What Is HomeApShop.com – Is HomeApShop.com Scam or Legit Store?

By | November 10, 2018

What Is HomeApShop.com – What Is KitchenShe and What Is HomeAp.SE?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Welcome and thank you for clicking on this article 🙂 . So, those that are asking What Is HomeApShop.com (www.homeapshop.com), Is HomeApShop com fake, dishonest, crooked, scam, fake online purchase store? Or is HomeApShop good, real, genuine, safe, legit and trusted? This Home Ap Shop Review can start by saying they are known as KitchenShe seem to be running a high quality house hold goods online store. However, behind the glossy exterior of their site I can tell you that they are not legit. My research below is for your consideration to save you losing your cash to scam artists!

To determine if an online store is legit or not then do take a quick look at the prices. Therein lies your first clue. If the products are high end appearing, which they certainly look like they are on HomeApShop, and the prices are far too low (which they are at Kitchen She) then that is a good sign that something is wrong.



The Whole Truth On What Is HomeApShop.com, KitchenAp.SE – Identical Scam Sites Alert!

But more than this, I find these sites leave a MAJOR SCAM SIGN CLUE! They say something like “70% DISCOUNT PLUS FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY!” – WHAT! WHAT! Where and how are they earning any money when they have to pay to buy the product themselves, or have them manufactured, then have that merchandise transported to their stores. Then they have to pay inventory holding costs, depreciation costs if merchandise does not sell quick enough, and also storage damage (that happens) and thefts (and that also happens, unfortunately). 


NO! No one is selling those items on their site with 70% Discount Plus Free Shipping and still be a good and safe site to buy from. Do Take a look at the image below:-


HomeApShop.com Site





HomeAp.Se Site



Clearly something drastically is wrong here. The top image is Home Ap Shop. The Second Image is HomeAp.SE. Duplicate sites is a major scan sign warning not to buy from such sites. The reason scammers set up multiple sites is because they tend to get a bad reputation very fast. So they set up new ones all the time to replace the old ones that may shut down in mere months.

You may Google What Is HomeAp.co and you will see bad reports on that site. That site is identical to the two images of the sites above which are pretending to be stand-alone legit online purchase stores. In actual fact the scammers are copying a good and trusted online store called KitchenAid.com! You can click there to see that they are legit, and if you contact them to ask them if they gave permission for the above sites to sell their stuff, I have zero doubt they would say yes.

KitchenAid.com sells all manner of appliances from dishwashers, cookers, kitchen ware, culinary tools, ermm major appliances and anything to do with kitchen stuff like that. They are high quality products and their website has had their style and images been ripped off by the cyber-crooks behind the sites under question!!




How The Scam Works.

Obviously you probably know that you wont’ get your product. But also, there is additional data where sites that say they do deliver but there are a few catches. So HomeApShop has a ton of complaints online of no item being delivered. That is after the person has paid their money to buy the item. Actually, I see that there are well over 100 reports online of people saying they card is being charged multiple times!

Some have had to cancel their card in order not to lose anymore money. You should definitely file a dispute with your bank, get them to investigate these charges and once they see that you have been ripped off, they should give you a refund. Its the same with PayPal, or any payment processor you used, to get your cash back. 

Some sites are brazen enough to advertise high end products but then deliver something far inferior. They are quick to charge your card first, take that payment, and then mess you around. Support is not responding to anyone on at Home Ap Shop, Home Ap SE and they continue like business as normal, despite the online complaints. Its coming close to the holidays and so they know, if they pump out their links on social media (Please Watch Out For Facebook Fake Online Purchase Advertisements and Also On Twitter and Instagram!) and they will or may still pull in significant traffic to scam.

And since their sites, lets face it, look very professional because they helped them selves to KitchenAid.com’s excellent website ideas and products, they are indeed convincing. Despite reports, after having landed on their site, I had to do my own research because fake sites don’t normally like this professional. So, that is another reason why I believe they could continue to cause serious damage going forward.



Need More Proof They Are A Scam?

Detecting More Scam Signs

The Closer You Look…

Let us first take a look at the founder to find further proof that we are dealing with a corrupt website. When any site online registers their website then they have to leave some legit and identifying information on who owns the site. I mean they are selling real world products, and if so, then people want to know who they are buying them off of. 

There is no name attached to their site at website registration. Their address is 6 Thornes Office Park Monckton Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Great Britain. KitchenAids products, that are being displayed on these fake sites, are being sold in the USA as that is where they are based where you will see that real and legit address on their site. 

Even worse to come, if we Google their address as mentioned above from Great Britain, we will see that the address belongs to a Confidential UK Mail Box Website! That means they are paying that website to have a UK Address to have their mail sent their and re-directed to the scammers! You can click HERE to see the website and the exact address, that they have registered at WHOIS as their real world business address, but to easy to disprove as real. 

Its not uncommon for scammers to buy a forwarding mail box address from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia in order to win some trust with unwary customers. Its actually a well practiced and old trick and one I see being pulled all the time with scammers.









Report Them Below If They Stole From You.

They are not the only fake online purchase stores we have to steer clear of either, and if anyone comes across HobbiLaunch.com, FarmZily.com, CoolWallet.Club, Escapes Mall (fake holiday site) etc should avoid them at all costs.





Final Thoughts.

I first encountered HomeAp.co – then I bumped into copies of it. The .co version is now closed. A review of one is a review of them all. They are doing real damage online. They look and operate the same and don’t deliver any product, despite taking payments and sometimes multiple payments, they just ignore people and that is the scam in a nut shell. This article is looking for information that might be able to expose the owners of these fake sites. Should you know then you are welcome to leave that information in the comments below.

Maybe you still have some questions on What Is HomeApShop.com? You are welcome to ask below and I will be happy to assist, especially in the case of the scam sites just exposed, because I have seen the reports of how damaging they can be. But also, not only can I advise about online scams but also on how to earn online. Those that are interested are welcome to take a look at how I earn online HERE or click the image below. Thank you all for stopping by and look forward to all of your comments to come. 


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