How Developers Can Make Money Through The Plesk Partner Program

By | September 18, 2017

High Commissions Using Plesk – Up To 45%!

Here is a detailed look at Plesk and how, not just Developers, but anyone in Digital Services, can make a handsome ROI using Plesk and its Platform through this review. Plesk runs a Free to sign up Affiliate Program as well.  Welcome to Plesk!

Plesk Can Help All Digital Service Providers Extend Their Online Reach and Make a Handsome ROI!

Welcome To My In-depth Review Of Plesk.  

Name: Plesk.



Affiliate Program:  Runs a Free Affiliate Program!

Owners: Ingram Micro.


In 2001 Plesk was tested and put to work in a live web hosting environment.  Through it’s many stages of development it has come full cycle with the ‘Stable-Release’ on the 11th/April/2017 (a mere two months ago from the date of this article).  It hails from Novosibirsk in Russia and it allows Server Administrators do the following:

  • Set up Websites.
  • Make Re-seller Accounts.
  • Create E-Mail Accounts.
  • Set up DNS entries through web based interface.

Futhermore, Plesks web hosting customers are able to perform an array of tasks with their dynamic and easy to use interface.  It is quite simply PACKED FULL of all the tools to make websites and manage them, databases and mailboxes etc.

We Shall be taking a good look at Plesk in the following ways:

  • Overview of the Plesk Platform
  • Specificially, who the platform is for.
  • Tools and Training.
  • Price Packages Including 21 Day Free Trial.
  • Why Become A Plesk Partner?  How can YOU Profit from it?
  • Plesk Affiliate Program.

Introducing the Plesk Interface for Developers and Digital Service Providers.

Let us now become familiar with the Plesk Interface with a brief explanation of how the tools are arranged. Numbered 1 through 6:


Plesk Web Interface.


  1. Properties of the account holder can be altered, subscriptions managed and also displays who is logged in under what subscription.

  2. Here is where user’s may find the ‘Help Menu’ along with tutorials (videos).  Context-sensitive materials can be accessed here also such as an online guide.

  3. This is where you will find the Search Field.

  4. Here is the Navigation Pane.  Items within the Pane are designed to help keep the Plesk Interface orderly and easy to use.  Tools are grouped and organized by their function, or example, to interact and manage mail accounts you simply go to the MAIL page.

Let us now take a cursory look at all the Pages’ in the Plesk Interface and their purpose.

  • Websites and Domains:-  This where one will find ( the customer) the capability to do the following

a).  Adding and Removing Domains, Subdomains along with Domain Alias’s.

b).  Manage the Settings of Web Hosting.

c).  Database Creation and Management of it.  Management of Database User’s.  Altering DNS settings.  Securing Customer Websites with SSL Certificates.

  • Tools for Mail.
  • Applications.  This is where customers are able to install and manage web applications.
  • Files.  A web based File Manager is located here to allow customers to upload to one’s their site and handle the files that already exist in their webspace.
  • Statistics.  This is concerning information regarding Disk Usage such as traffic, link web stats, culminating, to paint a picture of the user’s website visitors.
  • Users.  This is where customers have the capability to remove and add user accounts so as to faciliate other peole to sign into Plesk.
  • Account.  Contains data regarding user use of resources for their subscription, permitted hosting options along with granted permissions.  This is the area that the user can alter/update personal details along with many other options to.

5.  Here resides the controls for the current page in use.  If I can draw your attention to the Plesk Interface picture above for a moment, you will see that the Websites and Domains is open, so, every tool that allows management of the subscription (connected to web hosting) are currently and clearly visible.

6.  Finally, we have contained a number of relevant, handy and useful assortment of controls and data displays for users.

