HaMoney.Club – What Is HaMoney.Club, Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 2, 2018

HaMoney. Club – The Paid Advertising Viewing System Network Explained.

HaMoney. Club (www.hamoney. club) is part of a Paid Advertising Viewing System Network spanning many countries and defrauding many people! Is HaMoney Club fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or is Ha Money Club genuine, real, legit, good and how do you cash out? This is the first and only HaMoney Review to answer all those questions quickly but also in detail for those interested. Ultimately, they will never pay you – they are a scam site! I will prove this to you by trying to find owner ID, cross checking website credentials and why their 10c a click offer is not real. And of curse, how they wish to scam you.

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www.hamoney. club website.HaMoney. Club, as mentioned, is part of a much larger network and is only 1 site of 1522 other near identical copies online. They are registered for only 1 year and some will shut down or be re-directed to another in less time. Usually, they are producing about 2 dozen ever few weeks. I have exposed hundreds of them by now. Let us at least try to find out who owns the site – but, no legit details are ever listed.

Their site was made 28/09/2018 but their Paid Advertising Viewing System Network has been running since 2014. As expected there is no founder name. The business address is simply ‘PANAMA’ – that is obviously an incomplete address and I am always surprised that hosting companies allow scam site owners to add so little identifying details. These are signs of identity cover up, as on their website, there are no identifying details either. When the site closes then the owner can take all the money and may never be caught.

What is the work they offer?

HaMoney.Club Exposed!

It is ten cents per code filled and ad viewed. Members are said to have the opportunity to get about $300 in profits a day. In all my time exposing these sites there are only complaints of no payouts and of people being ripped off for time and even money. So, they are a paid to click site that is not real. All paid to click sites, in my opinion, are a complete waste of time. I always recommend people learn How to Make Money Blogging instead. You could make a site that earns you at least $100 a day and that is for the long term! HaMoney even says that you could earn up to $4800 a month for 1000 clicks – all fake. 

Why is 10c a click not real?

Advertisers are not stupid and want to get as many clicks as possible for their money. For just $5 advertisers can earn very close to 200 clicks and even 250 clicks for that amount. Whey then would they pay $5 for just 50 clicks? Well, they would not as HaMoney is just lying through their teeth. The economics do not add up at all.

Phishing and Malware – what you really need to know about their scam!

Aside from just wasting your time, and trying to steal your money, they may have downloaded some malware to your device that is hunting for sensitive data on you. Such data could be your full name, home address, DOB, car registration and everything at all that identifies you. You should never save your passwords to your browser, that is probably the first place the software will look. Keep instead a notepad for your passwords.

They are hoping, when you first sign up, you use your main email address. Scam artists know that most people will use the same password for pretty much all of their online accounts. This is really bad news if you used your main email address as they maybe able to find out your passwords with their malware. You should have 9 different passwords across all of your accounts and that is recommended by industry professionals for online security. Therefore they are also a phishing site. Multiple threats all hiding behind their fake work from home offer.

Big Data – more threats.

Continuing from the above point, when a site like theirs ha amassed a big enough list of members private details, they will seek to sell on all those details to scammers on the deep web. This is highly profitable for scam sites to do this and earn big and easy money.

How they Scam You.

Now, we will get into how they will try to trick money out of you. You will notice the minimum is set to $300 and that is a very high pay out threshold. It should only be about $100 and much lower even. The reason why they set it so high is because it gives you more time to do more free work and therefore generating their site more money. Every click does indeed earn them some real money.

Anyways, once you have achieved the pay out limit then you have to fill out a form. Then another form and then you will be hit with the 40 referrals trick!


Nowhere on their site do you see this condition of having to make 40 referrals. This is hard work and will make you wast hours and hours referring new people to their site. They will even try to sell you those referrals and that may cost you about $9 and sometimes. That is just one way to get money out of you.

$20 Processing Fee Lie.

Once you make those referrals they will want about $20 to process your earnings to your account. Again, pure nonsense and just another way to get money out of you. Assuming you complete those steps, you are simply booted off of their platform. That is the gist of their scam and I welcome all of your reports below in the comments section.




Final Thoughts.

I noticed today they have created even more sites and Ha Money is just one of them. They won’t ask you to confirm your email address. They will manipulate you into working for them for free and earning only themselves a profit. You maybe at risk from being phished and targeted in the future by other scammers. Use a different email address or just ignore emails from senders you don’t know. They are a thriving scam and your reports are badly needed to help get them shut down sooner. Thank you.

Have Questions on HaMoney. Club? You can ask me below. Need a real online business opportunity? See links left through out this article or get your Free Starter Account HERE. Thank you for stopping by and looking forward to your comments below.


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