Why Correct SEO Competition Research Gains Constant Traffic For FREE

By | July 6, 2017

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Free and Easy to do SEO Competition Research for Beginners.


Doing some SEO Competition Research is absolutely PARAMOUNT to your new websites success!  Learn these skills well and your site will rank and attract visitors.  Incorrect SEO may get a trickle of traffic, or worse, NONE!! We don’t want that.  If you apply what I am about to show you, and as you venture online, you WILL rank!

That is the ‘Why’.  Let us now look at the ‘how’ in great detail.

By the time you have finished reading this article you will be beaming and hungry to slay your competition within your niche!!  Because, it will be YOURS!

This is a little known SEO Trick reserved for the ‘ELITE’ of the SEO World!!

For many, once they have found their two or three keywords and made a title of it, they will just go a head and type that bad boy into GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE and be utterly dismayed at the millions of returned results!

Let me tell you something really quickly – They ARE NOT the true competition results.

I will tell you why in a minute and how to find the exact number of you competitors that are using your exact keyword phrase!!

How Will You Benefit From Finding Your True SEO Competition For Your Post?

  1. Let’s say your TRUE COMPETITION, after you run through the instructions to come, were the same as when you first started. Well then! That is the true competition in terms of the post, page or website title.
  2. If it is in the MILLIONS – CHANGE IT!! Otherwise, it may take years to land there or never at all. This will save you disappointment for not getting that title indexed!
  3. This SEO Trick is going to save you untold human hours of whittling down, what already could be a fine title, IF you are going by Google’s returns for that title. TUT!!!
  4. Google told NO ONE, or, very few people about the SNEAKY LITTLE CHANGE THEY MADE REGARDING THESE THIS!
  5. Most people do it the old way, they actually go by the results returned from Google. They then spend hours trying to reduce that number as if they are deliberately trying to get arthritis in their typing fingers. If You are NOT hungry for arthritis KEEP ON READING!
  6. You!! You are no longer going to be doing this, and because people still are, you will have an EXTRAORDINARY EDGE over your less well SEO informed competitors!

Be sure to thank me in the comments section when this works for you, OR ELSE! (LOL).

You are going to have so much free time to spare you may want to take up another hobby like knitting or finding as many uses for a paper clip as possible or:-

  • Car and Train Dodging!
  • Cow Tipping (No Cows were ‘TIPPED’ in the making of this article!).
  • LARPING while drunk and lost in a foreign country !
  • Palm Reading!
  • Time Travel (actual information from someone’s CV under ‘hobbies and interest‘s. I wonder if he got the job?)
  • Cloud Bursting with Your Mind!
  • Errmmm, looking for a real job, lol.

How SEO Competition Research is Done.

When you type a query into Google, THEY USE TO, give you the TRUE competition for those Keywords. USE TO!

For some Unholy Reason they changed this practice. While YOUR query will always get returns, they are not the true ones, and do not represent ACCURATELY the competition with YOUR NICHE!

I only just learnt this today and new I had to share the hell out of this because MOST PEOPLE use those results to TRY to get them traffic!!!! You may get ‘SOME’ but my way gets you plenty.

Google changed it up as far back as 2012!! Thanks for letting us known Google, lol.


Advertisement Over!

Here is How To Find Your True Competition Online Within YOUR Niche.

Follow these steps in order please:-

1). Type in your keywords like – true SEO competition. You will see the results below.

example of seo keywords in google search engine.

Not bad I guess.

By the way, those results – ARE NOT YOUR TRUE COMPETITION!!

(TIP TIME:- Google will not index content if the title is not ‘Grammatically’ correct. Those words you see are only ‘keywords‘. They are words you are targeting to TURN INTO a title that is grammatically correct. Keep reading to see more on this.
2). Good!

Now, type in your “true SEO competition” (remember to put those words between the brackets so it looks like this :- “true SEO competition“). See below. (Hit enter, obviously).

quoted search in google search engine.

Incredibly, the competition for those words are a hell of a lot lower than with the same words without quotes!! THIS IS GETTING CLOSER TO YOUR TRUE COMPETITION FOR THOSE KEYWORDS! Good!  But still, we can reduce this number to even lower to it’s real competition!

Below, I will turn those keywords into a title.  I will then “quote” them and show you how to find the true state of affairs.  If those numbers are low enough (BELOW 300 FOR NEW WEBSITES LIKE ME!) then we are in the money for sure!

As for those exact words, I know they give me a result of 336 (a little too high) but not bad at all – I am risking it.  For the purpose’s of clarity and understanding lets have a look at our title below.  Let’s find it’s true competition.  Below can be applied to keywords also as I did in my own search above, now, I will SHOW YOU HOW!

Any questions, let me know in the comments section!



