What Is GracyBee.com – Is ‘GracyBee’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion E-Store?

By | April 20, 2019

Find Out Here If You Can Trust GracyBee.com – Our ‘GracyBee’ Review.

Very nice work to ask some questions on GracyBee.com (www.gracybee). There are a number of glaring concerns that  you would not expect to see with a legit site. But, Is GracyBee com being a deceptive e-store, are they a scam, untrustworthy and intentionally out to defraud people? Or, Is ‘GracyBee’ safe, real, genuine and legit? This review will do a background check (very important) and then list the Scam Signs.

Those of you that may have purchased from this website are asked to spare a moment to report what you know. Right now, I do not have a good feeling about them. However, we can not run on ‘feelings’ and so we will be scrutinizing this new e-store. Where there exists uncertainty then this is where your customer reviews can shield others from having a bad experience. If your experience was good, then definitely let us know. We are only seeking to sift through to separate bad sites from the legit ones. Let’s find out more…



scam or legit

Is www.gracybee.com a scam?




GracyBee.com Review – We Do Have Concerns – But – Are They Valid?

My opinion need not be yours. Always look for other sources online when it comes to reviews. This way you are not getting one-sided views. While we remain objective errors are not impossible. So, Founder name, business address, contact information is what we want to see from ‘GracyBee’ in our review.

Where this information has not been submitted in WHOIS, or on their site, then that is not a good sign. There are times that e-store founders are working from home drop shipping for commissions. In this event it would be enormously (EXPONENTIALLY) helpful if such founders made this clear, with some kind of a certification, for clarity’s sake. This would go a long way to avoid mislabeling legit sites and causing such founders great upset.

Getting into it now, we can see that their site was registered in 2019/01/08 for a year. Such a short length of registration for a new business is a point of concern for some. What business do you know that registers for such a short time period?

We consider it a low-key scam sign. Why? New e-store founders, that are legit, maybe just want to see how things go before re-registering. Though, it does follow a scam pattern by past sites.

No founder name and they appear to be from China. We see on their site that they have an address from China. So this is a point of contention. Most e-stores appear to be from China, and so we must be on our guard, with such stores. Of course, we can not assume all stores from this region are online scams.

Email of service@gracybee.com. Their email and phone number do not appear to have any scam reports attached to them. Actually, there appears to be very little written about this site except a barrage of social media activity – which of course, is perfectly normal to expand a business online, over a reasonable amount of time.



No founder name. Address from China but their website is in USD Dollars. Extremely limited business transparency in WHOIS. Let’s have a look at their scam signs, of which, are common to fake sites.


Scam Signs Of GracyBee.com.

  • So, we are not able to locate a founder name. Perhaps this e-store owner is working from home? Legit businesses do not have a problem supply the founders name and heads of departments etc. Otherwise, we can never expect people that work from home to give out their home address, for obvious reasons.
  • Too-good-to-be-true-prices?! Relatively to the stated original prices, the discounts are sky-rocketing-to-high! Too generous, and from a site, that has just opened their own online doors. I recently encountered a site that has been online since 1999. They were only able to offer a 15% discount – after 20 years of business! So you can see why I have a problem when I see discounts of up to 70%!!
  • Unless, of course, they are delivering sub-standard merchandise that then does pay them for their time and efforts, but unfortunately, may lead to customer dissatisfaction. So do report below if you received anything other than what was advertised for your own hard earned cash.
  • Why are nearly all the heads of the models in their images gone? That is only defacing their own brand name and simply looks strange and indeed is a common scam sign to watch out for. It makes no sense to take-away from you advertised products to do this. Is this to stop doing a reverse image search on this product images? Otherwise, I am not so sure why this is such common practice.
  • Expedited shipping is 3 to 6 days with delivery within 6 to 11 days? Normal shipping is 3 to 5 days of ‘processing time’. 7 to 15 days if shipping time. Therefore, you can expect your delivery within 10 to 20 business working days. Even after they processed your order it simply does not take nearly 20 days to deliver your product.
  • I worked for the postal system in the UK for some time, years ago, I can tell you that they are very efficient in ‘processing’ packages they receive. I also done factory work and so I know the process flow, from order received, handed to manufacturing supervisor, to the manufacturing process inc QC, to packaging, loading, and then delivery of the goods. Their times are too long anyways!


How Long Have You Been Waiting For Your Order?


