Do You Get Welfare But Looking To Work For Your Self

By | July 2, 2017

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Do You Get Welfare But Want To Be Your Own Boss.

Do you get welfare and would love to work for yourself but don’t know how?  I am glad you clicked, and since you did, I am assuming you want to get off welfare?  I do have an opportunity that is free to sign up if you work at it and learn and ask for help,  that is the magic formula. It takes time and effort and learning. If YOU have the drive then you are in the right place for SURE!!

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You could do it with a mobile device, but, as it involves content creation, a laptop would be more efficient for obvious reasons.

If You Do Get Welfare and have no Formal Online Training or Papers – what then?

This is not something you should worry about. Ten Videos for Free in Affiliate Marketing Training Videos are afforded to you. You are given, for free, Two Beautiful Websites so you can kick start your business straight away by putting your own products, services or Affiliate Links up on them you can drive traffic to them. You will be shown how to expertly do this!

If you don’t have any of these you can start straight away with Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Bootcamp University!  You will be shown all you need to know to kick start your own Online Business. By making referrals to Wealthy Affiliate, like I do, then you can make very handsome commissions in a relatively short amount of time.

These commissions are recurring, and once your website gets Indexed into GOOGLE, your traffic will soar. As traffic soars, so will your Website Authority Rise’s and even more traffic will be sent your way for more referrals for more commissions. This happens even as you sleep. If you follow your training CORRECTLY this will happen quicker and for FREE!!

What Will I Be Doing To Make Money To Be My Own Boss?

OK, if you have an Interest or Passion in any area, subject mater, then you can Write Content Online about it. Currently, at any split-second in time, there are 3.5 BILLION PEOPLE looking for something on the World Wide Web.

Some put that traffic closer to 3.7 BILLION PEOPLE.  I have one question for you? Do you think it is impossible to tap into that stream of traffic and not sell, and, make a living online with training? Please let me know in the comments section.

Perhaps you are championing a cause, such as Cancer, Global Warming, Inner City Slums, Youth, Community Out Reach for the Elderly. What ever it is, you can throw up an ENTIRE WEBSITE around these areas.

These are only a tiny minuscule about of things you can write about to be successful. Let’s test my theory, shall we? Open a new browser and type, for example, ‘Cancer‘. My browser shows me there are 683,000,000 results!!!


Clearly, people are looking for data on this keyword.

Let’s try ‘Global Warming’. My browser shows me 70,600,00 returns in Google.

Global warming snip of Google returns.

Clearly people are looking for information on Global Warming.  However, how do we get down to into the thousands so you can be found?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate will show you that also right on up to EXPERT LEVEL! Anyone can do it. Look below and you will see Jaaxy Search Engine that has way more features than Google’s Keyword Tool!  Jaaxy will help you take a ‘High Competition Keyword‘ like ‘Global Warming‘ and enable you to find a title that is a ‘Low Competition Keyword‘, thus, enabling you to be Indexed and Ranked, or else, it could take years for it to be find able on the Internet.

== JAAXY – Worlds Most Advanced Search Engine.

Could you write about any of my suggestions? They need not be mine, but, I think you get the idea. YOU NEED NOT BE AN EXPERT in your passions and interest to write about them, because, within your areas of your knowledge, you would be relatively more knowledgeable, than a beginner in those areas.

You Don’t Need To Be Shakespeare To Write To Make Money Online!

If you can have a conversation with a friend over tea talking about your interests and passions, as I am sure you have done before, then this will be your way of writing! That is it! You will, of course, be trained in how to write content professionally in a way that is:


Ultimately, however, it’ll be your way of talking naturally to others that will bring the human element into your writing so as not drive traffic away!

What is and who are Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005. The owners are Kyle and Carson. WA (for short) can take complete Internet Newbies and train them all the way up to Expert Level in a relatively short amount of time. The training involved equates to Thousands of Dollars (WAIT – YOU WON’T BE CHARGED THAT – LOL!) in online training with others. They will show you, with video walk through’s, how to:

Kyle and Carson. Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson, Founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Create a website from scratch.
  • How to add content. Writing content, Images, Videos, Links etc.
  • How to SEO Optimize your website.
  • How to promote your website.
  • How to get comments and general activity on your website.
  • How to use other platforms to drive traffic to your sites.

It’s endless! An Endless List of ‘How To’s‘ to get you Online and being truly financially successful for life! Once a website is any way successful, the search engines just start sending traffic your way. It literally runs itself into commissions.


How Much Work Does This Take!

  • This does not happen overnight.

  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

  • This does require learning and application of that learning.

  • It does require YOU to be patient with YOU and the Search Engines.

  • IT TAKES WORK but the REWARDS and COMPENSATION, in time, will come and you will be amazed!

  • It is possible if you are willing to work and have the drive to see it through. Below is a table showing you what you will get for the Free Account Sign UP. Of course, there are paid options, but I would not worry about that just right now.

    Even Social Welfare Recipients can begin their own Online Business For Free Now – additional information on How To Make Money Online Scam Free.

Just Get Your Websites Up and Running and I will see you there to help you every step of the way. Not to mention you will have the help of the Founders of Wealthy Affiliate and the HELP and SUPPORT of over 80K Professionals and Newbies alike in Affiliate Marketing.

Click Image Below To Get Your Free Sites!

Image of


You will have all the tools you will need to be successful in a relatively short amount of time.

This is a real way to get off of Social Welfare and really Build Your Own Online Business Starting From Today!!!Tony Gaskins Inspirational Quotes.

The Choice Is Yours.


Sign Up.

Click the ‘SIGN UP’ Button above to Read MY Wealthy Affiliate Review and Sign up with Special Offer for the First Month!  OR START FOR FREE!


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I hope you had fun learning about this Free Sign Up opportunity to be your own boss and be free of financial restrictions. If you have any questions regarding this you are always welcome to ask me in the comments section, as, I will ALWAYS get back to YOU!


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