Can You Prevent Phishing From Hooking Your Money

By | June 9, 2017

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Can You Prevent Phishing From Stealing Your CASH!

Welcome and here we will delve into how can you prevent phishing to protect yourself!   What exactly ‘phishing‘ is online and how online criminals seek to take advantage of you through your emails.

Your probably here because you just came across some kind of email requesting quite sensitive information from you.  Lets have a look for the warning signs to look out for.


Definition and how You Can Prevent Phishing on Oneself.

This is the fraudulent attempt to make another give their personal information such as:

  • Credit Card Details.
  • Passwords.
  • Banking Information.

The unscrupulous online money mad scammers will send an email that looks, at first glance, a real and reputable online financial institution.  This type of phishing email, typically, will have a link to a FAKE WEBSITE!  This is dangerous because once you try to leave the site their may be multiple re-directs to other URL’s all downloading Malware!  Not to mention the fake website looks dangerously similar to your own online bank.

Police tape saying CYBER CRIME.

This is a horrible online fraud to fall victim to as your bank account could be wiped out in no time.  Please be careful!


How To Know If An Email Is A Phishing Scam.

Here are a number of key points to keep in mind before responding, via email, requests for any personal information:

  • Phishing emails will impress on you a quick and urgent call to action!  Your Banks would not do this!  This works because of the way we are conditioned.  It’s easy to think a bad thing will happen if you remain inactive.
  • Should the email contain links DO NOT CLICK!  Hover over them and see if they look strange.
  • Are there any spelling errors?  If you receive communication from ‘your bank’, or other online organization you would typically do business with that contain grammar or spelling errors, DON’T RESPOND!  These guys know a thing or two about brand integrity and would not damage it with shoddy grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • If the email does not refer to you by your usual name, this is another sign of a phishing attack.
  • All online reputable business’s will have their own business emails.  If your ‘bank’ emails you and their email is something bizarre like ‘’ – lol – do not click it.


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