What Is HotBuyVip.com – Is HotBuyVIP.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

By | December 28, 2018

What Is HotBuyVIP.com (SuperBuy) And Their Online Threats.

Good going on finding this short review on What Is HotBuyVIP.com at wwwhotbuyvip.com. Also known as ‘SuperBuy’. Is HotBuyVIP com fake, dishonest, crooked, scam, bad or Is HotBuyVip good, legit, honest, safe, real, genuine, trustworthy? This Hot Buy Vip Review is a warning to help save you  cash. Those that have made a purchase are advised to contact your payment provider for refunds. Your banking info maybe exposed now to exploitation. Those that were undoubtedly scammed by ‘SuperBuy’ are welcome to report them below in the comments section. They have other sites such as MallToSell and so watch out for any site that is identical to the one in question and report them here.

This is undoubtedly a scam network with several sites pulling the same con. So many sites that are fake shopping e-stores come from China. They tend to have multiple addresses which is an indicator that your order maybe being shipped from overseas. In general online reports on fake shopping sites agree that such illegal operations may have their own manufacturing abilities. This way they can advertise high end goods cheaply but actually make and deliver shoddy, fake, replica, knock-off goods. 





What Is HotBuyVip.com And Your Order.

There are a number of classic signs that tell us why and how a scam  site is fake. On the surface they appear professional and legit. However, sites like MallToSell is proof they have more than one site, with a different company name, alerting us that they are operating potentially many other sites for a larger fraudulent income. We begin with the founder, contact info and where they are located in the world. Where we can’t find out easily or at all this information we have to begin to ask more questions.


HotBuyVIP.com Review

Don’t buy anything from www.hotbuyvip.com or ‘SuperBuy’!


All sites must register their domain online. Real and trusted businesses, will no doubt have heavily invested in their legit enterprise, and know to register for many years to come. Thing is with scam sites is they tend to only register for 1 or 2 years. 1 year especially is considered deceptive. They done so 2018/12/13 and have indeed given their site just 1 year to come good. They are already getting good traffic and that is a worry.

The Address Provided is Wancheng International, Yiyang City, Hunan Privince, Yiyang, 41300, CN. That is The Peoples Republic of China. However, are we being misdirected here? Those that got packages will see an address – what does it say? You are welcome to contribute to this article with that piece of info – thank you.

Founder Name is JiaSheng Lin and I have some doubts that is a real name. When you consider the extent potentially of their fraud then a real name is only going to get in trouble that person. But, I have seen this before, where founder name was actually put in the registration, and that man was still walking around freely despite being part one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes in South Africa (?).

Business Phone Number is +86.13922106169. That number is associated with at least one other site that has already closed. 

No Email Address but we can now go to their site to try to locate additional data.

Incredibly, there is no info on an email address. Just a Contact Us page with a form that probably is a phishing form. That is where your email and name is taken under false pretenses for fraudulent purposes. 

Google Searching that number again I can see that there is an email address associated with the Founder Name of Studhefdk@hotmail.com. Has anyone received any communication via that email?




Your Guide To Avoiding A Fake E-Store.

Many complaints online of Facebook users clicking an ad just to be scammed. Complaints seem to fall on deaf ears as Facebook saying that they don’t violate our policies – even though advertiser scam sites are breaking the law. Perhaps their policies need to come up to date in the real world where people are losing cash they just can’t afford to lose.

However, I am not ‘hating’ on Facebook but just wish they had a vetting system in place for advertisers to help their members, who earn them untold fortune, stay safe. So beware of such ads there and elsewhere online by always checking up for reviews. Where too many exist than just be safe and go elsewhere like Amazon.

