How To Embed a Video in WordPress Successfully Every-Time

By | June 14, 2017

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How To Embed a Video in WordPress without Losing Your Mind.

Let’s continue and learn how to How To Embed a Video in WordPress and still be able to function like rational human beings!  The bad old days of embedding and failing are over as I show you the ‘cheat-sheet’ on this.  As always, you can watch the video walk through or read the instructions below video.

This is How to Embed a Video in WordPress for Website Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Step 4!

Login to your website (obviously).

  1. Open another tab and go to
  2. Find a video that you like or need to put on your website.
  3. Hit the share button.
  4. Most critical part of this process – hit the EMBED OPTION.
  5. Copy the blue line of code underneath the embed option.
  6. Go to your website.
  7. Ok, now – click the top right corner of your Word Press Editor page where it says ‘Text‘.  The word ‘Visual‘ is next to it.
  8. The current page will be displayed in it’s html form.  Just place and click your cursor where you want the video to go.  Right Click and Paste.
  9. Now, click on ‘Visual’ and scroll down until you see your newly embedded video!!! (YAYYY!).  Easy!
  10. If you are happy and you have aligned it to your own satisfaction then go right a head and click ‘Save Draft‘.
  11. If your page or post is already published then click ‘Update‘.

Alternatively copy and paste YouTube video URL straight into your Word Press Page. Simple.

Great Job!  You now know how to embed YouTube Videos on to your website!!

Let’s Roll On to Step Five!

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