HeMoney.Club – Is HeMoney.Club Scam or Legit Paid to Click Site?

By | September 25, 2018

Paid Advertising Viewing System HeMoney. Club Exposed!

Dark Deeds afoot with HeMoney. Club (www.hemoney.club)! Those asking What Is HeMoney, is HeMoney Club fake, fraudulent, scam or is He Money Club genuine, real, legit, safe may be disappointed to know they are a fraudulent in this HeMoney Review. Founder this Paid to Click site has been operating since 2014 and have thousands of these fake sites online. They are a Russian Scam Network that never pays out to anyone. There is more to it than that though. Read this short article to be warned of the hidden dangers that could be scraping your device right now for your sensitive data.

There is not a way I can promote or endorse HeMoney as good and legit because they are a clear fraud in my eyes. I will soon explain why this is so. Those that are looking for something real, and willing to work for online success instead of ‘clicking’ all day for fake monies, are welcome to have a read HERE on how to start online and for free. Alternatively, you can check out my #1 choice platform called Wealthy Affiliate for Free right HERE! No cc to begin. Two free websites and thousands of dollars free starter training.


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HeMoney. Club – The Thousands of Paid To Click Viral Scams!

HeMoney. Club is only 1 site out of 1470 in English. They are made in Russian and German also. Operators remain unknown since 2014. Only ever complaints of no payouts and never any proof of payment promises made on any of their site. 

Website credentials reveal there is no founder name attached to HeMoney. Fake Address and they were created 23/09/2018 and set to expire in 1 year from that date. Scam sites will only ever register for 1 or 2 years and disappear with all the cash. This is a good indicator of a false site, but only of sites that offer paid work from home, not to blogger sites. I say this as there can be confusion on this issue with some readers.

What work do they offer?

They offer everyone the chance to sit around all day and get conned! But, they say they are offering legit paid to click online jobs are huge payouts. Let us take in some perspective here. 10c a click is actually a joke and would send any online business into debt. So called legit PTC sites only pay out like fractions of a cent, such is the low value work of ‘click’ on ads all day. So, 10c a ‘click’ is not real. 


The daily earnings reflect the habits of all scam sites where they exaggerate the earnings claim. They have a table of payouts to fake members. No proof ever of this. Their TERMS and CONDITIONS is in Russian, which is a reliable clue as to where they are from. $4800 for viewing 1000 ads is not real either.

If that was real we would see Google flooded with reviews and comments and testimonies how people are buying sports cars and houses from that kind of money. All I ever see are questions of how to cash out and of being scammed out of money.

How is Money Generated?

So money is being generated by the sites activities as done by the free work force of its unwary members. Those believing to earn so much for so little are taken full advantage of. Real advertisers are paying some money to the sites owner, and every time you click or any actions on their site, they site is paid by the advertiser. Not much, but it definitely is not shared with you. Consider also, advertisers can spend $5 and can achieve about 250 clicks to their advertisements. So would they suddenly pay 10 per click for so many less of them? Naturally, they would not.

Hidden Dangers?

Before we even get to the point of how they are scamming you out of money, here are a few things to watch out for, should you still be on their scam site.

Beware of malware downloads that maybe searching your browsers for saved passwords. Also, such malware could be on the hunt for Bank Details and passwords, social media passwords, names, DOB’s, driver license number, home address, office address and everything the greedy scammers can get their hands on. Here is  Why…

Big Data is Profitable!

All we do online is called ‘Big Data’. Our actions are linked up to our identity online which includes our sensitive data. Even recently, the platform known as Quora, wanted too much personal data from me for me to post to their site. I basically told them to sod off! DON’T HAND OVER YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO ANYONE ONLINE IN EXCHANGE TO USE ANY SITES SERVICES!!! You really want your whole life stored on some super computer somewhere in the world archived forever? Have sense and be cautious. Even well known sites like Facebook were caught out selling our data for profit.

Is their site even Legal?

No, it is a scam site. They are luring in people under false pretenses, manipulating them into working, and then keeping all the profits generated from such work.


They encourage all members to spam their affiliate link all over the internet. Those that are excessive, and bring in untold numbers that lose money, could be chased down by the law. Better to stop sharing that link, as you won’t get paid anyways, and share this article instead to warn others.




Final Thoughts.

Its up to you, but I would stay away from HeMoney! They will waste your time by making you think you are earning monies for actions you execute on their site. They will ask you for a cash out fee of about $20. Once paid you are done for. You will never see that money again and since we don’t know the founders name there is no way of catching up him/her/them. You have been warned…

Have questions on HeMoney. Club? You can ask me in the comments section. Know of another of their scam sites – report them below. Those interested in making money properly and professionally online are welcome to read about Wealthy Affiliate and what it offers. Thank you all for supporting my sites efforts to raise awareness of scam sites online. Don’t forget, you can collect your free starter WA account right HERE – no cc to begin.


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