What Is HommyShop.com – Is ‘HommyShop’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

By | May 19, 2019

Is HommyShop.com Trustworthy – Our ‘HommyShop’ Customer Review Guide.

Welcome to our short review about HommyShop.com. Is HommyShop com safe and trustworthy or scam and not legit? This review seeks to answer that question. They started online in 2018 and they caught our eye on social media when they misspelled their own site name. That was careless but hardly grounds to say ‘scam’. 

Those with customer reviews about this website are invited to leave your reviews below in the comments. These reviews will go along way in helping to understand if they are fraudulent or a really good online store. This way we can weed out the bad ones and highlight the good stores.







HommyShop.com – Real Customer Reviews Welcome Here.

We are now going to look for standard information that legit sites will have and easy to locate. Who is the founder of HommyShop.com? Address and contact information can be located? Have they falsified their address or other details. Plus, when did they register their site.

WHOIS displays the registration date of 2018/01/30 and that was for 3 years. Not that long to want to invest in your business but one or two years is even more suspicious. They have listed Vilnius, LT, as their location. Not a complete address and when we see that then we start to get worried.

No founder name in WHOIS. OK, within their site we have the details of:-

MB "Homiteka"

J. Savickio 4, Vilnius Lithuania

VAT: LT100011964612




We have not found any significant scam reports attached to that information. When sites are scams typically it can be even too easy to locate reports detailing they are not trustworthy. This is not the case here, which of course, is a good sign.

Their goods do not contain crazy and unrealistic discounts, though I admit, I do not know the cost of those garments without researching them all. 




Final Thoughts.

As said, there are hardly any reports about them online. One report was happy and the other was not happy at all. So, 1 good and 1 bad. What is your opinion of this site. Personally, they seem not to possess the very common hall marks of a scam site. I could be wrong and hope not.

Your customer reviews will shine more light about this site in the comments, where I ask you to spare a few moments, to share what you know.

Thank you kindly for coming by to know more about What Is HommyShop.com. Looking forward to hearing from you and others below.




2 thoughts on “What Is HommyShop.com – Is ‘HommyShop’ Scam or Legit E-Store?

  1. Judith E. Kristoff

    I purchased a coat for 85$ from this company. When it arrived, it was very poor quality material. There is no phone number to call and no address provided for returns. I emailed the company to get the address to return the item and they sent an automated reply that the address would be sent within 2 days. It was not sent. I am not at all happy with this company and will never order anything from them again! I’m sure I’m just out $85!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Put in for a refund and be sure to cancel that card for a new one to avoid scammers from accessing your funds without permission. Thank you for taking the time to report on HommyShop.com Judith. Here to assist if needed.


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