What Is GoingQuiz.com – Is ‘GoinQuiz’ a Scam or Legit Online Job? – Review!

By | June 1, 2019

Beware Of GoinQuiz.com – ‘GoinQuiz’ Is Not Trustworthy. Why “Work From Home Without Any Investment” Is A Scam Network.

Wondering if GoinQuiz.com is safe and legit or just another scam site? This short review will tell you a few things about this copy of a scam doing the rounds. No one ever gets paid. You can not delete your account. Those tricked out of your payment information should contact your payment provider to cancel your card for a new one.

Those with review of using that site are welcome to leave us a few words in the comments. We are open to your questions and concerns as well as your stories about the site in question, but also, to any site you suspect of not being legit and operating ethically. We respond to all comments swiftly and personally.








GoinQuiz.com Exposed – They Are Not A Legit Way To Earn Online.

  • We can see there are other people online that agree with our determination that GoinQuiz.com is a scam. They are not paying out to anyone for any activity taken on their website. Any site you see that is identical to that site you should also avoid. We believe they are owned by the same people and so you are welcome to report any other copies to us anywhere on our website.
  • Putting aside their job offer for now, we are now going to try to find out attached website information. We can see in WHOIS that their site was registered in 2019/05//20 and only a year is all they have done this for. So we have to ask why a work from home site only wants to set up their offer for so short a time frame? 
  • This is definitely a scam sign. But, not always. In the case where we see sites that are bloggers, e-store owners that are legit and honest, we can see that it is relatively common for people to register for just 1 or 2 years. That is only to see how things will go and if it is worth their time. They can always renew when the time comes or let their site die.
  • We see an address of PO BOX 701, San Mateo, California, US. However, I do not believe that is a legit address and only a proxy address. These people are scammers and there is no way they are telling the law where they are living. As said before, there are other sites identical to the one in question with scam reports attached.
  • But also, and a scam sign I nearly missed though it is staring us all in the face, what kind of a legit business has a ‘PO BOX’ as their business address? There is  no founder name connected to any of these identical sites that we know they are running. So these are clear signs of deceptive and expertly identity hidden actions.
  • Heading off now to their scam site to see if there is any attempt by these people to leave any transparent biz info. So after taking a good look at their site we can see no information that declares where they are from, whom they are, and zero clues that point to them being ‘legit’.


Scam Signs.

  • No business transparency or owner name as detailed above. Not even a phone number for support.
  • They are paying out too much for taking actions, that by themselves, actually generate no revenue. Offering $50 to refer someone and then 15% of their earnings. For What?!!! For referring someone that actually makes no cash by doing the same thing? Nope. 
  • By signing up to their site then you may have used your personal email address? That is a little unfortunate if you have. Now they have your personal email address, and if you used your favorite password that you probably use for all other accounts you may hold, then they have the ‘keys’ to your entire online life.
  • Please take a moment and now change those passwords, if so. You should have nine passwords, including a special character, numbers, letters (upper case and lower case) to safe guard your online identity.
  • Anyways, you could of signed up to their site with a fake email address, which when you can, is a sure fire sign you are dealing with a fake site.
  • The work they are offering – ‘reading the news’ – is a bogus work from home claim. There is no one on planet Earth getting paid a penny for reading the news, except for news broadcasters.
  • $120 A DAY MINIMUM AND PROMISED! $840 PER WEEK MINIMUM AND PROMISED! Whey then am I blogging my fingers to the bone LOL if they were paying those amounts out for easy to do work?
  • Besides, how can they prove you are reading anything? You can simply open a news page and leave it for the required time and so then you could be watching TV etc and so logically this makes no sense at all.




No founder name and no business transparency. 

Payouts are too high for the too easy to do work on offer.

There are no payment proofs, and if you see any, they are liars. These sites simply never payout. Even copies of these sites have not paid out to people working on their site in the past.

They are designed to deceive people into thinking they can make a full time income from home just for reading the news. But really, all they want you to do is refer as many people as possible to them and so that is how they grow fast.

They are simply trying get a free labor force where they keep all the revenue.



How The Scam Really Works and How They Are Making Revenue For Themselves.

So, we do not see even any advertisements on their site. That of course is a legit and honest way to earn online. We do not see a sign up fee and they do not require your card details to sign up so we can rule out taping into your funds illegally.

So how are they really making cash for themselves? When it comes to cashing out your fake profits is when things become a little dicey. 

You may find that when you come to cash out you are or maybe referred to another site. These are third party sites that may not be legit. You may experience you are asked to complete a survey or complete some kind of offer.

Stay away from both of these kinds of invitations. The survey could take 45 minutes and they could only be trying to phish personal information out of you. Worse still, they may ask you to pay some cash in order to complete these tasks.

When someone falls for this scam then the referring site will earn some small commissions. The more people that fall for this scam then the more they illegally earn. 

And now times that revenue from 1 site to potentially dozens, maybe 100’s, and so you can appreciate that there are cyber-crooks earning incredible sums of free cash for little start up cost. 






Final Thoughts.

That is pretty much it now on the aforementioned site. We once again ask you to leave your own reports below in case there are those, who may not who our site, that we speak the truth and only trying to warn others. We do not work for the site we have just exposed to our readership. 

That must be made clear because there are times people think that we do when we write about a site. And so contact your payment provider as soon as you can if you handed over your payment information. There are no limits scammers will not go to in order to rinse your funds.

Always look for reviews before you are tempted to do any work on any site. 

Those that are determined to find a way to earn online are welcome to have a quick look at our Number 1 Recommendation. It is our recommendation that has helped us build a powerful scam-busting site and earnings accrue 24 hours a day – even while I sleep.

It is free to sign up, and best part is, you do not even need a credit to begin. There are tons of free stuff they give you to start up but you will see that information already detailed in our Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

We are taking questions on anything said here today, and no matter how many times in the past you have failed, been scammed by someone trying to take advantage of your entrepreneurial spirit, I know I can show you how to do it once and for all and for life.

That is all on GoinQuiz.com and very much looking forward to hearing from you and others. ‘GoinQuiz’ is going into our sites List of Internet Scammers Websites Hall Of Shame for life.








2 thoughts on “What Is GoingQuiz.com – Is ‘GoinQuiz’ a Scam or Legit Online Job? – Review!

  1. subrat kumar sar

    Dear Sir,
    Already i have read 554 news and total income $5008.00. Till today i have made 2 times request for my payout. But till now i did not receive my first payout from you that is $1004.30
    i have attached all my payout details to you for your future reference –
    1) 2020-05-02 10:49:28 $1004.30
    2) 2020-06-06 09:48:20 $4004.0
    when i finish 87 news immediately i receive a message that PROJECT NEEDS YOU READ MORE NEWS FOR MASS MEDIA. PAYOUT . if it will continue my reading work in this manner i will never get my payout from you. so now i want to clear everything from you sir. Please don’t try to cheat you clients those are ambitiously working for you since long times.
    Can you tell me how many more news to read. ?

    Can you tell me when you will payout my money ?

    Can you tell me why you are not responding my feedback ?
    Can you tell me your site is a fake site or real ?
    Waiting for my early response?
    Please payout my money that is $5008.30 soon while i have given my valuable time to goinquiz to read news work as per your website declarations.
    My details.

    Name – Subrat kumar sar

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hello Subrat,

      We are not connected or work for or are anyway part of GoingQuiz.com. You must contact their site owner to resolve this. Let us know if they pay you or not Subrat and thanks for letting us know what is going with your situation. Good luck.


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