What Is GoTrekian.com – Is ‘GoTrekian’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | March 3, 2019

What Is GoTrekian.com Exposed – The ‘GoTrekian’ Review.

Review detailing What Is GoTrekian.com at www.gotrekian.com. Is GoTrekian com a scam, fraudulent, bogus, fake, dishonest or Is ‘GoTrekian’ legit, real, safe, genuine, trustworthy? This www GoTrekian com Review is a scam alert. There are other sites involved in their network. Those with complaints of having been scammed by them are welcome to report them below. The following is freely available information about them online to save you time and to help you to decide for yourself.



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What Is GoTrekian.com About?

They are new site and they showed up in our own research by a report from the BBB.org. Therein we see GoTrekian.com as one of the sites on their list regarding Confort.com. Confort.com got a rating of ‘F’ from that website due to various reasons, namely, for being a scam. We will do our own scam-check to see for ourselves if they can be trusted or not.




www.gotrekian.com warning…



We begin to locate information that should be visible to paying customers. Founder name, address of their business, contact information barring just an email address for support. Length of domain registration is also a factor when it comes to deciding on a sites level of trustworthiness.

Start date of their site was in 2019/02/20 and ends same time in 2020. 12 months is not a lot of time for an online business. It takes time to build up your reputation and to show you are trustworthy. Why anyone thinks one year does not make them look like a hit-and-run site is beyond me.

However, we must also keep in mind that maybe they are only seeing how their new online business goes before deciding to renew for much longer.

Founder name is not detailed and they are using a proxy address i.e. an address not their own which hides their real location.

We go to their site and we are looking for this missing information. We can see that their address is 700 3rd Ave N, Clanton, Alabama 35045. Interestingly Bronetefull.com has the exact same address! That site is now closed by the way.

How can two seemingly distinct and separate companies have the same business address? So that is a sign of a scam network. We have come across the list of their sites (as mentioned) and we will be exposing them as well shortly, stay tuned. 

Moreover, Google Maps shows us that is a ‘First United Methodist Church’ for their address. You may see the proof of that Right Here. So now we are in no doubt they are lying about their real world location. And also, why is their website address different from the address in WHOIS at the time of their sites registration?

Where we see multiple addresses for one business then that commonly is a sign that your order may be coming from overseas.

Their contact number is listed on their site as +1 229 351 4921. Does anyone know if that works or not?

Email is support@loteknia55.com. That has been exposed on You-Tube as a scammer site and it is also closed down. You may view the video below as proof. The video was originally exposing Acofarstore.com – another one of their fake sites and the vid is only 55 seconds long.




GoTrekian.com Scam Signs.

  • So we have found yet another scam sign! And be assured, a business that hides all of their infomration or supplies false information about themselves, is definitely a warning sign.
  • So when we re-checked their address we did not include ‘Unit 365’ as the last part of their address. Why is confortshopp.com using the exact same address! SCAM!! Separate businesses can not be using the exact same location as others, that is just physically impossible, and that is a common scam sign we see all too often.
  • Multiple websites using the same general business information.
  • Founder name is not present anywhere online.
  • Email support is another sites email address, a site that has already been proven as a scam, by other online resources.
  • Their McAffee Secure image is fake! It does not click to anywhere. What should happen is it should link to McAffee website detailing to us that so-and-so site has been checked and is deemed safe to use.
  • Their Site Name is ‘GoTrekian’ yet they are adamant to call themselves ‘Lotenia55‘. That makes no sense. Site name and URL must match or else that is another scam sign and one that is well known.
  • They have told an  outright lie about their own domains age on their own site. Bottom of their website we can see the copyright date set to 2017. WHOIS will show you that they are not even a month old (see date of this article).
  • They appear not to have any social media tentacles set up. There is one thing I know about legit and honest online businesses, is that, they take their Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, Insta, G+ etc accounts very serious. So that is another odd thing to keep in mind.




Things to Watch Out For with Fake Shopping Sites!

This is general information that may help you to recognize if you have purchased from a scam site or not. It is fairly common to this type of scam and so it may be of use to know this and see if relates to your experience with GoTrekian.com.

Taxes and Associated Purchase Charges Calculate?

So fake sites are known for forgetting, or simply do not, including those charges when you make a purchase. That is a bad sign and so where this happens search for reviews, and if they have been reported as fake too many times, then seek a refund from your payment provider.

No Confirmation Order Receipt?

This is pretty standard stuff and so where you see no receipt as proof of purchase then you should be very worried.

Delivery Taking Months?!

Classically fake shopping sites simply can not get their act together and make deliveries as per their own estimations on their websites. You should expect to wait typically at least 1 month. I have seen reports of 2, 3 and even 4 months waiting time for deliveries. Seek a refund.

Returns Costing You Extra Cash?

Dishonest sites will take back your order, most, but you will normally have foot-the-bill for this. Annoyingly, you could be paying more to return the delivery then what it cost you to make that purchase!

Shoddy, Inferior, Cheap, Low Quality, Defective, Damaged, Wrong Item, Counterfeit Goods Delivered To You?

So fake sites can typically afford to give up to 85 and 90% discounts because they are flogging actual rubbish from their real locations! Though they advertise high quality items, when the package arrives, you will see what you actually paid for. Typically people may receive goods that are only a few dollars worth.

Most common items delivered by scammers are cheap shades, USB cable, headphones, empty envelopes and bubble wrapped parcels (empty of course). In my view, this is only to generate a tracking code to make it look legit so they can prove they sent the order if you apply for a refund.

Tracking Code Not Legit?

Scammers all too often just give you a fake tracking code in the hopes you do not check it. Where it seems legit then you may find that your order gets ‘stuck’ in one location along the way.

Excuses For Late or Non-Delivery!

One of the worst excuses I read online for non-delivery was because of a Tsunam! Erm, we can just Google that, or watch the news, and see clearly there has been no ‘Tsunami’ in the location that the scammers may state.

Your order somehow gets ‘lost’ along the way and they will not re-issue your order or refund you. I have read some brazen Terms and Conditions from fake sites and what they write in there, what most people never seem to check out before making purchases, is there is a point that is most alarming.

Paraphrasing, “if your order gets lost, stolen or damaged en-route to you, then we are not responsible. We will not issue you a replacement, exchange or a refund in this event.” And so they can pull that old excuse out of their hat anytime they feel like it.

They Will Refund You ‘IF’ You Cancel Your Refund Claim.

Do not be manipulated in this way, and per one online report I read recently, this is a clever way to get you to cancel your refund claim in the hopes ‘they’ (the cyber-crooks) will refund you.







Final Thoughts.

There is limited data online about them. However, and generally speaking, you are responsible for doign your own research. This means you should not take the ‘verdict’ of anyone site as the ultimate truth on any other site. Make sure other reports are ‘synced’ logically in their conclusions. Watch out for bias as well.

For me and in my own opinion, they are a scam and you are advised to put in for a refund and perhaps cancel your card to stop cyber-crooks from randomly charging your card.

All are welcome to leave your own reports below in the comments. The more negative reviews on a site then the quicker they seem to close down. This has the benefit of helping to prevent future fraud victims. Thank you for your time and that is all for now on What Is GoTrekian.com. Looking forward to all of your comments below.


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