What Is HourlyRich.CA – Is HourlyRich.CA Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 13, 2018

What Is HourlyRich.CA and are They Really Paying ROI of 6000%?!!

Scam Or Legit Reviews

I am ‘feeling’ a little ‘dubious’ about receiving that amount of returns for a relatively small investment. You are welcome as this article will fully answer What Is HourlyRich.CA and why you should run away from them. Is HourlyRich CA genuine, legit, real, good, honest or is Hourly Rich CA fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest and run by cyber-crooks <<– pst -hint hint 🙂 . This HourlyRich non-member review is only looking to help you keep your cash in your own pockets. There will be those that have or will earn, but most of you who risk your money, will lose at one of the Internets favorite scam money games. Below is my research for your own consideration.

In reality, you only need to look at their ROI to know something weird and extremely fishy is going on. No company is having that much success in market investments, crypto-currencies, Forex etc. If they were they’d hardly be giving away all of their profits out of the goodness of their hearts. Sure, some of you know they are a Ponzi Scheme, but what about the 80 year old Grandfather who does not know trying to get-up a few quid extra for Xmas out of his pension? There are thousands more that don’t know what a Ponzi/HYIP Looks Like and so this article is for them mainly.

There are ways to make money online without investing in dangerous money games. The offer supplied by Hourly Rich is not based on a legal business model. I can assure you 100% right now, their revenue is not coming from the sources they are citing on their site, and actually is only money being circulated from all member ‘contributions’ <- please remember that word – I will explain more later. Those interested are welcome to check out my #1 Recommendation Below to see if owning and making money from your own website is something that you could see yourself doing. Free to start websites and some free training to get you started with your lifetime free account.




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What Is HourlyRich.CA and How It All Works In Reality.

It is time for ‘me’ to prove to ‘you’ what is HourlyRich.CA and why they are not legit, real, good, honest, genuine and really only have the intention to rip off as many people as possible before shutting down their site and doing a runner with your cash! Time to take a good look at who the owner of this very suspicious site and see if they really can afford to give 6000% returns to all members.

HourlyRich was registered 04/08/2018 without a founder name. There is no address for their real world business, because it does not exist, and also no contact support of any kind attached to their sites registration. Does that even sound like the way legit businesses set up their online operations to you?


HourlyRich.CA Website

Go to www.hourlyrich.ca to login – but not recommended.


Quickly having a look on their own website I see a fake address. That is not there address because if it was they’d have given the Police a place to go to arrest for fraud. Their Company Registration, as check-marked to the right of their website, is not a clickable link to proof. That is another lie, and unfortunately, everything else on their site is a lie as well. I will list them below in the SCAM SIGNS section, so you may have a good look on their site, as we go through them for future reference for any site online you have doubts about.




What is a HYIP/Ponzi Scheme?

This section is probably going to be the most important for those that Hourly Rich is not legit. Where ever you are presented with a ‘story’ of making a relatively small investment for huge returns, I really hope you think again. 

HourlyRich has not defined their product or service! That is one of our first clues. I stated before that their ROI is the first place we check, and when its astronomical then you should probably ‘cock’ one brow and think again. So, they have not defined their product. In other words, they have not told us with PROOF how they are generating their sites revenue to afford such huge returns.

I see a lot of buzzwords like:-







But that does not make any sense as they seem to be thrown together in a random fashion that leads nowhere. They said that they have ‘FIXED’ the problems with cryptocurrency and is how they can generate such high returns! THAT IS ALL WAFFLE AND A VERY STRANGE THING TO SAY! Clearly, if a company had suddenly done ‘something’ so EVERYONE could become stinking rich from their ‘fixes’ they’d have mad World-Wide-News by now as geniuses and saviors of the poor and downtrodden.

I haven’t heard anything about them…. have you? – Its the same nonsense I see day in and out of scam sites saying the first few things that come into their heads to try to get as many people as possible to part with their ‘contributions'<– there is that word again…

Contributions – ??? What Are You Talking About ‘Scam Witness’?

OK, they are calling all member financial interactions as ‘investments’ – right? Well, check out their FAQ’s, and don’t stop looking, until you see a part that says that these ‘investments’ are actually ‘CONTRIBUTIONS‘! They even say they have not the funds themselves, even though they have ‘FIXED’ all the errors in the areas they state, they need members to give them cash. Honestly, it did not take me long to see through them. I just wish more people would look for bloggers articles that may either recommend or warn people -it would save your a ton of cash going forward. Clearly, ‘contributions’ means you are giving something where you may not get something back in return. The word ‘DONATION’ comes to mind and no doubt implicit in their choice of words.





After the information above, I know ‘you’ don’t need to see what is to come next. The SAME WAY these SCAMMERS are having ‘FUN’ with your money, is the SAME WAY ‘I AM’ GOING TO HAVE SOME FUN SHREDDING THEIR SITE APART FOR SCAM SIGNS!

  1. Top left of their fake investment website you will see the time they have been online. Funny that, because if you go to WHOIS, the owner must of got confused because he, she, they put the date as 04/08/2018. The publication of this post is 18/10/2018 – as clearly shown on this articles date. SO! That information is just a plugin or software updating that date, and the text next to it stays the same. This gives the impression of a new and fresh site ready to take over the world and make you rich in the process. Another thing that points to a scam site.
  2. They declare very professionally to the right of their site that they are a registered company. However, making statements and expecting others to blindly believe is the whole problem with all people who fall for this scam sites. Why? Because HourlyRich has ZERO DOCUMENTATION to prove they are a registered company. Overseas scammers just LOVE to say they are from the UK and how amazing they are. Problem is, most of them forget to make even a fake Companies House Certificate. Make the effort at least!!
  3. ‘SOMEONE’ at their scam site does not know what ‘LIVE CHAT’ means. Their ‘Live Chat’ Image simply reloads the page. Seems like someone needs to get the sack.
  4. I JUST noticed their ‘Company Registration Number‘ bottom of their website!! I Googled it. Seems like these guys might be telling one too many fibs at this stage. They are trying to convince us that their registration number is 09555768. See image below:-


Proof of a Scam by HourlyRich.CA!!

Seems like there’s been some sort of ‘error’ here.

That registration number actually belongs to a Company Called BITC TRADE LTD!! ANNNNNDDDD that Company has been dissolved since 04/10/2016, as you can clearly see in my worst artistic attempt ever of a frame!!

Oh, there are loads of scam signs on their fake investment site, but I am getting tired of exposing them now, and I hope you are now clear that they can not be trusted.




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Final Thoughts.

Hmm, I hope I wasn’t too harsh on them for defrauding people with their illegal business website! Anyways, don’t invest with them because you could end up losing a fortune. And say you only lose a few dollars, well then I say, you could be 1 of thousands of people only losing a few dollars that adds up to many thousands!! Why give it to them when its your hard earned cash. Besides, its only training the scammers to continue and finance their lives off the backs of unwary people who maybe desperate for a quick financial fix. Its up to you but this website does not recommend you take part in their site’s offer. Only invest what you can afford to lose if you must. For me, they are a scam site – there is no doubt about that!

Have a few questions on What Is HourlyRich.CA? You are all welcome to ask me in the comments section where I will do my best to help you. Those looking for a real way to work for yourself online, without having to worry if you are dealing with a scammer or not, can click my #1 Recommendation Below for more info. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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