How to Work from Home Online and for FREE – Top Picks!

By | May 20, 2018

Top Picks on How To Work From Home Online and for Free!


Your Only Guide to Know How to Work from Home Online and for FREE!

Yes, there are ways to make money online for $0 investment. This article will detail How to Work from Home Online and for Free and for the long term. Do understand, making money with the ‘Free’ option anywhere usually entails a lesser commission or a scam! So, be careful. However, we have located one online company that offers earnings without investment. That will be covered last. We usually expose online scams, but due to the serious volume of readers requesting good online job recommendations, it was time to roll up our sleeves and answer that question once and for all!

The most profitable online jobs you will find are Affiliate Marketing Based. We will cover this quickly and simply for clarity.

We will cover the following as well, where the second and fourth parts will no doubt be of the greatest interest, for those looking to work from home without parting with money:-


  1. What Is Affiliate Marketing – a quick overview of a possible future job for you.
  2. Free to Join Companies Online – Leverage these Companies to Earn Money from Home Online.
  3. Who Is This For? – Can you really afford to ignore the potential of the online world?
  4. #1 RECOMMENDATION – Heralding in Your Free to Earn Home Based Business!



$0 Start Up!

This Article Will Show You How To Stop Stop Staring at Your Financial Stagnation, and How to Take Charge, for a Better Financial Future.



Word to the Wise before we begin:- 99% of real world enterprises, or online jobs, do require ‘some’ type of investment. While our #1 Recommendation does make it possible to do this without parting with cash, you should expect to work a little harder, and for longer to yield good financial returns. There are no get quick schemes anywhere that work, except of course, if it is a scam! However, – it is more than possible to earn ethically with legit opportunities with some time and effort and, most importantly, recurring profits for the long term.


Let us begin!


How to Work from Home Online and for FREE In Affiliate Marketing!

I wish to explain this idea before we get into everything else, especially, how you can get started for free by learning How To Work From Home Online and for Free. Let us start by understanding what is affiliate marketing first, because this is the route to earning best commissions online, and so must be fully understood before we proceed.


A fellow blogger, my friend Jack, has sourced 97 Best Recurring Affiliate ProgramsΒ already, and so it may contain something perfect for you!! Thank You Jack from for all your amazing research πŸ™‚ .


The image below gives a broad overview of what it is.


Affiliate Marketing Overview!


Simply, one sells someone else’s product and then you receive a commission. A kind of co-operative effort that has existed since Roman Times.

Anyone can create a website. Anyone! There is no:-


  • Coding or Technical abilities needed.
  • No Prior experience requirements.
  • No special knowledge or skills.
  • No investment to begin with our #1 Choice.
  • Zero Credit Card details to hand over to sign up for the Free Account.
  • Minus arduous sign up process.
  • Without Nasty Up-Sells if you do decide to go Premium.
  • Completely beginner friendly.


At some point, after you have chosen what you are going to have a site on, then you will need a name for your site, which should be relevant to your sites content. Following this point then you should begin with website structure. This only entails setting up menus and the like. Not that hard once you see it and do as shown.

At this point we want to be adding content. Not any old content mind you, but content that answers a question, serves a real human purpose. When visitors come to your site, and have their queries quenched, then you are getting somewhere.

At the point in time to one’s site is good enough then joining up with affiliate programs is how to monetize your site. These affiliate programs will provide you with products and services you can put onto your site. When someone clicks on those ads, buys something, the merchant (product owner) will pay you your commission. Many programs will pay into your bank, PayPal and by check so no one is left out according to their payment receiving methods.

That is the crux of it! The more traffic your site gets the more sales you will invariably make. It is just a matter to upscale your efforts.Going forward, when you have put enough time and effort into your site, then you will be able to go on holidays, do no work, go golfing, anything and STILL BE MAKING MONEY!WHY?! Very simply – you already put in the effort. Such an effort can easily pay off years down the line.

