GoMobileJob.com – What Is GoMobile.com / Scam or Legit PTC Site?

By | October 16, 2018

GoMobileJob. com – Is $10 Per Task Even Real?

Scam Or Legit Reviews

GoMobileJob. com is offering insane money for easy to do work. What Is GoMobileJob. com About? Is GoMobileJob fake, scam, fraudulent, crooked, bad, dishonest or is Go Mobile Job genuine, real, legit, good, honest and paying out? This GoMobileJob Review is going to answer those questions in one go by saying I believe they are a fake Paid To Click Site! I have seen other copies of this site online for some time now. The research below will help you to make up your own mind regarding them and I hope you have not done too much work on their site, for nothing.

There are so many online scams nowadays it is easy to believe everything is a scam! That is false thinking, but also, understandable. Finding the legit sites is hard to. So many good and trusted sites simply ask for too much money to learn to earn online. I count myself lucky I found one platform that allowed me to join for free, no cc, and begin my training with 2 Free Websites, and 7 Days Premium Test Run. Sure! They are Premium options, but it amounts to pennies a day. Those that are ready to make money online for real, can check out my #1 Recommendation that has taught me to do this successfully. I am glad I did as my profits are going up, month after month. OK, let us continue.





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GoMobileJob. com – Their Plan to Scam You and Everyone Else!

As mentioned, there are other copies of this site circulating online. Its a regular scam network operating for some years now. The owners will typically set up a site for just 1 year, when the sites reputation decreases, they will either re-direct old URL’s to new sites, erase or sell them on. Sites that are offering paid work from home will usually set up their site for years longer than 1 year. So, that is a sign of a scam. Such signs don’t apply to bloggers. Let us find out who the owner is before we get into how it operates to Phish you and generally waste your time.


GoMobileJob.com Website

This Lady called Lauren Murray has nothing to do with Go Mobile Job! It is an Internet Archive Image.



GoMobileJob was created 13/09/2018 and expires same time in 2019. The founders name is not listed within their sites registration details. There is no real world address for their business either and neither is there any email support. That is all covered up by their NameCheap Inc registrar. This is the problem with the internet right now! These scammers are hiding behind protective measures for all, but seriously abusing that, and so there has to be an overhaul with setting up sites and providing provable documentation as to who is the owner of such sites.

So, there is way of knowing who owns the site. There is no information around this either on their site. Honest sites don’t behave like this and so now we can say the owner is intentionally hiding himself, herself or their selves online. When sites do this then its a fine indicator that they either are a scam, or will turn into one, and so in time the owner can take all the profits generated by their members and live off of the profits.





How The Scam Works – Full Break Down.

You sign up and that is free to do so. You will see that you have to give them your email address etc. That is not a good form to be giving legit details to. That is a form that is a phishing form. Now your real email address etc is going to be sold onto  scammers. These guys will pay excellent money for such information so they can target you for future scams. They believe if you fell for one scam you will or may fall for theirs. Simply report and delete all emails form senders you do not know.

Anyways, the work is simply sharing your link. In doing so you are said to be earning $10 per click on your link. That is pure nonsense as the act of clicking on someones link can not generate $10 and actually, where are they getting $10 from to pay you and also to pay themselves? The offer is too high. Sites like these will only pay you out about 3c, if you are lucky, but usually hundredths of a cent! It is such poorly paid work, that is almost impossible to earn even $1 day/week, that I don’t recommend them to anyone.

The whole point of their site is data harvesting, as said, and so the more info they can gather they more they will earn from selling such info online.

The Cash Out is set to $100 and that is about right and the heightest good and trusted sites will set it to. However, that is still not going to be paid out to you ever. No one has ever been paid by any of their sites and its only a matter of time before complaints pour in about their fake work from home offer.

You will notice the impressive numbers top right of their screen? Well, those numbers are the same on all of their sites. 253 members online will forever say that.I have had their website open in a separate browser for some time now, and that number is still the same. That is static information and not real time info. I also see that error with many scam sites and is one sign to look out for.

Click on their SUPPORT SECTION you will see that there is not an option to communicate with anyone. That is another sign of a fake site. Honest sites will work very hard to have such sections set up so their readers can communicate with the founder. You will notice/may notice that there is an option to contact me directly in the menu top of this page. And also, an email address bottom right of this website, for everyone to communicate with myself as well <<- all spam is deleted and not even read

What Happens at Cash Out?

So this is the point you really need to be careful. They could request a number of things from you. Sites like theirs will or may ask for a cash out fee. Now, no good and trusted site will ever ask you for money to get your own earnings!!! That is one of the Golden Rules when it comes to knowing if a site is real or fake and something you can remember for other sites.

OR! They will ask you to complete a short survey. Now, they will get paid for that survey and you won’t see a penny of it. Its just one further way to scam you. Perhaps they will ask you to complete an offer? This is probably one of their more dangerous aspects to their site. These offers usually come with some nasty surprises like added charges to your card without you knowing about them. These sites may also hide such charges in their Terms and Conditions and very hard to find. Also, since you are being re-directed by a scam site, then its possible you are heading off to another. Be careful here because such sites have been known to charge peoples cards many times and may not stop until you act and call your bank for charge backs.

Either event, you are simply not paid. You may even find you are locked out of your account. Worse still, your account remains active so as not to alert your referrals that something is wrong. It also helps to make false representations about their members to make others believe they are popular and therefore legit.

I have been scammed several times myself online and have only really earned significant money from Blogging. I recommend it to all that are interested and want to earn any amount of money you are willing to work for. NO more commuting to work for a boss that acts like they hate you for money that barely keeps you afloat in this world. It really is a very freeing journey 🙂 .











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Final Thoughts.

They want others to promote their links to drag in as many people as possible. This will give out a false impression to Google that they are popular and so therefore honest and good. This is clearly not the case. Their promise of $10 per ‘task’ is not real. No one on planet Earth can afford to give you $10 for just for someone else to click on your link – it simply does not pay for itself and does not generate big enough profits for it to make any sense. Only a ploy to make you work harder and make them popular. The more people they have on their site then the more chances they have to data harvest and generally scam and waste peoples time. SCAM SITE! For me, there is no doubt about that.

Do you have questions on GoMobileJob. com? You are welcome to ask me below. Know of another site anywhere online that has scammed you or you are suspicious of? This website welcomes all reports of sites that maybe out to harm others. We avidly expose all sites that are reported here and so know you will be responded to as well. Don’t forget to check out my #1 Recommendation to see if you are ready to run your own website for profits from home. Looking forward to all of your comments to come.


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    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Julie,

      They are most definitely a scam and I recommend you stay away from them. They operate countless other scam sites as well. Thanks for your question.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I am sorry to hear this Libinard. Thank you kindly for your GoMbileJob.com Scam Report – it is very much appreciated.


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