HourBank.Biz – Is HourBank.Biz Scam or Legit Investment Company?

By | October 9, 2018

What Is HourBank.Biz and How Are They Really Generating Money To Pay Everyone – All Questions Answered.

Those eager to know all about HourBank.Biz will have questions answered like what is HourBank.Biz, is HourBank Biz good, genuine real, legit or is Hour Bank Biz fake, scam, dishonest, and fraudulent and not paying out. In this HourBank Review you will find out for sure if you should invest with them or not. While I am very suspicious at this moment they are nothing but a scam site, my research below, should help you make up your own mind.

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HourBank.Biz and How It Really Operates To Generate Revenue.

With legit investment sites, it is only a 50/50 chance of earning anything. Sites like HourBank.Biz bend over backwards in their promise of huge returns for all member investments. Apparently, this is achieved by trading on Forex etc. That simply is not true. They have supplied zero evidence of these activities and even given no credentials they are qualified in this area.

The Founder can not be located and the person(s) is not attached to their sites registration detaisl. I can also see there is no complete business registration only that it is Blackpool – GB (Great Britain). That is insufficient identification.


HourBank Website

Go to www.hourbank.biz to login – but not recommended.


On their site I don’t see an address either. If its in their Terms of Service or whatever then it should be clearly displayed and only an attempt to hide it. Anyways, it would probably of been a fake address as HYIP/Ponzi Schemes don’t like to hand out real info on who they are.

SO, they are intentionally hiding who they are online. This is for when they are caught out by the entire internet as being a scam, they can easily close down their site and start up a new one, and take all the cash YOU FREELY GAVE TO THEM! Oh well, that is what happens when people are brainwashed into thinking they can earn an easy living without working for it. Also, no matter how bad your financial situation is – they will probably help out by worsening it for you! You may scour this websites comments for evidence of what I am warning you about.

What Are They Offering?

Nothing of Value to You or Others! In the beginning of its life they may indeed pay out, but that will surely change, the older they become. They do not offer any products or services for the cash you freely give them and so they will use that money to pay others and live a lavish lifestyle from.

OH! So We Can Earn Money?!

Only a few will be paid relative to the vast majority. Its like buying a lottery ticket and also depends on how greedy the founder is when they first start up. Yes, you can but the chances are slim.

Best Time To Invest?

Never. The risk is too high. I know there are those that say that its peoples right to gamble, however, if a scheme is very damaging then those that promoted it can be chased down by the law. There really is no legit arguement for sites like these take holds water. PLEASE NOTE:- I am not here to ‘POLICE’ these sites. I AM ONLY HERE TO WARN UNWARY MEMBERS BEFORE THEY ARE SCAMMED OUT OF THEIR MONEY.


Sounds dramatic, huh? Well, tell that to one guy that left a comment on this site saying he lost close to $20,000 in 1 Year from taking part in these schemes. Not such a harmless bit of fun now, what do ‘YOU’ think?


There are many will know what they are getting into immediately upon landing at such sites. But, the vast majority that lose thousands per time on such platforms, this article is primarily for you.

What Is A Ponzi Scheme?

Here you will find you simply hand over money and then magically you get back that money and then you get back promised returns over a fixed period of time. There is nothing else exchanged for your money. That is only if you do get any money back. Most of these schemes are just scam sites.

Who Will Lose The Most Money?

It won’t be the experienced investors who know what they are looking at. At time of this writing I see a bunch of HYIP Monitor Name Sites investing some money to see if this site is going to pay out or not. So, its likely this site is going to pay out for a few days, maybe even for a few weeks, but then they will stop and probably for good.

The ones that don’t have a clue what they are looking at will lose the most money. Some will experience some financial success, perhaps be tempted to re-invest to a higher amount, until they have lost all their earnings. These are pretty dangerous money games that are not financially regulated by anyone. Such schemes are tailor-made to rip off newcomers. Be careful.














Final Thoughts.

In my opinion I believe they are not a legit online company and are only seeking to fill their own pockets, I mean they have not even bothered to prove to everyone how they are generating their sites revenue. This is bad news and so people somehow never seem to ask where their money is going to, how its use to generate cash and even if its a scam site. The money is circulated between individuals until there are no more new sign ups. These new sign ups are the life blood of such enterprises, and when they stop coming, then the there is no more new money to pay out to anyone else. Those left waiting for payments at this stage may kiss your money good bye. Thousands of these sites are set up daily and I believe, in my own opinion (you are welcome to your own and to continue with your own research) they are a Ponzi Scheme and therefore a scam site!

Have questions on HourBank.Biz? I am taking questions on this site and so you are welcome to leave them below. Need some good info on how to get started online? Click on the image below and you will find my #1 Choice Review for your consideration. Only for real online entrepreneurs that want a real and genuine shot to earn online. No credit card to start, so you have nothing to lose, by signing up for free and seeing if it is for you. Thank you all for coming by and looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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