  •  Plesk Is BUILT with a Single Intuitive Graphical Interface Control Panel.  An environment ready to code.  You have EVERYTHING you need to make apps and websites.
  • Plesk is SECURE!!!  Plesk has a complete set of all the security features and tools so as to keep safe your OSe’s, apps, networks, servers and websites.
  • Plesk enables YOU to stay focused on your business instead of infrastructure management tasks that take up valuable time and resources.  These tasks can easily be SCHEDULED through the Control Pane!
  • Quite simply, Plesk is a Commercial Web Hosting Data Center which was developed for the Linux and Windows Operating Systems. It is a Web Developers dream come true for it carries out, in extremely layman s terms..

arduous and frustrating menial task that a developer must do for the medium to small website business’s that he or she may serve, thus, freeing up website developers time to code or to do other important activities. That is it in a nutshell – .

Who is the Plesk Partner Program For?

Details who plesk is for.


Plesk Platform is for:

  • Developers.
  • Content Manager.
  • IT Admins.
  • Digital Agencies.
  • Infrastructure Providers.

Plesk Tools & Training.

Plesk does provide a ‘Plesk-Universtiy‘ to train the total beginner all the way up to Expert Level. Here is one such course you can take:

Plesk Onyx Professional:-

  • Installation.
  • Security.
  • WordPress Toolkit.
  • Backup and Restore.
  • Service Provisioning.
  • Node.js, Ruby, Git and Docker.

It is described as ‘self-guided‘ and you can learn whatever you want at a pace that suits you, no time limit it seems. Real life situations and cases are used to give you a sense of ‘real life situations, which I think is an excellent idea!

After reaching each and every milestone on your journey with plesk you will be taking an exam that comes with a certificate, so, you can prove your competency to colleagues and employers.

You will also have the Assistance of Product Experts who will answer whatever questions you may have.

Plesk Price Packages and FREE TRIAL!

VPS – 1 SERVER WITH 8% OFF! (Monthly).

Plesk Price Package.

VPS – 3 SERVERS WITH 12% OFF! (Monthly).

plesk monthly package for three servers.

DEDICATED – 1 SERVER (8% OFF – Monthly).


DEDICATED – 3 SERVERS (12% OFF – Monthly).

plesk dedicated price package.

plesk members.

Sign Up.


Is Plesk Well Known and Worth JOINING?

Err, yep! They have been around since before 2001, but, with the latest update in 2017, they have seriously ROCKETTED UP IN STATUS AND USAGE!! Here are some pretty impressive stats for the Plesk Platform.

  • 32 languages are, across 140 countries, are natively supported!
  • 19 million, and counting, E-mail Inboxs are supported by Plesk!
  • The number o servers globally is 377,000!
  • Of the very best top globally 100 service providers, 50% choose to use Plesk!
  • The websites and applications that are currently run on Plesk is standing at 11,000,000 worldwide! And they’ve only just begun!



Why Become A Plesk Partner?

It does on matter if your into web design, software development, web hosting or ANY digital services, once you become a Plesk Partner you will be empowered with the capability to grow your revenues and help your business grow rapidly!!

1).  RESELL!


Separate yourself from your competitors by Reselling Plesk!  You can do this by layering Plesk over your infrastructure thus vastly servicing the needs of your customers.  All you have to do to generate more profits for your business is bundle Plesk with your existing services so as to help customers handle problems they would not be able to do otherwise.

2).  USE!


No matter what size business you are the Plesk Platform does the following:-

  • Reduce Server Administration Time!
  • SOLID Server-to-Site-Security!
  • Mass-Managing WordPress Sites!
  • Read-to-Code-Environment and MORE!


Anyone with digital services that wants to integrate with Plesk!

Your solutions can be integrated into Plesk incredibly fast growing extension catalogue!

This will enable you to access over 25K Hosting Providers along with thousands of web professionals globally!!!

Here is what Customers of the Plesk Platform Had to Say. customer feed back. customer feed back. customer feed back.





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I truly hoped I have answered all of your questions on this particular program.  Should you have further questions, please, do not hesitate to leave me a comment in the comments section.  I will always get back to you in good time!

