How to Spot Charity Donation Scams

By | June 6, 2017

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This is how to pin-point Charity Donation Scams from your Inbox.

Charity donation scams kick in straight after terrible disasters and while most of us are in shock, some, are trying to profit from others misfortune.  Sadly, after many disasters in this World I invariably receive desperate emails from people pleading for the love of humanity to send money.  The scam basically seeks to ‘trigger‘ you into responding automatically to relieve your ‘sense‘ of helplessness for the victims.  It is cruel and heartless, in my humble opinion, to profit in this manner, however, it seems to not bother a great deal of online scam artists.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with donating to charities who automatically have disaster relief mechanisms in place to respond, as best they can, to Global Disasters.

Here are a few ways to donate to real charities who help crisis victims and how to know and avoid the fake relief charities also:

Have You Ever Heard Of This Charity Organization Before?

Go Online and Google the charities name.  You should be able to find a directory listing all legit charities. If you are still not sure be certain to visit the Better Business Bureau who have been operating since 1912.  Ultimately, if there is NO TRACE of this purported charity online, FORGET THEM! DON’T DONATE TO THEM AS IT IS A RELIEF CHARITY SCAM!

  • Donate To Legitimate and Established Charities Only!  As anyone knows who has ever tried to set up a charity before, it takes a long time to do so. So when you see all these ‘new charities’ springing up over night, it is another sign that they are rip off charities.
  • Do Not Respond To Emails Asking For Money From So Called Victims!  Do not even click on those emails and please report them as fraudulent spam as we are all too complacent at times in not reporting fraudsters online.
  • Disaster Relief Scammers Crawling The Streets Asking For Money.  Do not give money to someone on the streets purporting to be from a charity WHEN they ask for Donations in CASH Right There and THEN!  Sure sign of charity fraud.
  • Check Your Phone Bill and Bank Statements.  If you were unlucky enough to get a phone call from someone pretending to be from a charity and you were wise enough not to donate – good job! However, check your next phone bill and see if there are any weird phone bill charges from this ‘charity’.  Secondly:-  If you were unwise enough to donate to a charity you never heard of please check your bank statements to ensure there have been no further unauthorized activity on your account.

I obviously would not recommend defrauding people online to make ends meet.  There are ways of making money online working from home legally and ethically.




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Here are a few links to report Online Charity Fraud to.  For Irish and EU Citizens.  EC Citizens.  UK Citizens.  For Citizens in the USA.  South African Fraud Prevention Service.


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