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By | June 28, 2017

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PhilipHow To Sell A Product Online For Free.


Hello and welcome to How To Sell A Product Online For Free. Whether you are saving for an exotic holiday, or just to earn extra money to pimp out your pet’s wardrobe, I am going to show you a number of ways you can sell your product, be it, a house hold item, car or affiliate link products and or services (anything) on the Internet for free.

Some of these ways you might know already, however, if you are looking for the Very Best Way to do this, read until the end for my #1 Recommendation to MAXIMIZE your sales.

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Facebook Is Your Product’s Friend.

As we all know Facebook is jammed with buys and sell groups. Many of which deal with selling cars, caravans, trailers, services from any and all niches. It’s also packed with work from home opportunities, many – not all, are either scams or very hard to achieve lasting results.

Here is how we can sell on Facebook for Free.


  • Create Your Own Group. Make Sure to Set Group ‘Type‘ as a ‘Selling Group‘.

  • Add as many people to your friend, initially about 20, and post up to eight items to sell.

  • Now join five to six buys and sell groups a day, no more!

  • Post your product or service to each group a day.

Should you need exact step by step details on how to set up a Facebook Group then go ahead and read my article on this particular topic (comes with detailed images and instructions) to Create Social Media Referral Traffic.



Unless the item you are selling is in high demand it could take up to a week or two for you to sell anything. I would advise, from my experience, to continue to advertise daily.

Pro’s To FB Selling – You Can!

Post on Facebook Between the hours of:

  • Once people get to know you they are good enough to tag others who may need what your selling.
  • If you run FB competitions for shares of your post, it normally explodes.  Keep it weekly.
  •  The scoop on the best times to advertise – Seven am to Nine am. Moms’s and Poppa’s checking their FB notifications.
  • Twelve mid-day to one pm. Lunch break, more people checking their FB notifications on lunch break.
  • Seven thirty pm onward (maybe eight pm) is when the kids have just been put to bed and YOUR COMPETITION is trying to get a head of you. DON’T LET THEM!  

You Can do all the above to maximize sales.

 For every like and comment on your items just respond with something like ;

‘Hi (tag name), I hope you are well this evening. Was there something I could help you with?’

You won’t always get a response but I sold many items with this follow up.

Once people see that you are going to be sticking around, they will come to you. Make sure, whenever you are selling anything online, that you have a picture with your face fully showing. People like to communicate with a face, not just a name.

Here is an example of a selling group, mine, where I have my own sales pitch Pinned to the top of my Facebook Group spot.  Just click the image if you want to connect and ask me some questions, I will always be happy to help.


Up-Scale this Selling Technique.

You can apply the article shown and the advice above to Twitter, Pinterest etc.

YouTube Video Selling.

Why not consider showcasing your item or items as a YouTube video. Showing the actual products or services in action and directing them to your main selling page, this is one way I drive traffic t my website. If you don’t have a main selling page (a website to show case your items) I can help with that also.


10 of the Best Free Selling Classifieds Sites on the Internet.

A lot of people when they first start out selling may or may not think of the huge number of free to sell classifieds on the world wide web. Consider taking a look at the following, but, be sure to check back for my number one recommendation that will make you regular sales! Or Go Straight To My #1 Recommendation For Selling Your Product Online Now.

  1. Craigslist. org.
  2. Gumtree. com.
  3. ebayclassifieds.
  4. sell. com.
  5. Quikr. com.
  6. Oodle. com.
  7. Click. in.
  8. Locanto.
  9. globalFreeClassifiedAds
  10. traderonline. com ads.


Image of

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All Successful Online Entrepreneurs knows the importance of Facebook selling pages, YouTube sales videos, Twitter etc. However, these platforms are not just points of potential sales, they are in fact something much more powerful than that.

Properly leveraged, these platforms can send Free Traffic to your products or services. But sent to where? In order to be successful, or even more successful, it is incredibly prudent and important you have your own website to send traffic to! Your OWN Website is your real base of Operations and Conversions. All else was to Get Traffic There.

Wealthy Affiliate knows how to train anyone to be a full time successful online business for $0 start up! You can Sign UP Here For A Free Account. No CC details required for a free account.

What if I Don’t Have My Website?

 I can share here a link with you so you can sign up for Two Free Websites with six different themes to choose from. No CC to sign up for a FREE ACCOUNT. Ten Affiliate Marketing Training Tutorials to help you Promote and Sell business online as these two websites are provided by WA. Get your two free sites here now – Sign Up.

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I still need more information regarding Wealthy Affiliate.

That is no problem! Should you require an in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate please consider my article below which will lay out all the finer points and details, so, you can make an informed decision.

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017, Is WA A Scam Or What?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. I do hope you have had fun here and learned a lot about free online selling. Should you have any further questions on this subject matter please do not hesitate to contact me via the comments section. Should you have questions about sign up, again, just ask me in the comments section and I will always get back to you.

4 thoughts on “How To Sell A Product Online For Free

  1. los

    Hey man, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on how to sell stuff online.
    I knew absolutely nothing about facebook selling before I tumbled upon your article. This article really gave me a good break down of the different selling methods.
    I will definitely try some.

    1. admin

      Hi los,

      You are very welcome.  The Internet is packed with a relatively huge number of ways to sell for free.  However, without a website to direct traffic to your links, it sometimes can prove futile.  

      A properly optimized website can get you free traffic and increased conversions.  It is one of the reasons I joined WA, two free websites to funnel traffic to my links.  

      This article requires a lot of work and time but it is possible.  The same amount of time invested into a website far supersedes such efforts in terms of financial rewards.

      Thank you for your comment and should you need further tips and tricks to sell online I will always be here to assist you los.



  2. Stephen

    Wonderful friend,
    I personally have a website though, but the problem is that I haven’t been able to make any sales yet. I have been relying on google to rank my website so I that I could get some organic traffic to my site, but to no avail, I haven’t seen any result yet.

    I have Facebook account, I have also joined many groups, but I think I need to take your advice to be posting my items at the right time instead of just posting them at anytime. and I think if I follow your advice i will be able to make some sales.

    One thing that I haven’t tried which I think will really work is the YouTube video you mentioned about. I will try it going forward to see just how it works.

    1. admin

      Hi Stephen,

      Very glad indeed you got some useful tips from my article.  I know it’s tough when you don’t get sales at the beginning or for a while but I always tell myself ‘This is a journey to success, not a race’  Just keep on attacking those low hanging fruit keywords and enjoy your website creations.

      It will off pay for you as time goes bye, I have no doubt.  

      Should you have any questions on anything else, I am always here to help you sir.

      Kind Regards,



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