HourGold.Biz – Is HourGold.Biz Scam or Legit Investment Site?

By | October 10, 2018

HourGold.Biz and are they Real or Fake Way To Make a Full Time Income Online? What Is HourGold.Biz?

Fake or Real - GoldHour.Biz Reviewed

Find out if you can trust HourGold.Biz in this HourGold Biz Review. Those asking is HourGold fake, scam, fraudulent, dishonest, bad or is Hour Gold Biz genuine, real, good, legit and paying out. You will have those questions answer fast here and I can tell you that they are indeed a Ponzi Scheme. You have to only look to their unreal payouts and lack of revenue generating description to know this. Since their business is illegal then they are automatically a scam. What is to come is only to help you make up your own mind.

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HourGold.Biz Review – In Reality, What Is HourGold.Biz About?

I am not going to speak too much on what they say they offer – they is only content and not the truth. However, I am going to tell you exactly all about HourGold.Biz and what they really are. We begin first by looking into Founder info and website business address. 

I see their site is new (see date of this post) and created on 08/10/2018. They have no name listed to their site as the creator. Their business address is also hidden from view. The only thing they have successfully added is “London, GB” – that is not good enough for a real world address. This is clearly an attempt to hide their founders identity, 


HourGold.Biz Review

Go to www.hourgold.biz to login – NOT RECOMMENDED!


whois.icann.org has written about the problem that is surround website registrations in the site registration known as WHOIS. The problem is people can set up sites, scam folks all year(s) long, and get away with it. There is the conflict of laws across borders as well to consider. However, something has to be done. I make the suggestion that if you are an ‘investment company’, offering paid work from home company – THEN – that should be applicable you add all identitifying contact details. I really don’t see the complication here at all

But then, that is only my opinion. This does not apply to bloggers, or those offering a service online without offering paid work from jobs. That would be stupid and put everyone at risk online from crazy peeps arriving at your door.



What Are They Offering?

Briefly, they are saying to invest in Gold etc. There is no proof they have anything to do with ‘Gold’ and so that is not the truth. It is only a way to convince you to part with cash, make you believe they are somehow investing that in Gold, and then some hours later get back 15% Hourly Returns in only 12 hours. This breaches all boundaries of common sense.

Here Is Some Truth About Gold Investments.

A Real Company Investing In Gold, and offering its customers a service to do the same by buying some off of them, is actually not a bad idea. Paper money is ‘Very Valuable’ one day, to becoming or completely useless the next, in some parts of the world. Buying Gold, according to your means, is a good idea to do when times are good. 

When the economy collapses, because the world loves to claw back all that ‘dosh’ they gave out to everyone for stuff we just don’t need, then we see money become scarce and decline in value. HOWEVER! The Gold you bought, say about five years ago, is still worth the amount you paid for it. Its kinda a rainy day fund. When times get hard you can cash it out at the same value you bought it for. Relatively speaking, you just made a profit, as your real world currency is now less in value.

Why Is ‘Scam Witness’ Calling Them A Ponzi Scheme?

HourGold have not clearly made identifiable to their members how they are really making revenue to pay out such returns. The rate of return is HUGE and completely  unsustainable. The time frame for the earnings is unreal as well as they are hoping to make 180% returns, in their estimated time frame, from Gold?! If it were that easy then everyone would be at it. They have not provided credentials to verify their abilities.

The product or service they are providing is detailed too generically i.e. where the same thing is said over and over but in different ways, and also, does not mean a lot. This is only an attempt to fill in some contentn on their site intertwining with the visuals. This is a Ponzi Scheme or a HYIP.


Where money is paid out but no exchange of value is returned. Noted by high returns as well for relatively little investment and speed of return. Most of the money goes upwards and so we can classify them as a Pyramid Scheme as well.

Is It Even Possible To Earn With Such A Scheme?

Those that get in early, and assuming the sites founder is not already too greedy, then you have a shot at making some money. The first couple of weeks is the usual payout phase. Even 4 weeks – slightly more rare. What I see is less than a week before they will stop paying people. Those producing payment proofs are doing others no favors as it only serves to pull in others. Laughably, the payment proofs I sometimes see is so low I don’t even know why anyone would bother.







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Final Thoughts.

Should their site be paying out now then its only a matter of time before that stops. The longer the site lasts then the less likely of payments will occur. Those looking to make big money fast have to get in early on these schemes to do so. However, they are not a real way to earn a full time income from home and only a scam site. Its a lottery and only too few,relative to the vast numbers that may join, will be paid. Most of the profits are kept by the founder and that is all there is to that!

Those that have questions on HourGold.Biz are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to help. All people looking for a real way to earn online, without risking their own money needlessly for a long term financial goal, are welcome to click the image below. That is my #1 Review Choice and a real way to make real money online from the comfort of your home. Thanks for stopping by and looking for to hearing your thoughts on anything said here at this time.


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