How to Start a Blog Now – Your Launch Pad Tutorial.

Start Your Own Blog Now.

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Welcome to How to Start a Blog Now –

Easy and Quick Steps.

First off, I want to welcome you to my website and thank you for taking the time to check out our article on How to Start a Blog Now. In just a few minutes, you will have your hands on your own website which you can use to promote your small business, use it as a writing hobby etc. Consider there are nearly 4 Billion Active Weekly Users Online, at any given moment in time, then we can see the unlimited potential to reach staggering amounts of people!! That is a lot of people you can reach in time to show case your own products/services.


**IMPORTANT! – Should you buy your BlueHost blog via this website then this website will earn commissions on that basis. Thank you.


Getting Your Own Blog – The Journey Ahead.


Starting Your Blog Journey

I started out some years ago and, like so many others, I started a blog online. I had no idea what I was doing and actually never got any traffic. Frustrated, I abandoned that site and was left disappointed and in total mystery as to how other bloggers were doing it. Getting yourself a free site is not always the best option because, ‘free’ in my experience, means no options for help and support and ultimately your site goes nowhere.

After some time faffing around online I eventually got myself trained. Now, with the start of your own website (Beginning the Right Way), you have a great opportunity to kick-start your own online biz adventures! It is going to be fun and I do wish you the very best of success – because, lets face it guys – its amazing to be able to get 10’s of 1000’s of visitors to your site every month!!



Should you be new at all this, and find yourself needing some help, just go ahead and bookmark this page right now! You can ALWAYS come back here and I will be happy to help you as much as possible. God knows I could of done with such help when I first started out. Deal? – OK, let us begin.



What You Will Get From This Article:-

By the time you have finished reading and following this quick tutorial, you will have the means to have set up your own website, in no time!

*When you are done, why not drop us your link in the comments section, so we can drop by and Congratulate You on your new venture! 🙂



Jump To Your How to Start A Blog Tutorial Step’s!


How to Start a Blog Now – Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Website.

Just so there is no confusion, a ‘blog’ and a ‘website’ are synonyms for each other i.e. they are interchangeable. The same with little difference in meaning.

The Start of Your Story Online

Remember to Always Network with Other Bloggers and Online Entrepreneurs! They will be an Invaluable Source of Opportunities for You Moving Forward.


First thing you are going to want to do is think up a SHORT website name!




Long website names are hard to remember and makes it really difficult for others to find you online. Be sure to consider the following:-


1). Your website name is no more than three words long! You may notice this websites name is only two words long, ‘

2). Your website name should usually encapsulate what your site is about! Don’t worry if not, Google will rank your content according to your ‘keywords’ anyways. I see many bloggers using their names and Google likes them just fine 🙂 .

3). Always go for your own dot com! Google gives you better rankings.


Assuming you have a name in mind LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING!




WordPress and Web hosting – What are those?


Bloggers #1 Platform

Who here ever tried Blogger?!

That is where I started off. It was free and exciting and I failed at it miserablyLOL!

WordPress is a Platform that will help your website do a lot better. It updates its plugins almost daily and it is always ahead of the curve in helping their users. There are others but WordPress is the World’s Leaders in this area and is considered for those that are serious about making it online.




Web hosting?

Hosting and What it is.

We all access the internet via our devices. However, our devices are not powerful enough to access the net alone! This is where servers come into play. They are just big-as-hell computers with tons of memory that are powerful enough to allow many users, millions even, to access the net anytime simultaneously.

There are many companies that have these servers that provide ‘Web hosting’ as their service. Today we will be showing you how to make your website with one of the Online Worlds Leaders in Web hosting. They are called BlueHost and they could not have made the whole process any easier!



BlueHost and Getting Your Blog Hosted Online.


Your Hosting Provider


BlueHost will put your website onto their Powerful Servers.

These servers will then project your website onto the Internet so others may find you. That, in essence, is ‘hosting’. Think of it like you are a ‘guest’ and they are ‘hosting’ you – that is how I like to think of it.

Obviously, you are going to be need a good web hosting company for your blog! BlueHost has been online since 2002 and are considered one of the best in their field.



BlueHost offers:-


  • 24/7 Support.
  • Free SSL.
  • Free Domain <<- usually an up-sell in other places.
  • Easy WordPress Install with 1 Click Action Required.
  • Hosting starts at just $3.99 Per Month – cheapest we have found.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.




Getting Started – Time to Build Your Blog!

The first thing you will need to do is to go to BlueHost and Click On the Get Started option <<– click that link to begin. That link will open in a new tab so you can come back here for the instructions below:-



STEP 1).


After you click on the ‘Get Started‘ option  you will be presented with three plans:-


  • Basic.
  • Plus.
  • Prime.


Go ahead and pick a plan that suits your needs. *Your first year with BlueHost you will pay annually. This has the benefit of getting that years hosting even cheaper. When your first year is over, then you can pay by the month.




Price Plans for Your New Website.




STEP 2).


You will see that you are to give some of your personal data and you have to pick a domain name. You also have the option of picking a plan between 1 to 3 years as well. Once complete, go to STEP 3 below.




Personal Info and Packages.




STEP 3).


Complete your purchase.



Process Your Payment.




STEP 4).


Register Your New and Free Domain .



Register Your New Domain.




STEP 5).


You will be asked to create a Password. This should be a strong Password and not something that is easy to guess.



Password Protect Your Account.








Make it a Strong Password Choice!







SUCCESS - Congratulations!





Pick Your Own WordPress Theme and Get Creating!


Pick a WordPress Theme


WordPress has many website themes to choose from to help you pick an atmosphere for your blog. This helps make your website more memorable for visitors and helps your visitors to want to engage with your site.


Now you are Done and its time to Start Building Your Blog!




Time to Start on Your New Blog!




Now, we need to pick our type of website and opt in for personal or a business blog.




The following steps are decisions you have to make to complete the whole process.




Simply click on your preferred options to finish!




WordPress Welcome Message





Launching Your New Blog

Time to Launch Your Site onto the Internet! – BELOW.




Time to Launch Your New Blog for Success!

Fill In The Fields Required!






When Filling Out Site Description be sure to use common words and Phrases Particular to that area of Interest, otherwise known as a ‘niche’.




Time to Finish It All Up



Congrats - All Set to Go

That is all there is to it.











The sky truly is the limit and

Big Congratulations

on Your New Blog!! 🙂 .


Your blog now has the potential to reach many thousands of people a month. Before you depart I would like to say to you that those with websites are trusted more and end up doing better online. There are many social media platforms to join and do interact with other website owners, many doors will open for you in time. Should you have any questions on How to Start a Blog Now then you are more than welcome to ask us in the comments section below this article.



Need to Know How to Get Traffic to Your New Blog?

It is very exciting having your own blog and adding content. But, without knowing how to get Free Traffic to your blog, it may just sit ‘somewhere’ in cyber space without visitors!

That is bad news for sure.

Those that want to know how I get 10’s of 1000’s of website visitors to my blog may apply for our Training Program.

This program is free to join and offer enough free resources to get you started properly online. By the time you finish the training completely, you will be proficient in driving free traffic to your own blog.

*Training fee’s do apply after Phase 1 is completed of your training with no obligation to stay after free training is over.

You may read the following article to learn some ways to earn with your new blog:-

How to Earn by Blogging.

Alternatively, get a taster of some of the free training on offer:-

Getting Your Website Ready for SEO. <<- New blog owners need to know this if you want to get free traffic to your site 24/7!



Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference!



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