GoodTeam.Win Review – Is GoodTeam.Win Scam or Legit?

By | February 28, 2019

Find Out What Is GoodTeam.Win – The ‘Good Team Win’ Review.

Welcome to our review on the site called GoodTeam.Win situated at Is GoodTeam Win a scam, fraud, bogus and deceptive or is ‘GoodTeamWin’ legit, safe, real, genuine? This ‘Good Team Win’ Review is to warn you against their site. They never payout. We do know way to Earn Online for the long term, but they are not it. Those scammed are welcome to report them below this article. Those that handed over payment info to their site need to contact your payment provider.

The whole crux of their scam is simply to tell people to invest money into their Free PayPal Money Adder. Then you are promised unreal returns based off of ads revenue. It is such a lie and there is no such thing as ‘free money’. PayPal is not paying out money for free to anyone! They have other sites and we have exposed several of them such as Freepypmoney.




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 Review – Don’t Invest a Penny on their site.

So we have reviewed and exposed several of their sites before. Participants, whom don’t seem to realize they are promoting an online scam, are landing those referral links most notably all over You-Tube. Be careful as well of all of those work from home Facebook groups because they tend to be riddled with scam offers. We are going to do a back ground check on and show you why they can’t be trusted.



scam alert for!


Their site was registered in 2018/02/16 and so they are a very new site indeed (see date of this post). 1 year is all they have registered that site for. That is a very bad sign indeed as legit offers will tend and actually most do register for many more years than 1 or 2. So that is our first scam sign.

PANAMA‘ is the only piece of information left for their address as a business. That is another scam sign. Where we see no addresses, incomplete addresses, then we have to know that honest sites are never deceptive with these details. 

No founder name and actually there is not even a phone number for support should something go wrong. They have not even provided a founder name on their own site which never changes from 1 site to another. They are pretty much identical, and any site that looks like theirs, is a scam and should be avoided.

That is a complete cover up for all identifying information surrounding the owners of that site. That is not a good sign, because there is no reasons for this, and so we must not trust sites whom are not transparent in this way.






GoodTeam.Win Scam Signs.

  • Multiple sites that are operating simultaneously pulling the same scam on their members. 
  • The reasons given for revenue, and for such high returns per investment level, does not make sense. PayPal is not sharing their own profits to people who give them money for advertising. That simply is not real and that opportunity has never been put forward by PayPal. 
  • There is nothing on their site to validate ownership, location, contact information and only a vague description of why you should give them up to $250! Many have fallen for this. Those scammed are advised to contact your payment provider and to seek a refund immediately.
  • The same image is being used for all of their sites. They do not work at or for PayPal. They are known as the PayPal Money Adder Scam Network.
  • Do you see any ads on their site? So how are they making revenue from ads? There is no ads on their site and they are profiting from other peoples hard earned cash. Do not give it to them.
  • The ‘Payment Proof’ could of been sent to themselves and therefore is not good enough as a payment proof to convince me they are legit and safe.
  • Where it says – ‘IS IT FREE’ -‘They say ‘Absolutely..’ and then tell you to invest anywhere from $250 up to $800! How then is it ‘free’ when you have to pay to participate? Contradictions on a site, that is offering a way to earn online, is a classic scam sign to watch out for.





Is There A Way To Earn Online Properly and Scam Free?

There are many ways to earn online and there are many companies looking for people that want to earn online for the long term. There is the free option of doing this, but be sure, the free option will usually take much longer. So the paid for option is always best because it will simply help you earn sooner.







I recommend 1 company above all others.  I recommend them ahead of others because they have kept their word to me. They are called Wealthy Affiliate and they are well known and very well trusted. You will see many 100’s, even 1000’s, of positive reviews about them. Ours is HERE and it has its own Free Sign Up to all that are interested. 

They are newbie friendly and are designed to offer 24/7 Live Chat Support with over 1.5 Million Members World Wide. It is Free To Start, as said, but they do have Premium Options. Whichever offer you choose online, just know, investing in your own financial futures is the only way to have a better one. 

They offer the 1st Month for just $19 and that offer is open to most countries in the world. If you are worried that you may not qualify due to your location then feel welcome to ask us in the comments below.


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Final Thoughts.

So thank you for trusting us with your own research. They are not a legit site and we are saying that they are a scam site. You will not get back unreal returns from donating your cash to complete strangers online. I hope many of you will report them below to help others save their cash. That is all on What Is GoodTeam.Win and looking forward to all of your comments to come.




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