Many of the works you have yet to create can be getting traffic for many, may years to come. It is like doing a job (ONCE! which is true in our line of work) and getting paid for the 1 JOB CONTINOUSLY – SOMETIMES FOR LIFE!!

Does this not sound very exciting to you? Does this not make you think:- “Six months, One or Two Years from now, I could be earning more money than I know what do to with!”. Here we plainly see is the potential reality of owning your own website.



Make Money without Investment


We can show you this…but you have to work at it. NO ONE is doing the work for you. That is the true bottom line of it all. Those that are willing and want to work – I am will back you to the hilt until you make it online.


That is affiliate marketing:-

1). Make a Website.

2). Add Content.

3). Attract Free Traffic.

4). Monetize Your website and Get Paid regularly!! – Best part – YAY πŸ™‚ !


Do take a good look to your right and see some ads. That is an example of monetizing a site. Of course, you know this but that is the stage this website is at. This ‘dot com’ is only Five months old (at time of writing this post) and receives almost daily invitations by online merchants to join their affiliate programs. Many doors open along this line of work where profit is its end result.


How can ‘I’ be so sure ‘YOU‘ can make a full time income from home?






Any, any brave souls out there hehe. Let us know below if you doubt this and I KNOW I have the solution to your predicament πŸ™‚ . Because, let us remember, this article is about how to earn money online without investment, and that is what I will be showing you ultimately.

*But remember:- if you choose this, be sure to write on things you are passionate about. *Very important.


Let us move on and do keep in mind, the above is but a ‘snippet’ of what is to come. Later on in this article I will show you, step by step, how to achieve the above with ease. It is going to be fun πŸ™‚ !



Best Free To Join Affiliate Programs Online to Monetize a Website.

Now we shall delve into the free sign up affiliate programs part. Should you already possess a website, have created content, attracting traffic to your site and NOW wish to monetize (??) then the following suggestions will be of HUGE interest to you πŸ™‚ !

Do come back to this article often, by book marking this page, as it will be updated pretty much forever. where we find new affiliate programs I will add them all here.

Here are our best recommendations to begin with.




Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.


Amazon Affiliate Program.


Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is one of those highly sought after and legendary programs you will have heard so much about. If not, you will, as you venture into becoming a real Online ‘Pro’neur!

Great thing about these guys is they straight up accept everyone that applies. You must make at least Thee Sales in your first 90 Days before they approve your account. That is the only drawback, however, many affiliate programs will stipulate something similar.

Should you fail on making these sales in the specified time period, don’t sweat it, they will allow infinite re-applications so you can always try again. Be sure to fill out your tax info before you begin sales. I can show anyone how to do this, should you sign up through this article, with ease.

Here is your link (not an affiliate link) to Amazon Associates Affiliate Program for websites owners. That will open in a new tab so you may come back here to look at the rest.

Amazon has the largest collection of items to sell anywhere on planet Earth! Clearly, it is a no brainer then to apply to them. They have products for every conceivable type of website so you know you won’t spend hours finding something to sell on your site.


1 ‘CON’ OF AMAZON ASSOCIATES THOUGH:- Their commission is only 10%!

There are many other affiliate programs that make you 50% and even 75% commissions on sales! Here is one below.

This program is free to join.


ClickBank Affiliate Program.


ClickBank is Another Way To Earn Online

You Don’t Need To Have Your Own Website for This Affiliate Program.


I love ClickBank but they do have some drawbacks! However, their biggest Plus Point, in my opinion, is they offer 50% and even up to 75% on sales made through your website. Obviously this is great news for sure!!

They, just like Amazon, link you up with vendors/merchants = people who have a product to sell, where you can find relevant products to promote. Do note:- You will see the word “Gravity” with a score system. Just know the higher that number the better it is selling. The number denotes the number of sellers in the last 12-week period. The sales each seller made i.e. the amount of sales made via bloggers websites, could be in the hundreds per site or one or two sales per site.

ClickBank will give you ‘hop links’ to place on your site for every product to promote.

When you make a sale then you earn your commissions. ClickBank cuts commission checks every 15 days, and so it could very well indeed, become a reliable source of income for any online blogger.


