HotSale.Buzz Review – Is ‘Paws&Claws) Scam or Legit Pet E-Store?

By | November 9, 2019

HotSale.Buzz Website Review – What Is ‘Paws&Claws’ about? What Is “WOMEN BAGS ONLINE SHOP”?

HotSale.Buzz appears to be suffering from some sort of identity crisis as they also go by ‘Paws&Claws’ and ‘WOMEN BAGS ONLINE SHOP’. This is a nonsense scam site. So we do not recommend you look for any other reviews about ‘HotSale Buzz’ then this one as we will cover all bases on why ‘Paws&Claws’ is a bogus site designed to defraud people like you.

Those of you that want to report on ‘HotSale Buzz’ are welcome to leave what you know in the comments below. You may also access our List of Internet Scammers Hall of Shame to do likewise. I teach others online how to earn from home in their spare time or full time. If you are interested to know how to potentially quite your day and go self employed, then you are welcome indeed, to read our Ways to Earn Online From Home for Beginners – Free Start Up.



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HotSale.Buzz Exposed.

  1. We are exposing HotSale.Buzz as a new online threat to consumers. There is not much about ‘Paws&Claws’ online right now that could alert many who may not have the time to research every site they suspect of a scam. This is where our free service comes into play. If you know of more sites you suspect as a scam then why not drop us a line in the comments and we will expose them for one and all.
  2. We see that their site was registered online in 2019/10/31 and only just for a year. So this is a very bad sign! What legit branded company invests a mere 12 months into their new online business operation. If they really did have any real inventory, without intention to defraud others, then they would of spent more than the required circa $15 to start one up. You see why now short e-store registrations are a problem?
  3. The owner of the site is forfeited the free option to detail his or her’s name. There is no email address and no phone number. Also, they say they are from the US Tennessee region. That is not a complete address. So now how are they allowing their ow customer base make contact with them regarding their service.? All nonsense.
  4. We head to their website we are sure to find more lies about who they are, or worse still, they may have left nothing. Where you see a site without any info of this nature then just leave. Do not do it to yourself by making purchases from complete strangers online all because  – of what? They have a website? That is NOT The Standard Prerequisite of a business. Not Now Not Ever.
  5. Their email address of is linked to other sites. We see other online companies, seemingly different from one another using the ‘coolvole’ name in their content. That is indicative of a scam network, as such, I have opened a new notepad list for them.
  6. So we have found a new scam network that maybe widely unreported on. Besides, it is well known that ‘XYZ’ Extension on to anything online, is too widely associated with scams. Its actually synonymous now it is so prevalent in the online scams world.
  7. Their phone number is 917-719-7973 is not linked to anything suspicious as of yet. No scam reports linked to it except some phone directories trying to sell you all the info attached to it. 
  8. We have just proved, in one Google Search, their business address of  6043 Murray ave South Park Pennsylvania 15129 United States is bogus. It simply is not theirs. It instead is linking to someone’s actual home, a residential property. So we do not trust any online company that steals the info of others to fake legitimacy.
  9. Always Google such types of data as you could end up saving yourself from scammers. Always look for reviews as well as the net is pretty good at providing warnings – even for new sites at times. I guess this warning will be one of its first of its actual first warning about ‘HotSale Buzz’.






Final Thoughts.

Actually, I just noticed has given HotSale.Buzz AKA ‘Paws&Claws’ 1% Trust Score. So that is enough to beware of such sites with low-low trust scores. Such software’s they run to deem sites legit or scam get it right more accurately than humans, I have come to learn as a proven fact. Conversely, I saw a site the other day that got 100% Trust Score and it was a flipping scam site. So, always look for reviews and do indeed put in for a refund with the site in question and cancel your card for a new one.






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