What Is HooKicks.com – Is ‘HooKicks’ Scam or Legit Shoe E-Store?

By | April 13, 2019

What Is HooKicks.com about – Our ‘HooKicks’ Review.

We have found a new store called HooKicks.com, found at www.hookicks.com, and decided to see if they are scam or legit. This short ‘HooKicks’ Review welcomes your reviews below in the comments. For now we can say that there are a few offers by this shoe store that are giving away hundreds of dollars off of the original price. Either, that is a very good deal or a scam.

Let us know your experience with this site to help find out for others if they are safe and trustworthy or a fake site.



scam or legit

Is www.hookicks.com a scam?




What Is HooKicks.com acutally about – Did You Get Your Order?

  • All new sites like HooKicks.com should be considered suspicious until they prove themselves. There appear to be few reports about this as yet. We will look into their founder, biz address and means of contact. They registered their site in 2019/01/10 and one year is all they did this for.
  • One year for a business is a very short time and I am struggling to think of a company, that is legit, that has registered for this length of time. So that could mean we are dealing with a scam site. It could also mean we are dealing with a founder that wants to find out how their biz turns out in the first year or 2. They have of course the means to renew their domain if success is apparent.
  • WHOIS shows us their date. We see an address from PANAMA that is a PO BOX. What biz uses a PO BOX for their business address? So that is suspicious. We do not see a the owners name for this site listed inside that domain. Contact info is not apparent either.
  • ‘HooKicks’ site we see that they have not listed the owners name and we do not see their business address either. So there maybe people that are giving this site their payment details. We do not know the owner, or where they are from, and so that in our view could be a risk.
  • In their ‘ABOUT US’ section we see that the English is a little ‘off’. They are saying that Nike and Addidas are giving them private stock and so is why they are able to be competitive. There is no proof of this as far as I can see.
  • Their site appears to be put together a little haphazard as well, and it is hard to believe that these brand names would associate with a site, that is not that professional looking.




Final Thoughts.

As said, there are few reports online about this site. We are waiting on your reports. Where too many negative reviews come in then we will list them in our List of Internet Scammers. If many good reports surface then we are happy to recommend them.

That concludes this short review on What Is HooKicks.com and looking forward to hearing from you.

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