ClickBank Referral Program.

Unfortunately, they don’t run a referral program for affiliates to sign up through you. However, they do run a referral program to refer vendors/sellers.

Those seeking another way to monetize their website may do so right here:- Join ClickBank.

Those that already have a product, and are looking to sell that product online, can do so right here:-Click Here to Join ClickBank as a Vendor. That IS my affiliate link, and if you join and purchase services, and make sales, this website will receive small commissions for this. Will open in a new link should you wish to come back here.


This program is also free to join.



ShareaSale Affiliate Program.


ShareaSale Affiliate Program

Sell Other Peoples Products for a Profit.


ShareaSale was created by Brian Little in 2000, and per Wikipedia, has over 700,000 affiliates promoting over 3900 merchant programs products! It is one of USA’s biggest affiliate networks and it is highly trusted. I detail this in case you have never heard of them before and just want to assure they are absolutely legit and safe.

As with the other affiliate programs, it is completely free to join up. They will connect you with other people online who are looking for website owners. You may choose the affiliate programs you want to join. Some will accept you automatically, others will want to vet you, to see if your site is a suitable fit.

Upon acceptance, some however may deny you – not to worry – there are loads more to choose from, then you will gain access to their Affiliate Resources. This usually entails affiliate banners and links. These can be placed on your site for sales and ultimately commissions. Beware, such banners and links, once you are indeed accepted into any affiliate program, will have a unique number code embedded into it. This code is to identify ‘YOU’ as the seller and so this is how you are credited your commission to your preferred account.

You can sign up to SharesaSale Here -> my affiliate link.

Those are my top three Best Affiliate Programs to join for now. I will update this article going forward as I experience others and see if they are worth recommending.



However, Our Number 1 CHOICE is Below!

We will be detailing to show how you can be earning online without any investment.


Do note:-

minor investment in this recommendation will yield better financial results and quicker – but that is a decision you have to make when you are ready, and there is no pressure ever placed on you to do so. It is always your choice.





Wealthy Affiliate $0 Start Up Offer.

Free Member Accounts Automatically Guaranteed into Wealthy Affiliates Affiliate Program for Free. So, you have nothing to lose.


We have already mentioned Wealthy Affiliate. They are our Number 1 CHOICE as we will now detail what they have on offer for free. The Free Tools and Resources, available through this article, if you are determined enough, can earn you money.

Do understand as well, that thePremium OptionΒ will speed up your earning potential exponentially and is highly recommended, but it is possible with the free stuff as well. WHY? Very simply – you have the basic requirements to achieve this.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) gives all Free Account Holders automatic acceptance into their Affiliate Program (commissions are half at this level but still very good). It is very rare indeed, to have this opportunity to members, and excellent news for all free memberships to this Elite Marketing Program! Other similar programs will nearly always, if not always, insist on Upgrading before any chance of money can be earned.



Let us now see How To Make Money

From Home without Investment.

The other programs above do require you to have a website and other resources, NOT actually available to you, to promote anything from them!! Needless to say, this is of course is a huge draw back. I used to promote ClickBank products on twitter, however, I made zero sales. NONE!

When I’d check out my competition, whom seemed to be doing very well, they all had one thing in common:-



I use to always ‘tut’ and roll my eyes as my heart sunk with disappointment!


Eliminate Self Doubt in Making Money Online

How Were They Doing It? I learned that we need to get the information to in order to be successful online. But, I learned it the hard way and wasted a lot of time.


I had no idea how to do any of that ‘website’ stuff. None whatsoever. AND from experience, I can tell you, I had no chance of competing with those guys. How times have changed πŸ™‚ .

Luckily enough, I found Wealthy Affiliate, and they patiently trained me up in next to no time. I soon learned that the best way to earn online is to have your very own website, one you legally own and is your own property online, to drive traffic to. This ‘driving’ of traffic is accomplished via SEO.