Scam sites can make you wait easily a few months. 3 to 4 months is also common. Any time over the agreed time is cause for worry.





Final Thoughts.

Given my concerns above, I am not satisfied to recommend ‘GracyBee’ right now. If good reports say otherwise then we will be happy to go by your reviews and agree with you. Conversely, bad reports will slot them in our List of Internet Scammers.

Looking forward to your customer reviews on What Is GracyBee.com and I hope this article proves to be a useful forum. See comments below for reviews if there are any at this time.


List of Internet Scammers Websites – Don’t Work with These Sites!




16 thoughts on “What Is GracyBee.com – Is ‘GracyBee’ Scam or Legit Ladies Fashion E-Store?

  1. Betty

    I am very disappointed. I ordered something in November and I have been writing to them trying to track my order. I sent few emails of no avail. It‘s been almost 2 months and no news at all. I want to cancel my order and get a refund but wondering if that‘s any use. It also keeps diverting to different websites such as prettyrepair@prettyrepair.com; keywordcat.com.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Betty and we have exposed now PrettyRepair.com Here in our Review and also we have exposed Keywordcat.com which re-directs to PrettyRepair.com. Thanks again and feel welcome to bookmark our site so you always have us one ‘click’ away for any assistance, or any reports you may have, going forward.

      Thanks again Betty 🙂 .

      Regards, Philip ~ Scam Witness.

  2. Mónica Domínguez

    Gracybee is definitely a fraud. The dresses I received are comparable in fabric to my shopping bag and even worse than my kid’s costums.

    When I ordered the items I was not notified that the vendor was Chinese and there was no clue in the webpage to infer this by any means. Had I known the vendor was Chinese, I wouldn’t have placed the order. Now I am claiming a refund. If they don’t reply I’ll contact my bank. I have reported this add as a fraud in Instagram, where I got caught iby their deceiptful adds.

    I wonder if there is any way we can place a claim or launch a campaign in the Net to dennouce this.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Monica,

      If you are certain That GracyBee.com intentionally deceived you then, I believe THIS LINK HERE, allows you to put in for a refund via Google Docs. Hope that link is useful to you Monica and let us know how it goes if you have the time. Thanks Monica for your report.

  3. N

    This company is either an outright scam, or else real and just really, really awful. They have been “processing my refund” for several weeks now, after I cancelled my order with them because they kept claiming that my delivery address was incorrect.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you N for your report and put in for a refund with your payment provider if they continue to stall with your refund.

  4. Julianne

    Looks like i’ve been scammed. They demand I write them for the return address but won’t provide it

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Julianne for your report here today and sorry to read you are having this problem. If no goods, then contact your payment provider. Thanks again Julianne.

  5. DML

    I am trying to send back 4 dresses, quality of clothing is horrible, prints look like potato print, no fit. I am very disappointed, but with what I hear here, I am worried I will not get my money back.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sending back the items may cost more than the order is worth and maybe you could lose more money DML. Speak with your payment provider and see what they say. Thank you kindly for report GracyBee’s low quality clothing to us here.

  6. Karina NICOLAU

    Do not buy from them! Delivery takes 3 month and the quality of the products is zero. They send you something that is of the poorest quality you can imagine. They had another FB site scribestyle with the same products.
    Whrn you write for a refund they promise it but never execute it.
    Customer service is just to tell you lies. In the end they do not answer any more.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Karina and I see that if we type into Google ScribeStyle.com it is re-directing to GracyBee.com… very interesting to say the least. Sorry to read about your experience and of course you do have the option to put in for a refund if nothing has shown up for your cash. Thanks again Karina and you are welcome to keep us informed anytime on the outcome of this situation.

  7. silvia reis

    I ordered 2 dresses on the 14th of March, paid for them and till now no dresses, and no replay to my mails. Very concerned I think I lost my money. silvia from Portugal

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Silvia, if nothing shows up then simply put in for a refund with your payment provider. Thank you for alerting us all about GracyBee.com.

  8. Sof

    I ordered 2 dresses and a T-shirt all of which were of awful quality, a very low quality horrible polyester I am total incapable of wearing. I feel very disappointed. It doesn’t look at all like the pictures.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Sof for being the first person to leave their customer review about GracyBee.com. I am sorry your experience was not a good one. Why not put in for a refund if the product is nothing like what you ordered? Thanks again Sof.


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