What Is GoldRise.Net – Is GoldRise.Net a Scam or Legit?

By | August 28, 2018

What Is GoldRise.Net and How does it Operate – Real Venture or Fake?

Good job on querying What Is GoldRise.Net! Many fail to do this and is why so many get scammed. Those asking is GoldRise Net fake, real, scam, good, fraudulent or a good way to earn have come to the only review you need. This review will answer all those questions and will give you the real truth on why I am calling GoldRise a scam. Gold Rise Net is not going to pay out and the following will detail why I am making this claim.

While GoldRise is indeed an illegal online company, I also make good and trusted recommendations, for those seeking real ways to earn online. You may check out WA as my #1 which I investigated HERE. They offer a free account for all to learn how to make their own online business, which you can have HERE. Free to start without cc to begin.




What Is GoldRise.Net, Owner Info, How it Works to how it Scams.

GoldRise.Net Website

Here it is not time to answer What Is GoldRise.Net. They are a site that offers you a way to make some investments in some online companies. You can use the Free $101 they give out to you when you first sign up. However, that $101 is only digits on your screen as you can’t cash that money out at all.

The site was created 09/08/2018 and so its still very new and the owner name registered is Nikolaj Kutnyak. The email associated with Nikolaj’s site is leejack1yandex.ru – do note the difference between the name in the email and site ownership registered name. Something is not right on that and scammers will not enter legit details to hide their true identity. Should this site be paying out now, then it is only a matter of time before they stop, and the owner takes all the cash. Hence, why the name disparity and why its more than possible that both names are just fakes.

The investing appears to be on trading or binary options. However, I don’t see how there is proof of that is actually going. It is only a Ponzi Scheme, in truth, running a Matrix. They offer you the chance to make referrals and so make referral commissions at $2 to $5 per affiliate. Since it is classified a Ponzi then they may require cash from you at some point. However, I don’t see any evidence of this at this moment in time. Only reports from their members will bear this suspicion to be true or not. Should they require investment, then that investment is only going to be paid out to older investors, and now in turn you must wait for new investors. This is a business model that promises same returns to every one who joins and simply owners can not pay out to every one. There is no real world product or service, and since its a Matrix, that tells me that you are potentially earning many levels deep.

But it does not really matter on the levels because most, if not all, will never get paid! That is why GoldRise is an illegal scheme because over 90% of participants end up losing their money. Those new to such ways of investing are especially targeted because such people end up losing the most. 

Any statement endorsing their own trustworthiness and legitimacy is not backed up by any real documentation.

Additionally, you are meant to be able to earn 30% on each new referral and earn $0.05 per one as well. Now, that is a contradiction, because high up on their home page they say you get $2 to $5 per sign up. Contradictions on a site is really good indicator you are dealing with a fake website. You may see that in their FAQ’s section.



How are they Scamming People.

A site like theirs is not selling anything real and only offering commissions by referrals and pretend to offer money by making investments. Those that invest, even though it seems they start you off with free money, will end up losing your investment. Such investments in Ponzi Schemes go to pay older investors but the older the site becomes, then you chance of earning back even your initial investment, is greatly diminished. Over 90% of members on schemes like this lose with only a few making money. The creator of course takes the bulk of the profits.

I also suspect that EuroUs.Net, PRTO.Net are owned by the operator as GoldRise!

Their referral program is offering good money to make those referrals. This is a free way to get traffic without the owner working too hard. As a website owner myself, it does take time to increase website traffic, and so this is nothing but a clever ploy to guarantee new sign ups. Per date of this post, give they are still new and maybe receiving investments, their might be a chance to still earn. The older the site the less chance anyone, except the owner, has to make any profits.

Aside of the Ponzi Scheme aspect, when their site increases in popularity then they can apply to ad networks to place on advertisements on their site. This will give them a free way to earn free money. Also, when new members sign up then they would have handed over vital pieces of information. This info could have been your real name, best email address and best crypto wallet. Now those pieces of data can be sold on, after being placed on a list, to scammers online. This is another free money way they use their free traffic, as generated by their members, to gain more financial independence for themselves.

Have you earned from GoldRise?

