What Is HonorBuy.com – Is HonorBuy.com Scam or Legit?

By | February 13, 2019

Find Out What Is HonorBuy.com – The ‘HonorBuy’ Review.

You are welcome here as we begin to look into What Is HonorBuy.com at www.honorbuy.com. Is HonorBuy com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is ‘HonorBuy’ a legit, genuine, real and safe? This ‘Honor Buy’ Review may be a scam alert, however, we have noticed a few promising signs that we may indeed be dealing with a site that could be genuine. Those concerned they have been scammed may need to contact your payment provider and put in for a refund. Also, all are welcome to leave your own reviews in the comments below this article.

Many sites that are fake e-stores are coming out of China. Many times, when they are scams, they are happy to send people out shoddy goods, inferior goods, maybe even counterfeit or stolen goods. Of late I have noticed, no matter what the order in some cases, people are only receiving cables or a cheap pair of head phones. Even worse sometimes people could be sent out an empty envelope or empty parcel parcel. And sadly, sometimes nothing is sent out. Let us now see if www HonorBuy com falls into this kind of behavior or if they are safe and legit.





HonorBuy.com Review – What Is ‘HonorBuy’ About – Safe or Risky?

HonorBuy.com seems to be a mixed bag of complaints and very happy customers. Happy reports highly recommend them. Negative reviews are near losing their minds with upset and calling them a scam. However, where there exists more complaints then positive reviews, is then a time to call them a scam. Which is more? Let us now begin our background check on their site to look for owner info, real world location, contact data and registration date. Much can be gleaned from this kind of info…



www.honorbuy.com review.


  1. Registration began 2012/02/03 and the choice to re-register is in 2020/02/03. Scam sites will only ever set up for 1 or 2 years typically. So already we see a very good sign that they may not be scammers. Scammers will only set up for a short amount of time, defraud people, and shut down the site without warnings once reported on too many times, it seems.
  2. So, they are off to a very good start indeed and that is just from the registration date of their site 🙂 .
  3. 14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, US  is an address they have used to register their business. OK, so that address is already in use and usually it seems that legit sites will have their own address. However, I have witnessed seemingly legit sites use such addresses. Generally speaking, that piece of info is not a good sign.
  4. Founder name was not left along with no email contact. These details can be found at WHOIS. And so that is another worrying sign. We have to route through their site now to see if we can find legit info like Founder Name etc. Lets find out…
  5. There is a name of Rachel Tang with an email address of support@honorbuy.com. Phone number of +86 156 2651 9081 seems through up another site using that exact name number. That is a worrying sign and I have to wonder how can two seemingly separate companies be using the same number. OK, another sign that something maybe wrong here. But, that is not enough to call them a scam, in my view.
  6. Just because there are bad sites pouring out of China like an avalanche we still must be careful not to call, potentially good sites, scam sites.
  7. There is no address left on their site that either is easy to find. That is not a good sign. Let us now take a look at any scam signs that may alert us to a fake site, if any.





Business Details and ‘HonorBuy’ Scam Signs.

  • Bottom of their site I can see they have not updated their sites date. It is stuck in 2013. I suppose that is something that can be easy to forget to do especially if you are running what could be a busy selling site.
  • I see phones with brand name of ‘Xiaomi’ and yet, bottom of their site to the right, it says “Not endorsed or sponsored by Xiaomi Inc“. At least they are honest about that because fake sites will next to never say this. So, where are they getting these brand name phones from if not from the brand name manufacture? Does this imply they are selling similar products but not the products they are promoting?
  • Just found an identical site to the one already mentioned here. Typically where yous see copies of sites then that is another scam sign. That site is called HonorBuy.it. Usually legit sites will leave links on their existing sites to make their traffic aware of those sites. 
  • Original Mi Headphones Comfort Easy Version was $49.99 and reduced to $29.99. That is quite a big reduction, and so where we see what could be called too-good-to-be-true prices,  is something to watch out for.
  • And so when I tried to check out those headphones, the price went from $29.99 to $61.99 – ouch! I know that shipping from China is heavily subsidized by the Government there for exports. That is a huge increase, in my view, and certainly takes away from the original price offer.
  • Another thing to think about before making purchases with them is that there are no Trust Seals. Trust Seals from the likes of McAffee, Norton etc, lets us know that their network has been checked for spam, phishing and scams. Also, how do we now know you information is actually save with the owner of that site. For me, too much is on ‘faith’ with such sites. 
  • +86 is certainly the country code for China. As said, we can’t hold that against potentially good sites, and so let us now finish up this article.



However, are they are scam or not?!






Final Thoughts.

The online reports from TrustPilot are very interesting. In many cases people are happy indeed with the product and service received. In other cases people are calling them a bad site. However, they have more good reports then not and so I am not justified to call them a scam site. Surely by now there is enough info here to help you decide for yourself?

But, I will say, should something go wrong then the reports do imply that you are left to your own devices where reports say, once they paid for the return, did not get anything. This is why they are a mixed bag for me and so the choice is yours. What has your experience been? Why not let us know below to help others come to their own decision.


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I hope that article has made you clear for yourself whether to purchase from them or not. Those with information on sites that are scams, or suspected of being fake, are welcome to REPORT ALL ONLINE SCAMS HERE. Reviews, views, opinions, complaints and positive reviews on the site in question are very welcome below. I respond to all comments in good time and so don’t worry that you will not receive a reply. That is all for now on What Is HonorBuy.com and looking forward to your comments to come.


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