com and now will help you avoid the scam operation at www.huncd.com. There are 1000’s of fake online shopping sites, most notably Christmas Shopping Scams, circulating on social media and online in general right now. Report any that you have come into contact with in the comments below to expose them. In order to back up the claim that they are fake, and not legit, we are going to take a very quick look into the owner(s), contact info and where they are are based in world.


HunCD.com Review

DON’T buy anything from www.huncd.com!


www.hunced.com was registered in 2018/12/12 and only for 1 year the owners wish it to be active. One year is indicative of a site that wants to scam you and run. Sometimes they will last for 2 years and then go. They can shut down at anytime making them a very unstable and fiercely untrustworthy site.

Their registration, mean to be real world address, has scam-warnings on Google. That is typical and may also indicate other sites using the same address. Now we can say they are operating a scam network. So, do be careful of the address of 1928 E Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 255, Phoenix, AZ, 85016, US. So – don’t trust any site with that address.

Founder name is simply not registered anywhere online, and so now we have no clue who we are dealing with. When things go wrong, as they will, you have no person to contact. But also, when the site has done its illegal job of scamming vast numbers of people, the scammer can now walk away free to start up a new site and keep all those illegal earnings without consequence.

Heading to their site, where usually they will leave more fraudulent info that contradicts info (if any) left at site registration.

Their address on their site is 303 Jackson at Seattle WA, United State (not ‘States‘ – spelling errors is another sign of a scam site). If I am not mistaken, that looks to be a Holiday Inn address. It is definitely not theirs anyways and so it is typical for fake sites to use addresses to try to convince you they are from certain locations i.e. USA, UK etc to help make more illegal sales.

Their Phone Number is 852 66282369. I have personally come across that number many times now where I see other companies using it. This is more evidence that they have many sites trying to defraud people. Always Google search addresses, phone numbers and see if there are complaints and other scam sites connected to it.

Hmmm, no email address. Just as well because that may have been more evidence that would of possibly connected them to more complaints. At this stage, it is not like we need more evidence of a cover up anyways…




Typical Scam Ops Of A Fake Online Shopping Scam – Watch Out For Christmas Scams.

These fake sites have a tendency to run around the net to steal the images of other peoples products. These product images are then placed on the scammers site. Vast reductions of prices is a HUGE SCAM WARNING to always look at for. Below is how typically these scam operators execute their scam and also we will cover their Scam Signs.

1). Already it has been said that social media is where so many scammers pay money to advertise their fake sites. This is a quick way to get good traffic. Since they are so-so-so unrealistically cheap, they become popular on social media, and so others NOW think they are legit. Look for reviews… I say this EVERY SINGLE POST and so hopefully one day all will do this as standard.

2). Where ever you bumped into their site, once you are on the actual scam site, is where you may fall prey to their false advertising. Many to look for an address, and once they see that USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA address, it sometimes happens they are convinced. Always cross-check that info with WHOIS to verify.

3). Perhaps you purchased something? SO now you must contact your payment provider to secure yourself and also for a refund, as mentioned. Probably you will see that payment was taken far before the time date they said they would take it. That is never a good sign.

4). Regarding your card, do watch out for several unauthorized extractions of your cash! Online scams simply have no conscience and will empty your account if you let them. 

5). Even if their site says it takes up to 15 days for your order to arrive, it is most likely, it will take 2 months and even beyond. 

6). Your Tracking Information maybe bogus and so keep that info as evidence for a refund. Take screen shots of all communications to strengthen your case. That is of course they even give you that info. Also, sometimes these scammers are so lazy they won’t even send you a receipt. In both instances note these things as evidence.

7). Customer Support may now start to become a complete joke with their responses. After a while, should you keep on hounding them for your order (and rightly so) they may just stop talking to you.

8). Receive Your Order Yet? Those that did receive something then I would love to hear about that. Was it damaged? Correct item? Anything at all wrong with it – was it fit for purpose? Did you receive exactly what ordered?

9). Don’t be surprised if nothing arrives.

10). Those that paid with PayPal have 180 days from purchase to open a pay dispute. PayPal, or at least a person called Jesse that works there, says that if they get lots of reports of a site scamming people then they will go after them for the money. So, do make sure you chase down PayPal and make them 100% clear of everything that has gone on.

11). Scam Signs on their site, and about their site are, there is no founder name. No ADDRESS that is legit. Info is already connected to complaints online and potentially to many other scam sites that they could be operating right now.

12). I see one item at $144.00 reduced to $1750 – that is an amazing loss of profit in that one sale. There is no way real merchants can give you those discounts unless of course they are closing down. Their other prices include $15.00 – reduced from $15.00 – bogus! I have seen that silly pricing elsewhere and is a very good indicator you are dealing with a deceptive site.

13). Products simply may not be theirs.

14). Already they have some bad reviews online and they only started 4 days ago – see date of this article! That is fast work. 

15). They did not give themselves enough time to make sales before the holidays. That is telling me they simply wish to take advantage of the Xmas rush and then potentially run off.

16). Free Shipping, on top of all the unrealistic savings they are generously giving to you, for orders over $29..95. Simpy too good to be true.





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Final Thoughts.

Watch out for those sneaky multiple charges. They may have other sites floating around and so do heed the warnings in this article. They are going into my sites List of Internet Scammers. Seek a refund ASAP!

Do you have questions on anything said here today? Those that do are welcome to ask below. I respond to all comments. People with additional data are most welcome to drop that data below. Perhaps you know of another fake shopping site or any scam site for that matter? You are welcome to leave those site links below for further investigation. Thank you all for visiting scamwitness.com. I am very much looking forward to your scam reports below on What Is HunCD.com.


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