I would be very interested to know this and you can go ahead and place that in the comments below.

Their website accepts members from all countries and they say they pay out with PayPal, Payza and Cryptocurrency Wallet. There are also 3 status that you can choose from . With each level then your earnings are meant to go up to a max of 30%. I am expecting some complaints on this online illegal company in time to come and I hope you do report them below if they have scammed you.



Final Thoughts.

January 18th 2018 I exposed EuroUs.Net. The owner of that site never refuted a single work I said on their website. The current site just exposed is identical to EuroUs Net and so I am expecting the same blank treatment. I believe that you won’t receive any monies should you invest. Even, you won’t get paid for actions taken on their site, if you don’t invest. They will mainly just waste your time and sell on your personal details, as described above. Those details will be used to see if you can be scammed online again and perhaps this time for money. So, I believe they are a scam site and the owner appears to have several of them in operation now and in the past. 

That is all on What Is GoldRise.Net. I hope it has given you clarity and helped you decide for yourself your next steps. While its disappointing to know, what you may have worked at so far has not paid off, there is another way. I don’t just say what is a scam I also say what is not. And as mentioned, my #1 Choice called WA can teach all how to become financially free by working from home on your laptop. You may collect your free account below, that comes with two free websites, and begin learning how to earn online. Thank you for coming by and I am looking forward to your comments also.

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18 thoughts on “What Is GoldRise.Net – Is GoldRise.Net a Scam or Legit?

  1. Samuel

    Hi scam witness
    I’ve tried out the sfi but it’s too complicated I don’t even understand the services am.gonna offer there it all look like a magic and there’s also a countdown time..I’ll be.looking forward sir if you can share an insight on it.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      I left SFI as well as it was way too much info and not clear what to do. I haven’t got time to play games and get scientific on their site. Their support never responded to me either. Our time is too valuable for that and I only hoped your would have better luck.

      Try researching up some other kinds of online work. You can check the OK JOBS SECTION above in the menu of this site. I am currently working on finding good jobs to work on from home and trying to make a section for that, so book mark this website, and check back regularly. However, it takes time to find those legit sites and do the reviews etc.

      Keep looking – there are plenty of offers online that support your country.

  2. Huynh

    Hic. Tôi đã hi vọng. Tôi đã mong đợi.! Tôi đang cần tiền. Nhưng tôi chả được gì. Thất bại. Xấu hổ! Có ai giúp tôi ko


    Hic. I was hoping. I was expecting! I want some money. But I do not get anything. Failure. Shy! Does anyone help me?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Xin chào Huynh,

      Giúp mọi người trực tuyến là những gì tôi làm Hynh. Về tình hình của bạn với GoldRise – điều gì đã xảy ra? Bao nhiêu bạn bị mất, nếu bạn không nhớ tôi hỏi.

      Bạn muốn trợ giúp bằng cách nào – kiếm tiền trực tuyến?

      Đang chờ phản hồi của bạn.



      Helping people online is what I do. About your situation with GoldRise – what happened? How much you lose, if you do not mind me asking.

      How do you want to help – make money online?

      Waiting for your response.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  3. Emmanuel Olutoye

    Hello scam witness, thanks for shedding the light on goldrise.net, I have been having that thought too that there offers are too good to be true.
    Ill like to be informed of legit online businesses that are paying, can you kindly give me information about them.
    Olutoye Emmanuel.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Ah! I am sorry to hear about your inability to sign up to WA due to your country location. Here are a few links that I know are good and trusted.

      You will find your sign up links inside of the following reviews:-

      EarnVenture Review. That is a Paid to Click Site and you can see if they accept your country.

      http://www.sfi4.com/19078571/FREE https://scamwitness.com/what-is-beer-money-forum — Review – QMEE REVIEW – that is a search engine that will pay some money for taking small actions using their search engine. That is the review which you may sign up through if you like.

      USERTESTING REVIEW – So that review shows you a site that will pay you up to $10 just for giving your own feed back on sites etc.

      You can find more in this websites ‘OK Jobs’ section HERE.

