‘Gympharmv’ Reviews – Is Gympharmv.com Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | August 5, 2020



What Is ‘GymPharmv’ – Our Gympharmv.com Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to our ‘Gympharmv’ review all about Gympharmv.com and we have received a report they are using the email of Topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com. Just checked – and YUP, they are a scam site. All e-stores using that email are fraudulent. We are very tired from sending out warnings about these scam shops using Topcustomerservice088@hotmail.com. Put in for a refund if necesary. Please report all such sites to our
List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 2000+ 2020 / 2021 Section for review.

All customer reviews about any site using that email are welcome in the comments. We just need the full URL. Feel free to tell us your issues with ‘Gympharmv’ also as we do not expect they will send out what you paid for.

Time to share our review about the site in question and see the comments for real customer reviews. If there are no reviews right now then why not try again later, or better still, add your own to help better inform others.



www.gympharmv.com was registered on 2020-06-17 for just one year. That is not a good sign typically to see new e-stores for one year. This may indicate that they have no interest in being around for the long term i.e. a hit and run scam site.

We see there is no valid business information within WHOIS.com, a site that houses reg info about websites, and so why are they hiding that info? 

Actually, .they do this all the time as all scammers do. If we do find some names and addresses then they never check out. All we are doing from now on is giving our visitors the gist of the scam.

You may enter the email we have mentioned into our site search engine top right and you will find the most recent articles about these scams.

‘Gympharmv’ website name actually makes zero sense. When we are dealing with genuine companies they tend to use words that give the pre-visitor an idea what their site is about. 

We see also that their Facebook Icon is not going to anything to do with them on social media. That is very common with scammers also.

Their ‘CONTACT US’ section is blank and that alone speaks volumes.

No name, phone number, business address are all absent. There is no proof present on their site that they are in any way affiliated with the products they are advertising – legally that is.

They simply steal the images of other vendors, or from other scammers as we have seen in the past, and slash the prices like it is some kind of special event.

Never give out your payment info to a site that has no information like this. Especially when they are new no matter how nice their site looks like.

Yarmatz.com, Unhumroh.com are the most recent ones using that email address that we have exposed yesterday. We have listed out all their active sites, but its an old article now, within our Demerkuri.com.

The emails also current in this scam network are Support@oxborder.com, Sarah1@aipeck.com, Sarah@aipeck.com, Service1@vinayotap.com which runs all the way up to Service20@vinayotap.com, Legal@whosebilling.com, Customer@webelement.com and that is all – I think. 

Anywhere you find any of those emails also then you are on a scam site.

So you probably want to know how to get a refund?

No problem.

How did you pay? So contact your bank if you paid by bank card, PayPal – contact them. Be sure to take screenshots of your purchase order page, tracking code page, any emails.

If you did receive a package then always record the information on the packing and record your self opening it. This will help enormously for a refund if you are so duped out of cash.










‘Gympharmv’ IS A SCAM!




list of scam websites.



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