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By | May 31, 2017

Scam Witness Investigates Online Scams

How To Avoid Online Local Post Office Jobs Scams.

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Welcome to my investigation and lets see if  local post office jobs could very well be scam artists in disguise.  Online scammers pretend to offer you a permanent job for your local Government or Post Office.  Its clever, fortunately, not one of the most cruelest online scams I have come across.  Though, you will be ripped.  Read all the way to avoid being ripped online by these con artists.

Houses Of Parliament in the UK.

How Online Con Artists Rip You Off Through Social Media Job Posts.

It’s quite simple really.  Your sitting at the breakfast table and your lovely wife slams down your morning slop before she hurries off to her Convertible Mercedes to go to her 500 Fortune job.  Leaving you at home hunting for a job.  (Love eh?).

You jump online to start a fresh job hunt.  Now your kinda anxious and getting a little desperate to find something to tide you over, or better still, an actual full time job, because things at home are getting a little tense.  It happens.

After jumping around Google and what not, you have a look on Facebook (a scammers paradise) where one of your friends shared a work opportunity to your time line.  Your friend, God bless their kind hearts, does not realize its a proper and damaging scam.

You look, read and click.  It sounds good in fairness.  Regular hours working for a local Governmental Agency doing some office filing and phone answering etc, basic stuff.  To make it even more convincing the add contains links that take you to reputable job hunting sites.  (I have covered this in a previous post, job sites are strewn with these kinds of fake job posts!).

Conversely, the add could be purporting Post Office Work where you simply sort the mail for the Post Men.  (Post Men do this themselves.)

Making Contact With A Scammer Online.


So the scammer tells you their plenty of vacancies in this line of work, though, some training is required due to specific Industry Regulations and Special Process’s that must be heeded etc.  This conversation could go on for a while to have you salivating for the opportunity.

They then will tell you that the training comes at a price, but, after your short training you will be immediately deployed to the nearest available vacancy for part or full time employment.

Seems reasonable, right?

You whoop out your Master Card and pay the training fee.  You get your online training (hopefully) and you commence along the fake path to your non-existent new career.

Two Weeks Later The Scammer Is Gone!

After your wonderful training your all hyped to start working.  You’ve been raving about it to your spouse for God Sake and she is delighted as well!!!   (You can actually hear birds singing in her voice!).

YOU jump online to Facebook, and their account is deleted!  They’ve scammed enough people for now and have moved on before they get caught!





Are There Any Genuine Online Work From Opportunities?

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I hope you had had fun here and look forward to your comments about your experiences or stories about this particular scam.  If you have any questions about signing up you can always ask me and I will bee happy to assist you in whatever way I can.

g Out!

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