What Is GreatWorks.Club and What Is FreePyp.Win – Scam or Legit?

By | October 15, 2018

Free Money Adder Network – What is GreatWorks. Club and also What Is FreePyp. Win – Free Money Adder Con EXPOSED.

Scam Or Legit Reviews

Curious to Know What Is GreatWorks. Club? In that case, you should also be asking, What Is FreePyp. Win! Those are the two new Identical Sites offering free money with their ‘Free Money Adder’ and doing some easy tasks. Many people are falling for this scam. Is GreatWorks Club fake, scam, dishonest, crooked or is Great Works Club genuine, real, legit, honest and paying out? This GreatWorks Review / FreePyp Review is going to show why they are fake and only trying to steal your money and phish you for your emails. This is a Scam Network On The Rise!!

This website has already exposed two of their previous sites that got complaints online for being fraudulent. So, I am sorry to tell you the bad news on these sites, especially if you lost money to them. Good news is there are good ways to earn online. Involves work, as common sense would dictate, but the financial rewards are long term and sometimes for life. There is no reason why you or anyone else can’t make a website like mine and earn good money for it. Those interested are welcome to check out this sites #1 Recommendation where you will find out all about it. It is a free sign up and so you may do so there.




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What Is GreatWorks. Club and Answering What Is FreePyp. Win? Fraudulent Scam Network – How It Works.

Their scam is really straight forward. You already know the answers to What Is GreatWorks. Club and What Is FreePyp. Win. Now we are going to take a look at the scam signs that tell me, for sure, that they are not a legit site. We start, as always, with the Founder…

The Founders name is NOT listed within their site registration online. That is common for cyber-crooks to hide their name because they are terrified of the law. Anyway, their business address is ‘PANAMA’ <<- very well known scammer address. There is nothing else for that ‘address’. No email support. All very good signs of a site that is solely operating to scam and run, when the time comes. Their site is only registered for one year online, which is typical of hit-and-run-sites. All that info can be applied to FreePyp. Win as well, except that site was created 14/07/2018.


GreatWorks.Club Website



You may check out this websites reviews of FreeppleMoney. Win, PypMoney. Win – this owner has four scam sites all identical so far that I know of!










How It Works.

There is NO info on their site on who they are either. Its pretty self evident what to do, but even for a scam site, there is no attempt to try to convince that they are legit. When you first land on their site then a count down begins from 15 minutes. Its saying you have that amount of time to use their site as they are experiencing high volumes of traffic. That is rubbish! They have only just begun, well GreatWorks anyways, and there is no way they would be getting much traffic so early on.

That same countdown is on all of their shoddy and ill-thought-out websites. I have to say, they did not much a lot of effort into it, and where you see shoddy websites then that is your ‘cue’ you maybe dealig with low-level-scammers! I just wish they were raised better than to steal from people.

Incidentally, did you know, that people who steal from others e.g. Government and Bankers, are actively admitting they are not intelligent enough to earn money legally? They may not even realize that as its one of those repressed subconscious things. That is a fact! So these guys are in need of some serious reprogramming and education and I am sure it will also help with their self worth knowing that they to are capable to live without being crooks!! Yes, guys, you are nothing but cyber-crooks...<<– that is to the owners of these ugly-shoddy scams sites 🙂 . And since I keep on seeing their silly fake links on my YouTube Channel, I thought I’d return the favor and grant them some of my attention, and expose them to the hilt!



Below is the kind of rubbish you will see when someone shares their link, thinking that by sharing this link, they are somehow going to get paid – LOL! Not true!!! See Image Below:-





Owner of GreatWorks.Club?

I THINK I HAVE LOCATED THE FOUNDER OF GREATWORKS. CLUB?!!! Yet to be verified, so, don’t quote me just yet 🙂 .



So, since these owners are continuing to create these Free Money Adder Duplicate Sites, then it must be paying them to do so. This is also telling me that people are falling for this hook-line-and-sinker! As mentioned, my YouTube videos get a fair amount of traffic. Problem here is I keep on seeing these scam links from these sites. And so people click on them.




Here Is How The Scam Operates!

1). Land on their site and insert your PayPal Email Address! YIKES!!!! Don’t do that anyways. That is nothing but a PHISHING FORM. Now, if you put in your legit PayPal address they will simply sell that onto scammers after they have collected thousands of them. I have personally seen these lists online and they are priced from around $250 into the thousands of dollars. 

2). You will notice you have the option of making a PayPal payment from$100 to $15000! Those that are interested, you can check out the other two reviews on their other two scam sites, because there is a lot more information on how they say they are generating cash.

3). However, briefly, when you pay in then they used to say that the money generated by ads from PayPal then generates you the profits in no time. That is it and pure stupid nonsense! Once you pay the money in then it is gone forever. Since no one knows who the person behind these sites then no one can track him/ her, them down to get it back for you.

5). Now, once the email has been phished from you, they will generate your very own link to spam onto YouTube! You must do this 10 Times before they will pay you. Of course, that is not true. They will never pay despite you paying in money -if you did.

6). After doing so you still won’t get paid. Simple as.












Final Thoughts.

There are four of these sites now, and there maybe many more, so do please report them to this website below in the comments. Those that have had an experience with these sites, or anyone of them, are welcome to comment below to help better inform people. For me, and the whole web, they are a SCAM SITE! There is no doubt about that.

Any questions on What Is GreatWorks. Club? Or on FreePyp. Win? You are welcome to ask below where I will be happy to assist. Those interested in  my #1 Recommendation to work for themselves and earn onilne, should know, that it is free to start and with no obligation to stay or pay for Premium. Its all up to you. You can take all the free stuff and run if you want to. Thanks for coming by and it was a real pleasure to expose these sites 🙂 . Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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