What Is HomeBaseWork.Net – Is HomeBaseWork.Net Scam or Legit?

By | October 21, 2018

What Is HomeBaseWork.Net and is it a Real Work From Home Website? What Is HomeBaseWork.in – Both Exposed.

Have you stumbled across these websites? What Is HomeBaseWork.Net and also What Is HomeBaseWork.in? They are the scammer owned sites with many complaints surfaced and surfacing. Is HomeBaseWork Net fake, scam, crooked, dishonest or Is Home Base Work Net genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This HomeBaseWork Review is about to alert this websites readers on the truth about both of these sites. The offers on their website I recognize as all typical work from home scams. There are too many contradictions within their offers as well. The English/Grammar is off, telling me, that they are an overseas scam network and not from where they have their business address listed. Below is the research to help you decide for yourself.

While there is very little doubt these sites are both fraudulent, there are ways to make a living online, for the long term. It is not true that all offers online are scam. It only seems like that when you bump into too many online scams. For those interested in becoming their own boss you may want to check out my #1 Recommendation. You are given 2 Free Websites, 20 Free Training Videos and they don’t even ask for credit card details. Long term goal for long term financial success – not for lazy people. Premium Options but quicker success but not mandatory.




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What Is HomeBaseWork.Net and also Answering Fully What Is HomeBaseWork.in – Full Review.

Lets Get Into It! We have already stated the answer to What Is HomeBaseWork.Net and we have also given you the quick answer to What Is HomeBaseWork.in. To be clear, both of these sites are owned by the same crook/crooks and they both never pay out. To establish these assertions as true then we must begin to see if there are any legit own info.

HomeBaseWork Net was created 11/10/2013 and has the brazen nerve to last as long as 2019 – same date! Usually scam sites shut down within 1 or 2 years – 2 years is a very long time for a fake site to be running. This tells me that they are getting good traffic and worth their while despite an avalanche of complaints, with one Google search.


HomeBaseWork.Net Site



The scammers name is not listed so he or she can avoid jail time if they were caught. Their scam is a serious deed of fraud behavior. Their listed address is 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA, 01803, US.

That address is s a complete lie. Since both of these sites are owned by the same person or person, all we have to do is to check the address submitted for HomeBaseWork. In. The Dot ‘In’ version was created 25/08/2011 and meant to have shut down in 2018 same date. The Address submitted was Uttar Pradesh, IN – Clearly those addresses don’t match.

And since the work from home offer is identical, though the sites template is dissimilar, we can say the scammer is intentional hiding all identity and submitting false info. For this, I lay complete responsibility to those who are paid for these registrations but don’t make sure they are NOT dealing with scammer sites. What would happen if we were enabling criminality? We’d be arrested!!






Work From Home Offer and How They Scam You.

HomeBaseWork.Net is Fraudulent!

Their work offers are:-

Part Time Jobs

Blogger, App Builder, Tutor, Freelance Make Up Artist, Travel Agent – All jobs you could find out how to do on your own.

Work From Home Jobs –

Their work from home offers say you don’t need investment (lie!). What business you know that can start up without spending a penny? Sorry, but that is reality and so how is revenue generated if people are working for free to help you earn. 

They proceed to generically list the advantages to these work from home jobs. However, there are no companies listed to apply to. Bogus.

Copy and Paste Jobs –

For copying and pasting 100 times to Social Media you are paid $10. They further say more crazy stuff that you can earn $1500 per month for this low skilled easy work that even a child can do. There is no money being generated for such work and only increases the traffic flow to their site from a free work force. Again, I don’t see any companies listed that you would be doing these jobs for.

They also describe this copy and paste jobs as “No Pleasure” – how does that even make sense to say something like that? Scammers will say weird things as clues they are not legit. This is so those that are not alerted by such odd statements, are then considered, an easy mark.

Jobs Near Me – 

Another section that waffles on for ages but does not list any companies near ‘you’ to apply to. Just ignore it and it is only to waste your time and to give a sense of well researched content on their site. No legit website speaks so vaguely and not supplies opportunities when spoke so much on. Does not make any sense.

Form Filling – 

As if the above is too unbelievable for you, they are offering $9000 a month for form filling! That is absurd. These forms take less than a minute to fill out and only takes up 1 hour of your day. Please, this article is hoping to inject more need common sense on why they are nothing but a fake scammer site.

