What Is Goskk.com – Is ‘Goskk’ Scam or Legit Online Store?

By | February 23, 2019

Find Out What Is Goskk.com Here – The ‘Goskk’ Review.

Your researching to know What Is Goskk.com (www.goskk.com) is now over. Is Goskk com a scam, fraudulent, deceptive and bogus or Is Goskk legit, real, safe, honest and genuine? This www Goskk com Review is warning to stay away from that site. Those that handed over payment info are advised to contact your payment provider to cancel your card and also to get a refund. We ask that you report them below in the comments before you do so. Be also aware of Uggpp.com and Drmgg.com as they appear to be the same as ‘Goskk’.

The internet has evolved into a ‘thing’ where we don’t know what site is legit or scam. Online shopping sites are difficult to discern sometimes as scammers are evolving to make such sites more and more sophisticated.

Where one finds themselves caught out by a fake e-store then expect to either receive nothing for your cash, shoddy goods, inferior items, counterfeit and perhaps stolen goods. It is important to notify your bank because scammers may try to charge your card randomly if you are not careful.




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Goskk.com Review Exposing ‘Goskk’.

There are several places online that are calling Goskk.com a scam. Scamadvisor has given them a zero trust rating and I will leave a link to that review at the bottom of this article. For now, we are going to do our own research in the following manner. Anyone can do this and are excellent tips to help know if a site is good or not.



www.goskk.com scam alert warning!


First, we go to WHOIS. Then we type in the sites URL (generic version – no ‘https’ etc) and hit ‘enter. That is all to see that their site was registered in 2018/12/29 and just for 1 year that ‘they’ have done so. 1 or even just 2 years online is no time at all. That is a bad sign and is considered to be ‘suspicious’. Honest sites, that sell etc, will set up typically for much longer then one or two years. That is indicative of a hit-and-run-site. So, beware of fly-by-night sites…

There is no address. No founder name and that is all very bad signs for sure. Where we can not locate a selling sites business address, and definitely where we can not locate owner, then it is no so wise to make that purchase on their sites. This is the equivalent of giving your payment information, address of your home, full name etc, to a total stranger on the street!

Since we have already reviewed and exposed their, what I believe is their other two sites called Uggpp.com and Drmgg.com, we are going to cut this review very short. The research has already been done. I, they do not give out any information on who they are and where they are from. Prices are too-good-to-be-true to be believed.

Whatever brand name they are using they do not have permission to use it.







Final Thoughts.

No identity information! Never hand over payment info to strangers online!! Sounds ‘silly’ when put like that, but in the truest sense, this is EXACTLY what may happen if you choose to buy from that site. They are being put into my sites List of Internet Scammers because, well, they are a fraudulent site…

…Those with scam reports on them are welcome to report them below. The more that report then the quicker we can, as one online community, actively monitor and eradicate quicker a vast number of online scams. So, no matter where you see a scam, no matter where you see a scam being exposing, definitely report what ‘YOU’ know in order to help safe guard Our Internet for ourselves and also for the next generation. Thank you.

That is all on What Is Goskk.com and I hope it was of service to you to prevent you losing your cash to scammers. Those that already handed over their payment info then just contact your payment provider and let them investigate and hopefully you will get your refund. Thank you and that is all for now. Looking forward to your comments to come.


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