What is HourCoin PW? Scam or Legit – Their Secrets Exposed!

By | July 25, 2018

What is HourCoin PW – Must Read before Joining Them.

HourCoin Website

Should you still wish to join HourCoin (https://hourcoin.pw) PW AFTER reading this, then that is at your own risk. We will answer, What Is HourCoin PW? Is HourCoin. PW even genuine? Is Hour PW a quick way to earn? This is a non-member Hour Coin review to help others in their own research. We looked into their work offer and their site as a whole. There are a number of things that appear to be out right lies! Let us look a little deeper and find out if this is a good way to Earn Money Online.


Company:- https://hourcoin.pw

Created:- 23/07/2018. Expires 2019/07/23.

Founders:- Hidden.

Fee’s:- Min – $10. Max – $50,000. There are more, we will break it down in this review of HourCoin PW.

Scam/Legit:- See ‘Final Thoughts’ at bottom of this post.

Affiliate Program:- 10% for making referrals, so yes, there is one.




Our Research on What Is HourCoin PW.

Can we trust HourCoin?

I came across HourCoin PW on a site that was recommending them. They did warn that some to most of these kinds of sites are just Ponzi Schemes and so it’s best to do your own research. However, since this site is so very new, there is no info online surrounding their legitimacy.




To determine if they are real we must first check a number of things:-

1). Can we locate their owners?

No we can’t.

2). Is information on their site correct per their own words?

NO, there are a number of blatant lies being flouted that can easily be proven to be so.

3). Has their site got a Privacy Policy Page?

I don’t see one and so I have to say no. Google looks for such pages and is paramount to any legitimates sites foundation.


Those are just some quite major things to look out for.


So, what the heck are they?!

They are telling potential new members that their they are in the “trade trading and hypothesis with securities and shares of various UK Organizations” <<<– that is one nonsensical statement from their site. Garbled and generic and pretty meaningless in an attempt to convince people who are just ‘scanning’ their material that they professional and legit.

They are dropping in statements to do with Forex Market, Finance Market but their actual product/service is still vastly unclear. I mean, you sign up and pay in some money and then what are the procedures THEY TAKE to earn you money? Limited transparency is a good sign of a scam. But let us hold fire on that for now.






Fee’s and Referral Program Details.

We have already mentioned their fee’s start at $10 and maximum of $50,000! That is for one plan.

So, if you want to earn 35% hourly for four hours then you get back 35% of $10 X 4 hours equals to $14 in profit! But, where did the $14 come from? The Forex Market and the Finance World does not work that fast so how is this possible to generate any profit by investing any amount of money from their site?

In my opinion, you can’t!

The other level of fee’s is set to 50% hourly X 4 hours. They offer back 250% returns plus your initial investment! WOW. This is further making me wanting to call them fake.



Referral Program Info.

The referral program runs three levels deep for commissions. You make a sign up to their site and then you get 10% referral commissions. You further get 2% commissions on further investment by your sign ups. Two weeks I predict they may make good payments to members and then all hell is going to break loose with complaints of no payments.

They may continue by making some payouts to some members but ignoring most along the way. Since they have not adequately defined what their product actually is, as they have spoken in such generic terms, then we have to label them as a Ponzi Scheme! This is a business model that does not have a real world, or online digital product, or useful service for all in exchange for monies for all members.



  1. No website ID.
  2. Unreal returns per investment.
  3. No discernible product/service.
  4. Business Model looks like a Ponzi Scheme.

Below we shall show some of our concerns.




UK Companies House Registration Details.

Here is ONE BIG GLARING SIGN they are being deceptive!

UK CompanieS House is the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies and is an executive agency and trading fund of Her Majesty’s Government. (source:- Wikipedia).

When you make a claim you are registered with the business end of things in the United Kingdom, you better be able to back it up.

They boldly claim that they are registered with Companies House and even leave a business registration number. This number is 1152458.

I entered this in the Companies House Database and there were no returns.

You may notice that their company registration number is different on their ‘About Us’ Page. No legit site makes those kinds of mistakes. So, we have clearly caught them out on a lie based on their own words.

The other company registration number they provide (10183073) returns a company that was dissolved in 2017!



Is their business address even real?

At the bottom of their website they put in a UK business address. Cool! I researched that as well.

The address they have listed is 80 Guildford Hall Street Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk, IP33 1QB, United Kingdom.

Their website says they are located in London. Suffolk is NOT in London. They have also referred to United Kingdom as ‘Great England’ – ?. Incorrect term. Professional and legit companies just don’t make these mistakes as it would only damage their reputation with reputable businesses in those regions.



In your own research, and where you see a real world physical address for a company offering paid work online, you can simply type into Google something like this:-

“business owners of 80 Guildford Hall Street Bury St Edmond’s, Suffolk, IP33 1QB, United Kingdom

Interestingly, that address turns up a Solicitors Company – nothing to do with HourCoin PW.

Also, on their website, they refer to themselves as HourlyPro. PW – that is different to their website name. Sure sign of deception with site URL name and logos are different.


As for their actual product, it seems like a Ponzi Scheme. Perhaps their system will take your cash and say that now in four hours you will get ‘X’ amount of money. This is solely depended on new sign ups and without them the whole system collapses!!

90% of people who take part in Ponzi Schemes fall Victim to them! Be warned.


Were you scammed by Hour Coin?

Were you Paid?

Let us know below so we have a full picture of them.

All opinions are most welcome and will be responded to in a timely manner.




Final Thoughts.

We are completely unable to recommend them as a legit and honest online work from home job site. They appear over whelming to be a Ponzi Scheme where 90% or over will loose all their investments. I don’t believe they are into any kind of online Financial Markets or Forex because their is little data on their site to show us how they are!


Below is a few researched online opportunities to help you find honest and paid work online. Should you know of one then do let us know in the comments below to help others make money online.


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That is all for now. We really are very much looking forward to hearing from you all. Your experiences and stories will help a great number of people should you wish to leave them below. This article is based on my extensive knowledge of exposing online scams but should only be considered solely as my own opinion. Others are encouraged to try to seek out their own research to make up their own minds. That is all we have for now to warn our readers on What Is HourCoin PW. They were too easy for us to discern as not real and we will be keeping an eye on them.





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