  • I will show you an even easier way at the end of this article to do this MUCH quicker!

3).  Do you all those numbers below Googles Logo?  Click last number.  Click the last number again and keep doing that until you reach the last page.  The 2,300 you see in the above image, will reduce down to 336 competing websites.

Googles page numbers snippet.

Let’s look below and do it with a whole title with those keywords to see if the numbers of our SEO competitors increases much shall we?

3). See the image below please as I have made a title out of our target words.

how to find your true seo competition in google searches image example.

This is without quotes.  As you can see the returns are ridiculous and would tear hope from your grasp…(oooohhhh the drama!).

Below is WITH quotes surround the post title!

quoted search seo skills.

Returns are much lower and getting closer to the truth of the matter!




man looking through a rifle focus lens poised to shoot.


4).  OK, we have our title and gotten it down to a sensible range, but still:


We can do better to index your post, page and website gets ranked quicker.

This method also works for HEADINGS as well.  Let’s continue.

  • Just scroll down to that part of your browser page please, the image below will show you where to go. (ALMOST THERE).

Googles page numbers snippet.

5). You see all those page numbers highlighted in blue below the Google logo?

  • Go ahead and click on the last numbered page please?
  • If Page numbers crop up then hit on the last numbered page please.
  • If more numbered pages turn up then do as previously stated, click the last one until they stop coming! (Usually under 20 pages but sometimes higher, don’t worry, if in your own searches, it seems to be a lot of pages.


Just keep going. 20 to 50 pages has been my max so far.




Once you have hit on the last page of the results you will see YOUR TRUE COMPETITION FOR YOUR NICHE!

search engine optimized post title with true competition values image in google search engine.

As you can see there are only 336 (certainly NOT in the hundreds of thousands or millions we seen earlier on) other competing websites with those exact keywords and similar title. This is very good news!!!


IF you are a new website like me please only ever go for titles that are 300 competing websites or below. Any higher than this for a newbie website and you are running the gauntlet to ‘Disappointments-Ville‘ with a population of ‘Half the Internet’!

As you become indexed, content ranked, you can go way above 300 with ease.  This method is the way to do that!

However, I am going to risk it, as it is only 36 above and I will cross my little beautiful delicate fingers in hope.

Is There an Easier Way to Find Low Competition Keywords FASTER.

Whilst doing it manually, as I have shown you above, after awhile it can become quite tedious.

Let me introduce you to Jaaxy Search Engine.  Jaaxy Search Engine does all these work for us.  Remember how we surrounded our keywords with quotes to find the true level of competition for those words??

Well, Jaaxy has a unique function called QST (QUOTED SEARCH RESULTS).  I made reference to it earlier.

Instead of us going through the above process a hundred times a day, Jaaxy does all of that in seconds, giving you a list of ALL THE LOW HANGING FRUIT to drive traffic to your website.  Because, that’s what it is all about at the end of the day!

Go ahead and enter a few keywords and see how many page, post website or even post/page HEADING TITLES you can get for Thirty Free Searches!


==Welcome to Jaaxy – The Worlds Most Advanced Search Engine.



That is all there is to finding your true SEO Competition. I truly hope you get so much success with this little known technique and let me known if you found a title in the comments section using this method that has low competition.


What You Take Away.

  • Run through this process with TWO or THREE (three max!) keywords.
  • type them into Google in “keyword” QUOTES!  Hit enter.
  • Click to last page below Google Logo.  Continue until you hit very last page!
  • View your true amount of competitors for those main words.
  • If ABOVE THREE HUNDRED for New Websites.,  Don’t use them – I know I did, I am experimenting to see if it does or does not land.  This is the general rule of thumb.
  • I ran this process on my title for fun, HOWEVER, you only need do this with your keywords, that is all. Then turn those key words into a natural sounding title.
  • In first paragraph of your page/post, TALK NATURALLY AND SLIP IN THOSE KEYWORDS = NATURAL!  This way you don’t ‘sound‘ like you are trying to word spam Google – it’ll know.


After the last point, You Do Not Need To Use Those Words In Their EXACT Order Through Out Your Post!  Last thing is to put those keywords into a H2 Title and that is all she wrote ladies and gentlemen.  That is YOUR Formula to Success!!!



This works because GOOGLE STOPPED showing us True Competition back years ago!!old man in Victorian style wears carrying a pipe in left and right hand in right pocket with a beard and tall hat grimacing. Standing side on in image.Keep it under your hat!!


This is ONE WAY to gain FREE TRAFFIC and Sell Your Products or Services Online For Free!


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      This article does indeed contain a ‘not-so-well-known’ GEM of a method to find low competition keywords to get that ‘edge’ all online entrepreneurs NEED to SUCCEED.

      Any questions about this method, please, just give us a shout and I will do my best to help you.

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