DON’T FREAK OUT!! SEO is a scary thing for a lot of new people to this industry. The reason it is scary is because many of us were exposed to convoluted explanations of what it is. By the time some random sales pitch was done, we were none the wiser, but nudged to sign up to a very expensive package to become super-amazing at it to get rich!!

That is all b.s ! You ain’t getting rich from just learning SEO. That is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle. However, it is one part I can teach you in a matter of minutes to an hour of explaining and demonstrating etc. It is easier than you think πŸ™‚ .




To get things rolling you will need your own Free Wealthy Affiliate Account. As mentioned, it comes with Two Free Websites. These websites can be used to add your own affiliate links for monetization all leading to earning a full time income online.

To do so Click Here To Join Up! ->->-> That will open in a new tab for sign up so you can come back here for further instructions and information.


All that is required is:-


  1. A valid email address for confirmation purposes.
  2. User name – real or made up one.
  3. Create a Password.
  4. A Laptop and a Stable Internet Connection.
  5. Real Ambition to work at this and be teachable i.e. follow the path that has made millionaires out of others who have joined this program!


Down facing pink arrow.


Once you have signed up then you will are advised to do the following:-

    1. Upload a Picture of yourself. Some upload pics of cats, dogs, sunsets – (?). You can clearly see my face – would you trust this site if it was blank or a cute pussycat looking at you? LOL! Real Pic’s build trust – very important in affiliate marketing.


Uploading Your Pic To WA

This is my picture within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


2. Fill out your own WA Bio.

Just place only a few words on yourself etc. It is kind of introduction for others to relate to and a great conversation starter. Basically, write as much or as little as you like about yourself. This Feature is

Filling Out Your Bio.

Uploaded My Pic of Myself and Filled Out Bio.



You will receive your own Personalized Official Welcome Message From Me soon after joining. There will be some instructions and helpful tips. You should definitely contact me so we can ascertain the level of assistance you would like from me. Those who sign up through this post will have elected me as their own Personal Mentor where my Expert Help and Advice is at hand. This Feature is a 7-Day Premium Trial Enabled. This feature is disabled if you do not avail of Premium Options after this time period



That is your account set up done and you are ready to begin building Your Own Website.



Building Your Websites for Free!


2 Free Websites Giveaway!

Simply Click to Claim Yours Now.


In this step you will have Ten Free Videos in Wealthy Affiliates Online Certificatoin Course to complete. There are also Ten Free Training Videos in Wealthy Affiliates BootCamp or Wealthy Affiliate University as it is more commonly referred to.

Those videos are all free without credit card details submission to take part (Phase 1) in all of this training from Experienced Industry Professionals. There are some countries though that are not allowed the Free Trial Version. The reason for this is WA had to ban a number of countries on the grounds of the amount of scams coming from such countries.

In order to Protect WA and It is Members the following countries may not avail of the Free 7-Day Premium Trial Offer:-


  1. Vietnam.
  2. Nigeria.
  3. Philippines.
  4. Pakistan.
  5. Kenya.
  6. Bangladesh.
  7. India.
  8. Egypt.

Apologies to the sincere ones out there. People from these countries can still sign up via Paid Options. First Month’s Special Discount is just $19 to Start!


Once you are signed up, here is what you can expect to see.


A look inside our #1 Recommendations Environment.


Once upload of pic and bio is filled out then you go to your free training. You free training is located to your left, Green Button (with a play icon in it) saying “Training”.

Click on that. Then you will see the training you must click on. The top option, as shown below, will be your starting place. Click on that option.

After clicking on that option you will come across the following option:-



After You Click The Training Button to the Left, this Option will Open Up.


Finally, you will have arrived at your training. See images of what it looks like:-


Free To Start Affiliate Boot Camp for Online Entrepreneurs

This Course is for those that want to earn via Wealthy Affiliate via Commissions by making Referrals. Click to Begin!

And that is where you begin your own online journey towards your own online success. You simply read your introduction to WA and begin where directed to start. The training is a real pleasure as well and will answer many questions you may have.