It takes time to build something online. Take this website – its taken time to build up its reputation. Its also taken time to for it to earn. However, earnings increase month by month and that is recurring for as long as I personally stay motivated – I can tell you right now, it takes years of dedication to work up to 9K A MONTH! Very few can do it. Actually, 90% of bloggers never earn a cent. Of the 10% that do, only 3% make big money online for life – 9K a month for filling forms is just laughable!!

Ad Posting Job –

This is the most nonsensical scam offered yet! Something about posting ads. Sales from those ads, then you earn. You earn $1-$2 per click leading to a sale or just for the click, I don’t know, its garbled. Anyways, the are saying you can earn up to $5000 a month. For posting ads on Social Media. That is the same as Copy and Paste Section. Completely and yet there are no options to apply to for such high paying work for such low skilled efforts.

Have you ever met anyone online, offline, that is getting that kind of money for mostly twiddling their thumbs and posting a few ads daily? Let me know because that sounds a lot easier then running a high traffic website on your own.

Whatsapp Jobs – 

Same as Copy and Paste and Ad Posting Job – but only using your mobile. Do you see now how they are just repeating themselves? They are repeating themselves to make it seem you have many options to choose from, when really, there are none.

Offline Data Entry – 

This one made me chuckle, that is the truth. They say you don’t need internet connection for this job. You have to download some forms, fill them out, and then post them into the fake company. So, if you don’t need internet connectionhow on Earth are you to download these documents?!

More nonsense. They say you can be paid $1 to $2 per documents and they accept a 15% error margin. So, if they were receiving mails of documents, each with about 15% errors contained therein, then it would not pay them to correct 100’s to 1000’s of documents. Actually, it would be quicker for them to do it themselves! Another part of their fake job offers that makes no sense.





Online Data Entry – 

Apparently, you can earn between $1 to $3 for just 25 to 30 lines for that earning. That is nonsense. They promise $6000 a month and really that level of low work ethic is not generating anything at all. Yet again, I don’t see any companies on their site posted looking for participants for any of their job offers. Its all bogus!

I also see that their sections have comments enabled. People are STILL asking for work offers, and please don’t leave your names and emails at HomeBaseWork.Net or on HomeBaseWork.in.




Scam Threats and How They Are Earning Money From You.

HomeBaseJob Scam

All names, emails, DOB’s, addresses, band details, PayPal Details etc will probably be put onto a list. This is common with scam sites. So, this list, once it is packed full of participants legit info will be sold online to the highest bidders. These bidders are professional online scammers. They will use your info to target you for future scams. If you fell one for then its like you will fall for another, that is their thinking.

This is very big, easy, quick and illegally earned money for fraudulent sites. It happens all the time. 


Scam Signs.

No Legit Companies Listed.

I know I have said this already. But if you look bottom left you will see something called ‘CLASSIFIEDS’. Click on it and you will see a job description. It all looks very legit and professional. Now, you have an ‘APPLY’ option. You click on it and then they say you must apply through their sites email address.

That is Nonsense! That is probably only a phishing form i.e. form that is not what it appears and only maybe trying to harvest your personal data. We have covered already what happens with that info.

Huge Complaints.

HomeBaseWork.in has nothing but complaints online. Actually, the complaints are so bad its pretty much the first thing Google will display to you once you Google that site. And since the owner is the same for both, then it is only a matter of time, before that also gets complaints.

Poor English/Grammar.

Both of their sites have contradictory addresses, even though those sites are by same scammer. Poor English/Grammar is a classic sign that we are dealing with an overseas scammer.

No Address Listed!

LEGIT COMPANIES WILL ALWAYS HAVE A BUSINESS ADDRESS LISTED ON THEIR SITES! It is one of those scam signs that is usually very reliable to tell you something is not right.

How Are They Earning Money From People?

Advertisements! The more people that visit their site then the more money that site is earning. As mentioned, I am very suspicious that they may also be earning money from selling on your personal data as well.







Were You Scammed By Their Site(s). Report Them Below. Another Site You Have A Story On? All Reports Will Be Research And Exposed – Where Valid.





Final Thoughts.

They are generating free money from website visitors. As stated, I believe they are harvesting personal data to be sold on for a significant profit, depending on how bit a list they have or can make. Don’t submit your details to that site at all! They are a revamped scam that has its roots way back to 2011 and still going strong. Please report on them below and share this article to help protect others online.

For those that have questions, opinions, stories or reports on What Is HomeBaseWork.Net, and also, What Is HomeBaseWork.In are welcome to place those below. I will respond to all as they come in. Don’t forget, you free start up online to earn money from home is from my #1 Recommendation. Why to learn to work for yourself instead of risking your time, efforts and potentially money with other sites? Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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