What Is #hatebetter Campaign about? – Find Out More Here

By | May 17, 2019

#hatebetter Campaign – What Is The Meaning Of This?

First off, we are not taking sides in this debate on What Is #hatebetter but merely seeking to understand a recent ad poster. This ad shows a lady with hands on her whereby nothing is worn or very little. The people touching her appear to be painted black hands. What the is going on here? What is the message the artist is trying to convey? Is this an anti racist campaign? A statement of women’s freedom? Lets find out more.

Others say that it is very bad taste and even calling this image ‘disgusting’. Personally, I am surprised at the attention this #hatebetter campaign is receiving and we hope you add your own views about this hash tag below in the comments. 







What Others Are Saying About #HateBetter Campaign.

OK, so let us find out more what others are saying about this #hatebetter campaign. We will cite our sources as we go through this short article. Remember, our aim is not to take sides but merely to compile research easily accessible online into one forum for discussion, therefore, such discussions that occur are not necessarily endorsed by the founder of scamwitness.com.

Having taken a closer look at this picture from adland.tv we can see that the hands are painted in grease it appears, and as quoted by that site. We can not show this image as it may be too indecent for our younger audience.

We can know right now image has evoked some pretty interesting reactions from people globally. Some negative and really too negative, in my view, to repeat. Other views, perhaps not so negative, declare a piece of art with a more positive message

Others are saying it is down right racist to depict this image in the fashion it has done so. Clearly, we can see many view points coming to the fore front. Lets look elsewhere online to see what others are saying.



WhosIs Katarina Stegna?

Katarina Stegna is an artist from Slovenia and is credited for this image that has caused such an uproar on social media. Are people simple misinterpreting this poster? Your views on this I personally would be interested to know.

Per thegrio.com, they are saying that others are interpreting this poster as an anti racist campaign whereby people are not judged based on color. 


Here Is What Katarina Stegna Had To Say About Her Poster:-


“The regulation of female sexuality lies at the core of all patriarchal politics.

Regardless of whether we are discussing the wearing of burkas, banning abortion or the demonization of female pleasure. It ends now.

No means no. I will not allow my body to be exploited for any political agenda”

“I am the mistress of my pleasure. I will do with my body as I please, where I please and with whomever I please.

I love my Slovenian boyfriend, whether he is black, yellow, white, red or all the colors of the rainbow.”

I sincerely hope that has answered your questions and also cleared up any possible confusion 🙂 .




Final Thoughts.

Do you still have questions about what we have written here today? You are welcome to ask in the comments where my self, or someone else, will do our best to help you. Please be respectful or your comment will not be approved. That is all on What Is #hatebetter and its meaning and hope it diffuses any possible misunderstandings. Thank you for coming by and looking forward to hearing from you and others in the comments below.




2 thoughts on “What Is #hatebetter Campaign about? – Find Out More Here

  1. Tracy Aplin

    My opinion is that she can exploiting her own body which is her right of course but does little to get the message across to men specifically not to exploit women’s bodies, esp after all the comments by men simply enjoying the poster because of her naked body and not giving a toss about the message. Why couldn’t she at least just wear panties??!!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Tracy for your opinion regarding this #hatebetter campaign and also for opening up this discussion.


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