This is all very well, but, how am I Making Money this way?!!

After you have your website all set up you will want to have a look for your own AFFILIATE LINK! As mentioned, Free Members are Automatically Enrolled into the Affiliate Program to begin to Earn Commissions from the get go!

Here is where you locate your own Affiliate Link – see image below:-


To find your Affiliate Link, Click on the Dollar Icon, and then Click on Program Details.


Below is where you find your link and will like something like this:-


All One has to do, to Earn Free Money With Wealthy Affiliate, is to Share their Own Affiliate Link. When People Sign Up, Go Premium, Commissions are Given to Your PayPal. Its that easy. This is possible on the Free Starter Account and WA is One of Very Affiliate Programs that allow this Feature without going Premium.


Simply copy that link. It is your very own Uniquely Numbered and Lettered Link DIRECTLY Assigned to YOUR Account Inside Wealthy Affiliate.

When Someone clicks on that link, your link, they will go straight to a sign up form. The form used can be like the one below:-


I can Teach Anyone How to Make Their Own Personalized and Professional Sign Up Form In Minutes.


EXCELLENT! At this point, after someone signs up, you are Credited that sign up. Should this person goes Premium then you are given your commission. It is that simple.

You simply become the middle man for someone elses product, in this case, Wealthy Affiliate’s services whereupon payment is sent to your PayPal, as mentioned, 1st of every month!

Ultimately, direct as many people as possible to your own affiliate link to start earning commissions today! It really is that simple. You will need a few posts and pages as content to your site, Actually, the more posts and you have on your site, the more traffic you will get, the more sales you are likely to make.



Click To Start.





BELOW IS PREMIUM! – For Those That Want to Earn Sooner.

We will take a quick tour around Wealthy Affiliate below. When people first land inside WA they are a little overwhelmed at all the resources and options to choose from. This is common and so, to take away some of the mystery, have a quick scan of what you can expect to see and what the resources are for.



To start this tour, below is some navigational buttons you will be using.

Nav Buttons.









1). Dashboard.



Your Dashboard will display what other WA Members are blogging about inside Wealthy Affiliate. These blogs are intended to help people in the community answer questions and perform tasks on their own business. Today’s hot topic is GDPR Complaint = website’s handling of user data basically.



2). Training.

We have covered the training button already.

The Websites button will take you to your websites and where you can login to your website.


3). Websites and Building Your Own Site with Free WHOIS Protection.



Simply click on ‘WEBSITES‘ to your left, as shown in the image of the nav buttons above, and you will see the login button to your site.

You will also notice that there is “Build a Website” Option above your login area. Here you will have the option of buying your very own dot com website. WA provides this service very cheap for Yearly Top Level Domain Subscription i.e. your own dot com, dot net, dot org etc.



Google loves dot com’s over all other domain extensions and gives you the best chances for rankings etc.



Only $13.99/$15.99 Per Year for Your Own Website Property instead of the 2 Free Websites.


WHOIS PRIVACY PROTECTION IS PROVIDED FREE BY WA AS WELL WHEN YOU PURCHASE A SITE THROUGH THEIR PLATFORM. This WHOIS Privacy Protection hides your whole identity so you can’t be spammed or have your whole ID stolen online. The feature is definitely an Up-Sell everywhere else, but not here!


4). Live Events.

Wealthy Affiliate holds Live Video Events where Top Super Affiliate Jay, also known as Magi studios, shows newbies and advanced Affiliate Marketers, delivers simple to understand training on the most technical aspects of Online Marketing. And, he is a very funny guy -) .

These Live Events, when active, will show a red ‘dot’ to signify one is occurring soon or right now. As you can see, there are no Live Events as I am writing this article.


5). Research.

The ‘J’ stands for ‘Jaxxy’ in the Nv Button image above. Jaxxy is the Worlds Most Powerful Keyword Tool!

What does that even mean Phil?!

Have you ever wondered, when you Googled something, and you came across EXACTLY what you were after? How does this happen and how does Google KNOW exactly what you want?

