What Is HuluAds.com – Is HuluAds.com Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 2, 2018

What Is HuluAds. com and Why I am Concerned it Could be a Scam Site.

I saw some payment proofs on their site but I also found some problems that tell me they could indeed be a fraudulent site. Those asking What Is HuluAds. com (www.huluads. com) and asking Is HuluAds com safe, real, genuine, scam, fake, legit, good, fraudulent can view my research below in this HuluAds Review. To determine if they are fake or not then we start off by finding owner details and finding some website credentials and cross check all that. Then we will see if their offer to sign up to them for a whopping $500 for 30 days makes any sense!! At this point, I am very suspicious that they are not to be trusted.

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What Is HuluAds. com and How to Earn with Them – or Not.

HuluAds.com - Scam Signs!

www.huluads. com website.

“or Not” – yet to determine if they are legit or not so you will have to have a good read here of this article as you follow me along to see how to determine if a site is fake or not. Should I be unable to know if they are real or not then I will leave it open to the online community in their own reports. Hulu Ads is only a few days old, and if what I see on their site in some areas as the finished product, you may encounter some problems. Even sites that are paid to click sites will perhaps pay out at the start but turn into a scam and not pay out to anyone anymore in 1 to 2 years. Most PTC sites are just scam sites and so another good reason I tend to stay far away from them as well. Let us continue to answer What Is HuluAds. com.

We begin, as promised, by trying to find out the owner details. This can be done by checking their websites registration data and we can see that they have not listed a founders name. That is the first thing I look for and its usually a bad sign of a scam when that most vital piece of data is missing. There is no address listed for their business. There is not even a fake one. Nothing is listed for their identity for the site and I am amazed that hosting companies are allowed to profit this way by helping scam sites keep their owners identity a secret. Anyways, all bad signs and an unnecessarily poor start to their sites online career.

Incidentally, the owner(s) created Hulu Ads on the 28/09/2018 and only online for just 1 year. That is another bad sign as they offer paid work from home to people. Sites that are genuine will usually set up a site for more than a year, I mean sites that offer work from home jobs that are paid, and so this is a sign of a hit and run site. So if the founder disagrees, and I am wrong here, he/she are welcome to add to this article as I am having trouble locating basic identity data for their website, and that is not my fault, but of the owner(s). 

What work have they got on offer?

Let us have a very brief overview of what they offer as a way to earn money online with them. I won’t go into lots of details as the primary reason for this posts, as stated, is to find out if we can trust them or not.

They have 12 ads currently view-able that I can see. There is one ad spot up to be grabbed by an advertisers. So, they are really are asking people to click on ads for money. For people thinking about placing an ad, that may not be a sensible idea.

People on sites like this won’t be interested in your product or service for the most part. They will only click for the little pennies they will earn for doing so. This makes such an investment into advertising ineffective and you are not targeting an interested audience at all. So, save your cash. There is no telling if you will even recoup your initial investment in this manner.

Have they got any investment offers?

Yes, you can pay $7 for 10 days, $20 for 15 Days, $100 for 30 Days or as mentioned $500 for 30 Days! The point of the increasing fee’s is that when you are a Premium Paid Member all your actions are increased in value and so you earn more. 


This level they describe of having an earning potential of just $10. Get $0.050 per upgrade from all of your referrals. That is fair enough and reasonable as well. Get a very low $00.0002 per referral click. That is so low it will take you sooo long to earn anything of value to collect – not even good pocket money is not worth your time.

Receive $00.10 per click as well. That is a little high as advertisers usually only pay out fractions fo a cent up to 3c per click so 10 cents is very high.#


Earning potential is estimated to be at $30, again, too low to be worth your time. $1 for all of your referral upgrades, which is still for me very low. Daily Earning of $2 – I make more than that online making a cup of tea! These earnings are setting your ambitions of earning online far too low.

You can learn to make your own website and make that site earn you real money in a relatively short amount of time. Earn $00.20 per click. That is too high, yet again, as advertisers can get hundreds of clicks for $50, but paying out 20c per click (not including what they have to pay the website Hulu Ads) they would only get 25 clicks for the same amount of money. That is losing money for advertisers and actually making me think we are dealing with a scam site here!!


Earn 50 cent per click. Earning potential of $150. $10 per upgrade. 

VIP $500:-

This is the one I am most concerned about. That is a huge jump in membership fee’s for only 30 days! They should be offering you that for at least a year online on their site and is just another huge concern for me not to trust them at all.

Their site is new as said and so I feel strongly that making any investments with them is a gamble at the moment. We have to wait and see. And since I can’t locate the founder info, we have no one to ask for our money back when – or if – they are a scam site and run off with all the money.

Below I will list my concerns regarding their site and these concerns have me thinking they may just be a scam site after all.




Scam Signs – There is No Reason Why These Should Be on a Legit Site!

  1. What really got me to be very suspicious of them is their membership levels. They say “BUY NOW“, and when you click on those buttons, nothing happens. Well, its scrolls to the top of the page and there is no purchase page. That is so weird and really confuses people and only made me not even sign up to them based on that. I mean, when was the last time you were on a site you knew was good and legit and that happened? Its not usual and definitely for me a reason to stay clear until we know more about them.
  2. I don’t see any Privacy Policy Page on their site and Google looks for that. Even I see that they have Google ads and yet one of the conditions to get approval for such a site is that they must have a Privacy Policy Page, best to my knowledge. Anyways, it is a vital component of any legit site and you may view mine HERE to see what you should be finding on any site.
  3. They don’t appear to have any Cookie Policy Page or even a Cookie plugin for you to accept their cookies – sorry, I said ‘cookies’ a lot there and even annoyed myself 🙂 .
  4. I don’t see an Affiliate Disclosure either, saying something like, if you click on those links (ads) their website could earn some money from that. You may see all of this websites key documents to the right of this page.
  5. No Opt Out Of Google Analytic’s for their EU Traffic either. That is to stop Google tracking your activity on a website, so if you clicked the mine one top right of the menu to your right, then Google won’t track your activity but only on my site. These are very important key components to sites.
  6. No one really knows if the sites you may end up going to are legit or not. So, there is a risk that you may be on other third party advertiser sites that are not good and ethical. I saw one ad saying you can earn over 2 or $300 in one day – that is a bad sign right there! It is just not possible to earn that money clicking ads online anywhere.

Anyways, those are my concerns and reasons why I did not sign up to give them a try.





Final Thoughts.

I am not calling them a Scam – we must wait if they bear out to be one or not! They are too young and they appeared to have paid out to some members. As mentioned, that can sharply change to no payouts and not unusual for such sites to pay out in the start to generate payment proofs to make people sign up to them. Your reports are welcome and you can praise them for payments or give them a good ‘kicking’ in the comments below if they failed to pay you. I hope they are legit because there are just too many PTC scam sites out there online that is just flipping ridiculous at this stage. I will however say, that I am NOT RECOMMENDING them as way to earn good money in a reasonable amount of time. Looking forward to your reports guys so do leave them below so we can get a better view of their intentions.

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