What Is ‘Hovizza’ – Is Hovizza.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 1, 2019

Find Out What Is ‘Hovizza’ – The Hovizza.com Review.

Good researching to find reviews on What Is ‘Hovizza’ situated at www.hovizza.com. Is Hovizza com a scam, fraudulent, fake, bogus, deceptive or Is ‘Hovizza’ legit, real, genuine, good, safe and real? This www Hovizza com Review is going to take a look at their site. Several factors will be researched, laid out, and taken into consideration before we reach out ‘Verdict’. Those those with information are welcome to share in the comments below this article.

Anyone that feels strongly they were scammed by ‘Hovizza’ should contact your payment provider and alert them. Where evident then you should probably cancel your card and put in for a refund. Many fake e-stores circulating online, too many of which, are so sophisticated it is hard to tear the legit ones from the scam ones.

You should not take our ‘verdict’ on this site as the ‘final word’ and look for other sources online. We will quote our own as we move forward.




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Full Research On What Is ‘Hovizza’ – Trustworthy or Scam?

We begin by looking information on owner, address of their business, contact information and registration date, and all that will help us to answer What Is ‘Hovizza’ in this Hovizza.com Review. Where we are not able to locate this data, because it has been covered up, is something you should take into consideration before making any purchases. Typically honest sites will have this info clearly displayed on their own websites to help their customers gain support.




www.hovizza.com review.



Registration date for their site 2018/07/12 and 1 year is all they have registered for. Those sites that are legit will normally register for longer and so 1 year is only the start of any online business. Of course they can always renew their site and so that is something to keep in mind. 

No founder name is listed at their sites registration and so that is something else that maybe of worry. Again, honest businesses tend to leave this information. Why? Without such information, all of the trust of is coming from customers, and where problems arise, where then are the customers meant to turn to in order to get refunds,exchanges etc.

South Tower World Finance Centre Harbor City 17 Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon HONG KONG. That is the address in their ‘CONTACT US’ page. That could or could not be their own real address. Since they have not sufficiently proven their ownership of that address then we are left in a situation where we have to just ‘trust’ them.





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Are There Scam Signs For ‘Hovizza’?

  • There appear to be a few and so let us take a look at them now. Of course, the fact that we can not locate the owner of the site, and also, we are not sure if that is there real address is not a good sign. We have two addresses contacted to their site as well.
  • While being a new site does not indicate a scam, we must all beware of them, until such a time they are proven legit and safe. Those unsure should always look out for reviews.
  • Their prices appear ‘OK’, until we take a closer look. I see what could be deemed too many discounts and on products. Too-good-to-be-true-prices is a good indication that something maybe wrong here.
  • Per their own site they are from Hong Kong. Why then are their prices in USA Dollars?
  • Their Facebook, Pinterest and You-Tube Share Icons are all linking to their respective Shopify pages. They are not linking to their own brand name stores online. That is a bad sign, if they are not a scam, why would you do this?
  • When we click on a product then we see all the information on that item. We also see some images that are meant to assure us they are guaranteed as an online vendor. My problem here is, when I go to click on those images to prove secure checkout, nothing happens.
  • They are supposed to open to the respective Trust Seal Companies online and they do not. So this can be a trick that potential cyber-crooks employ and I have seen it many times.





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Final Thoughts.

It is important that we know whom we are dealing with online regarding who we give our payment information over to. Not knowing, with such sensitive information, could be a mistake. There are so many fake shopping sites online right now that its getting harder to distinguish.

ScamAdviser has given their site a Trust Score of Just 35% which makes them High Risk. Based also on some reports online of complaints against their site I am not recommending them. It is up to you and that is what I garner, as my own personal decision, about the aforementioned website.

Ultimately it is up to you and so, in your own experience, are they Scam or Legit? I would love to hear from you all below this article on that point. That is all on What Is ‘Hovizza’ and thank you for your time. Looking forward to your comments to come.





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8 thoughts on “What Is ‘Hovizza’ – Is Hovizza.com Scam or Legit Online Store?

  1. Najma Lindner

    Like previous person. Received my bras after few weeks without address or invoice / returns inf. The items were unacceptable only for a 8 yr old! ( Big mistake) I tried to get in touch several times finally got an answer that they were closed for holiday for 4 days on may 4th! Then I waited and no reply. I sent them.yet again e mails..and finally they got back asking me for the photos of the item and packaging.i sent this and since then no reply again. I am concerned with them having my details. They just seem to get away by buying cheap goods from markets in China( I know of them!) And conning people. It was as I said BIG MISTAKE. How can we stop them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      You could probably complain to their hosting provider. If their provider gets enough complaints then they may shut down that site for being a fake.

  2. Patricia Spayd

    I also got scammed by Hovizza and their website buddies Care.ppca and Shopify. I got two undersized bras and they told me that was not possible and it was my fault as I had not measured myself correctly. I should gift the bras to friends or family!! What!!? There is NO return info in the package – no return instructions On any of their websites. When I contacted PayPal they initially returned my money but then ruled in favor to this cheating scamming company and now are trying to get money back out of me so I closed my PayPal account when I couldn’t get their to any rap person after weeks of trying. Hovizza ships from Monroe Township New Jersey but demands -much later – your items be returned to China where ihr shipping is more than the value of them items. I think they just ship any size to anyone from New Jersey for $5 – collect our money and then roll the email excuses with never an intent of refunding anything. PayPal played right into their hands. So no help there. But I’m writing PayPal to protest. AGAIN – No one listens there but that is an issue for another day.

  3. Helen Ahern

    That has happened to me they have cashed the money and I never recived them.I have an order num and tried on numerous occasions to contact them with no satisfaction at all.I have now just alerted my bank Helen Ahern

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sorry to hear this and yes definitely you done the right thing by contacting your bank. Wish you well with your refund and also thank you for your Hovizza.com Customer Review. It is appreciated Helen as you have actively contributed to others online safety 🙂 ~ Philip.

  4. Barbara

    Hovizza appears to be a scam. I ordered two bras and, after MANY emails to & from Hovizza, they are still not here.
    Not only are they not here, THEY NEVER SENT THEM!
    Seems they take your money THEN try to get the products made. Hovizza customer service says “We are locating new sources now”. WHAT?
    I never buy anything from China because they sell your credit card info. So far, this has not happened with Hovizza.
    I would avoid Hovizza at all costs, unless you just enjoy losing money and never getting the product you ordered.


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