Google works so well we tend not to even think how it all occurs for our search queries to be met some precisely.

Well, its easier than you may think!

When you click on ‘Research’ button, you will go inside its Jaxxy Lite Keyword Tool.




For Example:-

If we Search Jaxxy for some info on a common question that users input into Google, Yahoo and Bing, we will see the data above.

  1. Avg” means average of times those exact words are quieried in these search engines.

2). “Traffic” means the amount of visitors YOU WILL receive to your post, for those keywords, IF YOU LAND PAGE 1!

3). “QSR” means Quality Quoted Search. This means the number of other websites that are using those keywords for traffic. New Websites should always only go for Keywords that are below 100 Competing other sites.

4). “KQI” means Keyword Quality Indicator. Simply denotes if those keywords are good to use or no good to use. In this instance, it is ‘Normal’.

5). “SEO” (search engine optimization i.e. the practice of getting search engines to index your content favorably. To be found online for free). This percentage score is deduced from the amount of traffic using those keywords, and amount of other sites using them, to delineate the likelihood of landing Page 1 of Google. Closer to 100 the better!

6). “Domains” simply means if it is available in dot com, or net or dot org etc if you wanted to buy it as a domain for yourself.


You can even give Jaxxy ago below by entering Free 30 Searches to find your own keywords (keywords are simply words inputted into Google Search Engine to find something online e.g. “what is a noun” – one could write a whole post on explaining what a ‘noun’ is if that was within your niche) to create posts on your own site.



All the features you need are here. What it does is to show you What Exactly People Are Typing Into GOOGLE! This simple and easy to learn process is how bloggers know EXACTLY the kind of content to add to their websites to supply the needs and wants of their audience.

Whether it be to answer a question or buy something this is how you target your traffic and promote your product or service. To know how to use this tool is taught swiftly and simply and in no time you will become proficient in finding your own content to write on.


6). Live Chat.



After sign up, at some point, you should definitely jump onto Live Chat and say ‘hi’ and engage. Here is a chat box that is active 247/7, including Bank Holidays, weekends and YES – Even Christmas Day! Our Highly Active Live Chat is to ensure no member is ever without help. This feature is exclusive to 7-Day Premium Trial and then only available to Premium Members thereafter. However, you still have Google and YouTube etc for your help. But, that is really no substitute for instant answers to questions and will save you so many hours in getting lost online and still being stumped.


7). Help Center.




Help Center is where you will find your Site Support. They are the ‘techy’ guys and gals that, should something go wrong with your website e.g. it is offline, these people will have it sorted in no time. Anything at all to do with your site – this is where to go.

You will also notice, per my own Help Center, that you have the two Founders of WA (Kyle and Carson), and my own referrer are always available to message for help. Part of Premium Only.



Is there Anything Else to Help me Earn From Home?

YES! BUT – if I explain it all, this would easily turn into a 25K Word Post! You really want to read all that πŸ™‚ .

Alas, you must TAKE ACTION to find out all the rest for yourself. Taking Action, is of course, the name of any game to become proficient at earning money online or in the real world – I don’t know of any jobs that pay you for doing nothing, except of course, if you work for the Banks or the Government! LOL! THAT IS A JOKE so please don’t sue me if you really do work for a Bank or for the Government, thank you πŸ™‚ .



Why do A Good Deal Fail Online?!

Back in the early days of the Internet, if you had a blog, making a small fortune was very easy to do. As these early day blogs attracted huge traffic, advertisers sat up and took serious notice. Advertisers noticed these bloggers, who may be just talking about their studies, how to cook from home, how to sew or just about anything, were getting 100’s and 100’s of THOUSANDS of visitors to their blogs on a monthly basis.

These merchants leaped to these humble bloggers to ask permission to place product ads on their sites, and so here is the genesis of how to make money online, for the average man and on the street was born!!

There are 440 (roughly) Million Blogs on the Internet, each vying for their slice of what is now a 5,000,000,000 (FIVE BILLION DOLLAR) Industry!!