If, however, you have come to find out about the Affiliate Program for Plesk and My #1 RECOMMENDATION (that comes with a comparable web hosting of $250 a month for $49 PLUS A FREE TO JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAM THAT COMES WITH TWO FREE WEBSITES) then please continue reading.

The Plesk Affiliate Program.

Here is how it works:

  1. Someone comes to your website, referred to as a ‘visitor‘, whereupon visitor clicks one of your Plesk Links.

  2. The IP Address of the visitor is logged and a cookie put into visitors browser for the purposes of tracking.

  3. After having a good look at what Plesk has to offer, visitor may decide to order something.

  4. Should the visitor buy something then you earn commissions. Brilliantly, it must be noted, that Plesk Stores Cookies and IP Address’s Indefinitely, so if visitor does NOT BUY this time, when/if they come back to plesk, and then they buy something, YOU STILL GET THE COMMISSION!

  5. Plesk, after reviewing sale, will approve it.

  6. Now for the FUN NIGHTS OUT PART BIT! You get your commission ! SIMPLE! (Payment is through Payal but other options also available of course).

All you do as an Affiliate, with these guys, is to spread the word i.e. leave banner adds/links on your website post, email, social media, and when someone clicks and orders, you can earn commissions of up to 50%!! That is HUGE!!

Pro’s And Con’s of Plesk Affiliate Program.

The Good:

PRO #1 – It runs an Affiliate Program which is good news for bloggers.

PRO #2 – It has visually appealing add banners with your Affiliate Link in them already.

PRO #3 – Simple to copy banner ads to your website.

PRO #4 – Direct E-mail contact with your Affiliate Manager.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Very difficult for me to work out how to use the Affiliate Banners and Links Successfully.  (Update!  I helped solve a slight problem with these banners so now they are working just fine!  Still waiting on that ‘thank you‘ check though).

CON #2 – Too much emphasis on being Partner rather than on their Affiliate Program when you first go to



Click Here!

My Final Opinion On Plesks Free Sign Up Affiliate Program.

Plesk’s Platform for Web Developers and Site Administrators goes a long way to free up such valuable people from mind-bending menial tasks. Task that take time and energy and resources!

Plesk does a great many tedious activities to keep their customers very happy when they see the necessary adjustments have been corrected. It is growing exponentially and is still exploding all across the web!

As for the Affiliate side of things, I do believe up to 50% is a huge opportunity for all affiliate marketers of all experience levels to benefit from the huge and expected growth to come out of


We can join and  promote Plesk after it hits the Crest of it’s Success, or, Join just at the Beginning of its Ascension for Greater Longevity of Profit!!!

 If You Are Interested In Being Apart of the  Plesk Partner Program to Earn Additional Profits for your business, then, Click the ‘SIGN UP’ button below!  




Sign Up.

Plesk Affiliate Program at a Glance…

Name: Plesk.


Owners: Ingram Micro.


Overall Rating: 95 out of 100.

VERDICT!  Plesk is the future!





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I hope you enjoyed learning about Plesk and what it can do for you to positively impact your affiliate earning potential!  Should you have questions regarding my number recommendation, you are as always, very welcomed to leave me a comment and I will always get back to you!



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  1. Harjit

    Thanks for your review on plesk. It looks quite impressive and I like that you can get 50% commission. I also like the fact that it is a free start up, I am with Wealthy Affiliate and I am enjoying my experience with this so I am not looking for anything different at this moment in time.

    1. admin

      Hi Harjit,

      Yeah, the free affiliate program Plesk runs is 50% and the Plesk Partner Program gives you a 21 free trial to test drive your new C Panel!

      It has the ability to mass-manage multiple WordPress sites and just pretty much do tons of automated leg run that makes digital service providers lives that much harder!

      Thank you kindly for your comment Harjit and I am always here if you need me in the future regarding Plesk!

      All the best Harjit!

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