      QuickenSurveys.com Review

  4. Emmanuel Olutoye

    Hi, scam witness.
    Thanks you for the insight on goldrise.net, I was already feeling awkward about the “too good to be true” offers on their website.
    But I’ll love to be informed about some real and legit online business with good income, I’m counting on you to give me some information about them as I really need some side income.
    Thanks ks.
    Emmanuel Olutoye.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Emmanuel,

      I am very happy this review of GoldRise.Net served its purpose and saved you from their scam. They have several copies doing the rounds as far as I can see.

      Well, there is plenty of legit online work you could do Emmanuel, it really all depends on what you want to do. So, clearly I blog on my website and that generates an income for me. I started off with no experience or training and have build it up to have much free traffic coming to it. I can show you how if you are interested.

      CLICK HERE to find out how you can start for Free, but also do note, there are premium options that start you off at just $19 for your 1st month. Then its $49 a month thereafter with a hefty yearly discount. So, whether you choose this option or not just know you will have to make some kind of financial investment anywhere if you want to make honest money online.

      You can also just CLICK HERE to open up your own starter account with Wealthy Affiliate for Free. Upload your pic and fill out bio and then I will be alerted by the system you are in and ready to work. Its a long term goal but one that is more than achievable, if you work for it Emmanuel.

      So, that is my own number 1 choice. If it does not suit you then just ask me what kind of work you are looking for.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. Emmanuel Olutoye

        Oh! Thanks a lot for the feedback, I had already send another comment when I couldn’t see my first comment been published but not to worry it OK.
        About the wealthy affiliate site, I couldn’t sign up as my country (Nigeria) is not supported.
        I’m looking forward to your further help and information about other accessible online business platforms.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hey Emmanuel,

          Some sites will auto allow comments to be published. Problem there is there could be bombarded with scam links all night and then spend whole day removing them so this way is just more efficient and protective of my websites readership.

          I messaged you some links for your consideration regarding your search for online work. I will continue to keep you posted. Defo sign up to BeerMoneForum as they have huge membership all recommending possible good online jobs. All the best for now Emmanuel and best of luck to you in your search!

          I am always here to help so just ask me anytime 🙂 .

          1. Samuel

            Hi scam witness
            Gold rise is truly a scam site I wasted lot of time by investing and referring people but all to no avail as I made order of withdrawal that has been in process for long passed the given month without paying, I regretted and in phobia if they won’t sell my personal information and my bank account details

          2. Scam Witness Post author

            Hi Samuel,

            You can take steps to protect yourself with bank details. Ring your bank and explain what has happened. They may cancel your current card and send you out a new one – so that is that problem solved. Simply change your passwords now to your gmail, to your social media accounts and your G+ account. Then they won’t be able to hack you.

            Clear the cookies from your browser and clear your history and try to update your anti virus – there are plenty of free trials out there and then you can check your device for any threats.

            Hope that helps and I am really sorry they are crooks and done that to you.

            Here to help if you are looking for good ways to earn online.

            ~Philip (Scam Witness).

  5. Raph

    Hi all. I couldn’t sign in because my country(Nigeria) is not registered with this platform. Could someone link me up to a legit online job which requires no expertise? I’m in dire need for academic reasons. Thank u. U can contact me via email at DELETED EMAIL or Raphael Okoli on fb. Pls…

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Raph,

      Sorry to hear about that. You may want to try this one. I am a member of this platform and here you can learn how to make and build up your own online business. Its all about making referrals and earning http://www.sfi4.com/19078571/saying = let me know how I can help you further if need be.

      ~Philip (Scam Witness).

      1. Samuel

        Hi scam witness
        Thanks a lot,I already tried your site rich affiliate marketing which said my account can’t be created because of my country, Nigeria,why?
        Pls I would be looking forward if you have any other opinions you have for me sir

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Unfortunately Samuel, due to the high volumes of scammers from Nigeria, Wealthy Affiliate had no choice but to ban that region. I have to say this to a lot of people and it gives me no pleasure in doing so.

          There are other countries that are banned using the free account:-


          Once again, I am sorry your country is not supported at this time. You are welcome to sign up but it will be for the full $49.

          ~Philip (Scam Witness).


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