GoNiceMalls.com Review – Review of GoNiceMalls.com To Warn You!

By | January 20, 2019

What Is www.GoNiceMalls.com – Scam or Legit?

The whole truth on GoNiceMalls.com found at www.gonicemalls.com. Is GoNiceMalls com scam, fraudulent, crooked or Is GoNiceMalls safe, legit, real, honest? This Go Nice Malls Review is just trying to warn you about them. They are not honest and they are intentionally trying to defraud people. They are seeking your hard earned cash and personal payment details. Beware of also VipGoodBuy.com, BuyInNice.com and also of WebHotVip.com. All owned by same cyber-crooks that run GoNiceMalls. They also go by ‘SuperBuy’ and ‘Hot Shop in Web’. So be careful of those terms anywhere online.

Please do leave your scam reports below if they have tricked cash out of you. I believe their scam network is from China and that is a very important point. There are so many fake shopping sites online and most are from this region. They might have a way to make goods that are of poor quality, inferior, shoddy, counterfeit and practically worthless in comparison to what they charged you. Even worse, they may just send  you out something else entirely. Or, in order to generate a legit tracking code, they could send you out an empty envelope, bubble wrapped package with nothing in it etc! GET A REFUND NOW!




GoNiceMalls.com Review – Know The Facts First!

Those still reading maybe very disappointed indeed and I am sorry you were unfortunate enough to run into a major scam syndicate. However, leaving your reports online here and else where is how we shut them down sooner. If we all do our jobs in this way then we can dramatically reduce online scams. GoNiceMalls.com is a fraud and now we are going to be getting on with the rest of this GoNiceMalls Review.


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WHOIS is a site that registers all details of all sites online. The owners have the ability to leave all the legit details like their name, location of their business, date of site registration and contact information. They were registered in 2019/01/07. 1 year is all they registered that domain for. That is almost pointless to register a site that is selling online for just 1 year and that runs into the scam pattern of fake sites. Something to keep in mind about sites of this nature.

Name is apparently Shi Nan and that is apparent owner of the site. We have no way to verify this.

Address is Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou, Jiangsu, 21500, CN. Phone number is +86.13823873458.

The address does not link back to their site or a location of their company name. We can say now that they are lying about their address as they are lying about everything else. I doubt even their number is operational and if so doubtful you will get a response.



GoNiceMalls.com Scam Signs.

  • Finding out a few scam signs is very useful to help you weed out bad sites from the good ones. IF IN DOUBT, leave them out and go elsewhere online. Always hunt down reviews online for companies that are new or ones you have never heard of before.
  • Go Nice Malls sharing icons either link back to their own homepage or they simply link straight to Facebook or Twitter. Speaking of which, did you find out about them on one of the social media platforms ads? That is a MAJOR problem online and these platforms pick up ad fees and then don’t do anything when members complain about scam ads.
  • They have a pointless CONTACT US section where there is no address, no number or email address. No founder name of any names on their own site. They simply have a form, and for a selling site, that is very bad form. It is of course OK for bloggers like myself to have those forms because no one wants strangers come to their residence.
  • The images they sell for so cheap are not their own. There is no way you can buy those high quality goods and expect not to get scammed. How then is the company suppose to make their revenue when they are practically giving away their merchandise?
  • Tons of copies of their same site. They do not disclose to their users about the other sites that pull in their waves of traffic to even more oblivious users.





Want To Share Your GoNiceMalls.com Scam Report or Reviews? You Can Do So In The Comments To Help Others – Thank You.













Final Thoughts.

They have intentionally hidden all of their data regarding ownership etc. Don’t trust any site that is selling online when they hide themselves so expertly. It is only a scam company. They have probably 100’s of these sites that seem to close down even months after opening. They scam quickly and then run for the hills. While this Go Nice Malls is still around then you have time to go and get your refund. Cancel your cards as well to stop any unauthorized transactions.

That is all that needs to be said on GoNiceMalls.com. I hope it has helped for from not being scammed. If not then you are empowered with the truth and now know the sames to take. Thanks for coming by and looking forward to your views and comments to come below.


Please Do Share This Review If It Has Helped You – Thank You.


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14 thoughts on “GoNiceMalls.com Review – Review of GoNiceMalls.com To Warn You!

  1. Suzanne Cayce

    Yeah I ordered a Milwaukee tool kit from them and got scammed out of $90 evidently because I have never received the tools it’s been 12 weeks since I ordered them I cannot contact them on email or any other way I do not know how to get a refund I am so frustrated

    1. Scam Witness

      Hi Suzanne,

      You only have to contact your payment provider and tell them what has happened. So if you paid with your card then call your bank and dispute any charges. Thanks Suzanne for taking the time here to report on GoNiceMall.com.

  2. Raul Banda

    Well they got me too i began trying to hack their system but they shut the site down before I could get anymore info ,the phone number I got for them and email trace back to Vietnam no one ever answered my calls they would just hang up on me but here’s the the phone number I got when i was trying to hack into their system 01184584771489 and the emails I got for them are support@jdonline.info ,service03186@hotmail.com I hope they get caught like I always say every dog has their day let me run across another one of thier sites I’ll get their info. Then.

    1. Scam Witness

      Hello Raul,

      Thank you kindly for your report on GoNiceMalls.com. Your customer review will help others looking for the truth about that site. Than you for helping to make the net a little safer for everyone else – much appreciated Raul.

  3. Robert L Ray

    I ordered a 10 pc. Dewalt 20v lithium set and the payment posted on my credit card coming from a vehicle/auto company that deals in Decals and vinyls. Ordered on 1/20/2019. After not receiving the product contacted them and someone named Lucy started a correspondence with me, ask for a copy of the online order and proceeded to send here the confirmation email and the Pic from my online account order through them. Since then haven’t had a reply from any of the many emails I have sent them. Also the company that billed my Credit Card suddenly went out of business. Contacted my credit card company filed as fraudulent charges, received the refund as well as a new card just in case.

    1. Robert L Ray

      Also, the order that was posted on my account with them has been deleted as if I had never placed it.

    2. Scam Witness

      I am glad to hear you got a refund Robert and thank you for helping to alert others of their practices at GoNiceMalls. It is appreciated.

  4. Miguelson

    I bought some since two weeks I don’t have any ideas about these things

  5. Douglas Bacon

    Well i think i have been scammed i ordered PORTER-CABLE 8- TOOL CORDLESS 83.87 Dollars from Conicemalls on 25/1/2019 payment went to VTC PAY email address vtcpay.gateway@vtc.vn do you have any info on them they did say 2/6 weeks delivery thanks.

  6. Rich

    I was scammed too as they were using well named and reputable branded products

  7. Larry

    Hate to say it but I was just scammed, my fault for not doing a full back ground check. As always told if it sounds to good then it’s not.


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