And since the Internet just will not stop growing, that figure is only increasing by the second.

So, if there is so much traffic online (Nearly 4 Billion Users Regularly) how is it that:-


90% of Websites (Bloggers) Never Make A CENT?!!


That is a cold hard and very sad statistic. You don’t need to be a Math Genius to realize that only 10% OF Websites are making all the profits!!


But Why?


Quite simply, most bloggers have not a clue of what they are doing. That is not an insult – that is a fact. I was once a blogger WITHOUT TRAINING and I never earned a single penny. Actually, I don’t even know if anyone online even saw my work. I was without assistance, support and direction.


How do I know you will be 1 of the 10% Group making all the money?



In order to Generate an Income You Must have a Product or Service to Sell – don’t worry if you don’t. Wealthy Affiliate has you covered there and can show you many other products and services to promote to generate your own work from home pay.



Who is This For?

This opportunity – REMEMBER, FREE TO SIGN UP AND EARN MONEY ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTMENT – is for anyone that wants to start their own online business without spending cash. I will advise you that without some investment you will, just to reiterate, have to work harder for longer bu the possibility of making money online is still there.

Such People Include:-

  • Stay At Home Mums and Dads – I see many websites like this do fantastic business online.
  • Those Full Time Employed.
  • Those Part Time Employed.
  • Lawyers,
  • Doctors.
  • Judges.
  • Tradesmen.
  • Civil Engineers.
  • Ministerial Members.
  • Students Trying To Pay Their Way Through College.
  • ANYONE!!


There is no ‘special-select’ group for people this is for. It really is for everyone who wants to go and tell their boss to stuff their day job!


This is a true opportunity for YOU to become YOUR OWN BOSS – SEIZE IT!!



Those That Want Financial Success Quicker Online May Click on ‘Go Premium’ Button Below!


Work Hard – Build Your Future – Enjoy Your Success!



$19 First Month. $49 a month thereafter. That Button Above Gives You a Yearly Reduced Rate from $588 to $359!



Have Any Questions?

Do ask us in the comment box below. I respond to all questions, queries, concerns all the time. Many people try to make money online the wrong way the whole time. Sign up through this article and you will be shown How To Work From Home Online and for FREE for the long term. Those that require further information may refer to the following Two Article Below:-


Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

Getting Started Online Fast for $0 Right Now Has Never Been So Easy!



I am always here to help any questions you may have so please leave your comments below. Looking forward to hearing from you all.



Learn To Earn Money Online.

Click To Start Today. No Credit Card to Begin for Free Life Time Account. Comes with Optional Premium Account that is not free but very affordable to anyone.




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    Hi Philip and thank you for this information.

    I have come to realize that affiliate marketing is the best deal ever online. Someone said – if you don’t catch up with the future, the future will always win!

    The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that it always catches up with the future. If I affiliate with one company today and it goes bust, I can always catch up with the current top list of companies to affiliate with. No competition or loss involved – just changing goal posts to suit the current situation. No fear of going out of business either. This is such a brilliant idea on how to work from home online. Another good thing is that the starter membership is free. How good can it get!

    Getting training from a platform that is always updated on affiliate marketing is another way of catching up with the future. No rude awakening to an outdated website! The training anyone gets now will always serve them in the future because affiliate marketing is an ongoing business practice. It will be around today and beyond.

    The other huge plus is that we learn how to work from home online and for free. The 9 to 5 rat race does not pay anyone enough and besides it comes with all the challenging stuff, from traveling to having a boss to spending half your life building someone else’s dream.

    I will go with the combination of wealthy affiliate , affiliate marketing and how to work from home online and for free. A winning combination!



    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danielle,

      Thank you kindly for your enlightened over view of affiliate marketing as it stands today. Yes, for so long as the internet is alive, there will always be affiliate marketing. This is an income opportunity that is always expanding. I am so glad I found it and happy to help others, from all over the world, do to the same.

      Thanks again Danielle.

      – Philip.


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