GoYoLove.com Reviews – Is ‘GoYoLove’ Scam or Legit Online Shopping Store?

By | January 18, 2020



What Is GoYoLove.com – Our ‘GoYoLove’ Reviews / Customer Reviews.

Welcome to this GoYoLove.com Review as we detail why we believe ‘GoYoLove’ is a scam site. If you made a purchase then you may need to cancel your card for a new one and get a refund. Please report any fake site to our List of Scam Websites Fake E-Stores 1500+ and counting. We have two sources saying they are a scam however we are going to do our own research to make sure.

Those that wish to report them are welcome to do so in our comments section also. You may upload nay images you may have of goods you may have received to share with others as a warning or as a recommendation. You can use our SCAM REPORTING TOOL HERE to do this. Time to start quickly our ‘Go Yo Love’ Review and be sure to see our comments for real customer reviews.



Getting started now with this quick-fire review we can see they registered their domain of www.goyolove.com 2019-09-20 for one year. We normally expect to see legit businesses set up online for many years longer than one or two. That is only the time to get any brand name off of the ground and to develop regular interest in it for sales.

There is no founder name within WHOIS.com and there is no real legit address either for their business. We see the email address of elmy@goyolove.com   which takes us to their Facebook page with nearly 350 likes and followers.


Facebook Scam Report Warning for GoYoLove.com!

Facebook Scam Report Warning for GoYoLove.com!



Just what I was looking for! Already their own unsuspecting customers are waking up to their scam operation. Now we have image dropped one of their images into images.google.com and it shows us where else an image shows up in Google, if anywhere.




Defaced Product Images on GoYoLove.com!

Defaced Product Images on GoYoLove.com!



Having product images with the heads and most of the body cut out is a big scam sign. Why would you deface your own product images like this and so this makes no sense.

We see the image to the left up on the sites such as wish.com, liliess.com, ebay.com, popzora.com, popjulia.com, ksksii.com, irisruby.com, justfashionnow.com, ellafancy.com, narachic.com, sofiaemily.com, tomoting.com, jenlisee.com, youlifes.com, startkiny.com, possfine.com, sophiemia.com, dressingnow.com, lovetomore.com, ciciocean.com, lovetomore.com, jolienana.com, anywellshop.com, isckry.com, roralna.com, wisandme.com, chicalisa.com, monovanilla.com, annvalla.com, fairyskip.com, oliviahot.com, morediscountshopy.com, wegochic.com, rosymerry.com, NoraCora.com <- DEFINITELY A SCAM! wotoba.com, zoesweet.com, anniewe.com, milled.com, sophiaemilly.com, instylestar.com, mrful.com, missarty.com, cesgal.com, morechoo.com, storiloop.com, anywellshop.com, gaminegal.com, pinterest.com, anniecloth.com, homegarden.com, seeustarry.com, picclick.com, starkiny.com, lookdora.com, lorgeous.com, storiloop.com, pinterest.ie, lilycloth.com, chiclila.com, modeede.com, jodishop.com, modecici.com, thoustand.com, missarty.com, boodbod.com, jenneos.com, myifushop.com, popkeep.com, pickclic.co.uk, pinterest.dk, minemouse.com, ssallywear.com, bautstyshop.com, rikkishop.com, justfashion.com, loopritas.com, alliexpress.com, lifeloes.com, anthonw.com, zeppy.io, bouncount.com, conleaty.com, novelarrival.com and clearly something is desperately wrong here



So that is that! No way they own that image and so it is all over the net and scammers are landing it everywhere they can. Please share this article to expose this situation to your networks as they are stealing the images of legit models and making illegal earnings. Thank you.





list of scam websites.





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