  • People unlucky enough to click on through to a scam site then you run the unfortunate risk of having your payment info being used for fraudulent purposes. Contact your payment provider they may advise to cancel that car for a new and also seek a refund.
  • Did they give your a receipt? Incredibly sometimes scammers won’t bother or simply forget to give you a receipt. Naturally that will stun people into waking up to their scam and seek out reviews at this point.
  • Taxes Paid on the Order? Yet again I have seen reports online, regarding other scams, that the scammers did not calculate for taxes when taking payment. That is strange alright and another scam sign to boot.
  • Tracking Information is Real or Not? It is not strange to be given a fake tracking number by such sites. That is good evidence for a refund and so do alert your payment provider to that fact to help quicken a successful refund.
  • Support Ignoring You due to Late Order? There will come a time where Support may start to act a little ‘strange’. They may ask you to ‘sympathize’ with them because YOUR order is late. Or ask for ‘understanding and ‘patience’. Trusted companies would never damage their own reputation by having their support staff say such things.
  • Did You Receive Your Order? Those that were fortunate enough to receive ‘anything’ may find their order is not right. Perhaps they sent you a completely different item? Perhaps it is defective or damaged? I would love to hear about that in the comments for those affected by ‘SuperBuy’s’ scam behavior.
  • Nothing Arrive Yet? Common enough is that people will pay good money for no item. Forever it seems support may just keep on sending you the same broken English email. 
  • Have They Charged Your Account More Than Once? Definitely watch out for that as scammers can be brazen enough to possibly try to do this.


‘SuperBuys’ Scam Signs.

As said there are a few clues that can help us to isolate the truth of any site that is selling merchandise. They are as follows and lets see how many they have on their site.

1). In their FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) you will see that they have already processed 200,000 orders since they started. That is indeed very fast work considering they just started 15 days ago (see date of this article). Clearly that is bogus.

2). Their About Us section has generic statements and actually does not say anything about them that lets us know who they are and where they are from. Generic statements help to pack out a site under a false sense of content but never useful when it comes to scam site.

3). Additionally, their About Us section is word-for-word (verbatim!) script from other sites that they are running.

4). Always check the URL of the Social Share Icons, bottom right, and then look to the bottom left of your screen. That info will show you the URL’s destination. I see that all of their icons link by to themselves on their home page. Legit sites don’t do that and they are just icons without any real use. Classic scam sign!

5). Prices are fake shopping sites will give you $100s of off the prices. That is such a huge scam sign that it is nearly the only one you need not to buy from such sites. However, ‘SuperBuy’ has not made that mistake and their prices and reductions seem reasonable.

6). I am sure there are more, but the ones above are severe enough, to warrant you just seeking a refund or not interacting with them at all.



Do You Have A HotBuyVip.com Scam Report / Reviews? You Are Welcome To Leave Your ‘SuperBuy’ Reviews Below In The Comments – Thank You.











Final Thoughts.

They have multiple sites running the same fraud. When older sites get shut down from negative reviews then new sites will replace their illegal earnings. There is no way of knowing how many sites they actually have except by research (sometimes by luck I find them) but also by your reports. Many have been reported to scamwitness.com and all have been exposed where valid. The site under question is going into my sites List of Internet Scammers.

That almost concludes this article. Those with reports about other scam sites are welcome to leave the full URL’s below with an explanation on why you believe they are not legit. Those with additional data not covered here are welcome to leave that as well. All are welcome to rant and gripe about their experience, or perhaps praise the site in question, and be assured I respond to all comments. Below is a brief explanation of my #1 Recommendation for those interested. Those that are not I thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you in the comments.



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2 thoughts on “What Is HotBuyVip.com – Is HotBuyVIP.com Scam or Legit? SCAM ALERT!

  1. Rodolfo Ochoa

    I am a victim of hotbuyvip. Luckily we stop the card after the fact that they took payment. Contacted bank and was informed that since we gave permission was nothing we can do but bite the bullet. Lesson learned. I guess the old saying proves to be true. If it seems to good to be true usually it is. Fool me once but not twice. Be careful people. Its nice to get deals but a 90% mark down is to good to be true. Buy from the store or stick to amazon. Shop safely

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Rodolfo,

      Sorry to hear this Rodolfol and some banks are just plain rubbish. I read reports where other banks have given refunds very fast, some given out after investigation, and others like yours giving out that lame response. You were duped out of cash! That is the whole point of having the option of a refund. I am very disgusted to hear their response and I am very sorry indeed Rodolfo you lost your cash at HotBuyVip.com. Thank you for taking the time to help warn others so now people can see that our conclusion about them is warranted and the threat is very real indeed. ~ Scam Witness.


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