What Is HaveGoodGoods.Shop – ‘HaveGoodGoods’ Scam or Legit Review

By | May 22, 2019

Beware of HaveGoodGoods.Shop – Same Cyber-Crooks Own Many E-Store Scams.

Good going for looking out for HaveGoodGoods.Shop Reviews. They are not a legit store and only a scam. So you already know What Is ‘HaveGoodGoods’. The rest of this article is only to warn you why they are not legit. But also, do not purchase from Clipzio, LifeSpace.Shop, DepotRocket.com, MicoBlue.com, ClareLeo.Shop and the list is yet to be exposed is more than I have time. 

Not to worry. We will provide you with the achilles heel of their scam network that will help alert you to their fraudulent sites. It is in their ‘ABOUT US’ section where they speak of our ‘UNIQUENESS’. In part, or in full, the wording is the same. We have exposed many of their past sites and so we recognize these cyber-crooks in seconds.







HaveGoodGoods.Shop Review.

  • People that have customer reviews of HaveGoodGoods.Shop are welcome to leave those in the comments. We always ask others to leave their own experiences because it really will help so many people from having their cash stolen and time wasted. 
  • So we can see from WHOIS their site was registered in 2018/10/22 for just a year. They renewed their domain in 2019/04/23. A business that is new for just one year? They have not left who the founder is and not even a full address. Now, clearly, that is not a complete address. Watch out for proxy addresses and incomplete addresses. Usually indicative of ‘someone’ expertly hiding their real identity.
  • Speaking of which, NO FOUNDER NAME ANYWHERE ONLINE! This is most grossly deceptive behavior. Why? Who is it you are giving your payment information to? We must know for sure whom we are trust with our personal finances. 
  • Cyber-crooks can willy-nilly dip your accounts and help themselves to some of your hard earned cash. So that is why this is a crucial point when making purchases online. Also, whatever address they leave on their sites then it is always different than whatever address they leave at site registration.
  • This conflict of location is another typical scam sign to watch out for. Why are they being so mysterious about who they are and where they are from?
  • Of course, we know there are times when e-stores founders are working from home legitimately and honestly. In this even they do not have to let the World where they are living for obvious reasons. But at least let everyone know that is what you are doing so have some kind of certificate attesting as such from a legit and authoritative site.
  • We can see that the prices at these sites are too-good-to-be-true. We can easily compare those product prices anywhere else online and see if they are near the average price range. However, it is not uncommon for fake sites to shave off $$$’s to garner sales for illegal earnings.
  • In this case you may not receive any goods, shoddy goods, inferior goods, wrong items and really it could be anything from cheap headphones to USB cables. All bad  news. 
  • Did you notice that they are not HTTPS? Where sites are only ‘HTTP’ that means they are not secure to send data over their network. This means you personal information could be swiped by hackers with the Man In The Middle Attack. This is only where when you send you data packets, like personal information such as your banking data, these ‘packets’ are intercepted, decrypted, data stolen, re-encrypted and so sender and receiver has no clue what has just occurred.





Final Thoughts.

The link reviews left at the beginning of this short review will contain additional information as we do not see necessary to keep on repeating. The purpose of this article is to warn you and point you to that research. 

For some, you know already from experience they are not legit and so you are welcome to help inform others. We look forward to hearing from you below in the comments regarding HaveGoodGoods.Shop or any of the sites mentioned here. Those with suspicions on other sites are welcome to leave their full URL’s for us to expose. They are now going into our List of Internet Scammers




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