What Is GoFounders.Net – Is GoFounders Scam or Legit? – OnPassive Review

By | February 16, 2019

GoFounders.Net + OnPassive.com

Find Out What Is GoFounders.Net – The GoFounders.Net Review. Also, What Is OnPassive.com about?

You are very welcome in this Review on What Is GoFounders.Net at www.gofounders.net. Is GoFounders Net a scam, fraudulent, deceptive, crooked or is Go Founders Net legit, safe, genuine, real and a great way to earn online? In this GoFounders Review we are simply aiming to determine their legitimacy or lack thereof. We are not getting into anything else except to take a look at What Is OnPassive.com aswell. All are welcome to leave their own reviews, complaints etc, below this article. And yes, success stories are very much needed as well.

After the briefest research, I have seen the terms like ‘MLM‘, ‘Pyramid Scheme,’ in connection to the name ‘GoFounders’. MLM’s are legal, but with the unfortunate side effect in most cases, that most members won’t earn much or anything. Comes with the benefit of mostly getting products at a great discount. Pyramid Schemes on the other hand are completely illegal and need to be avoided. Now you see, this is why I am asking ‘YOU’ for your own reports. Let us now get on with this ‘GoFounders’ Review.




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GoFounders.Net Review – What Is ‘GoFounders’ and also What Is OnPassive.com – A Legal Business Model?

We will cite sources in this article to save you time researching online. As stated, we will try to answer What Is GoFounders.Net, but in our research, we will also be answering What Is OnPassive.com. We begin our own research on the registration date of their site, founder name, real world location of their business operations and contact data. This is crucial and where we find this kind of data suppressed, then we have to ask why. Legit opportunities are very open on this issue. OnPassive Compensation Plan will also be explained.

Registration began for ‘GoFounders’ in 2018/08/31 until same time in 2019. So 1 year? That is not long at all and that is only the start of any online venture. This is a little odd because, businesses that want long term earning prospects, tend to register for longer.

14455 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260, US not their address. That address in use by tons of other sites. This is given to sites as a proxy i.e. in this case, to represent their address while it not being their actual location. This info is sourced from WHOIS.

Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh.

Founder name is absent at registration however, we found out that the founder appears to be Ash Mufareh. Yet when we go to www.gofounders.net we do not see that name. We do not see any name. Moreover, we see nothing regarding what they are about, phone number and only an email address of support@gofounders.net. Why are they so closed off? Why are they not informing their visitors what they are about? How am I supposed to sign up to something that I have not been informed on?

Not a good sign at all.

They have intentionally made themselves ‘mysterious’, by doing this they will peak peoples interest, and so many may just sign up to see what they are about. That is intentional as we are by nature curious enough about ‘mysteries’. That is a marketing trick that you should watch out for and is something that does put me on guard.

Signing up to their site I see they want my full name, email address and phone number. Well, that is a bit much. Never give out your personal email, full name, phone number to any site online that you do not know. They are being invasive and actually, since they are asking for so much without even giving us any info about them, they are completely put me off signing up to them.

Further researching on their company, I see that there is a Gofounders.com as well. When I go to that site, it is now re-directing to NameAlpha.com. Another worrying sign.

OnPassive.com was registered in 2018/06/27 and registered up until same time in 2028. It is still in Pre-Launch stage, where it seems, they may indeed be extending their deal of $97 to fill all tier positions. These are called ‘Founder Positions’ and the prices will be different for those that join after this stage is over, per reports online.





Ash Mufareh And The OnPassive.com, GI Fusion, AshMax, Global Domains International, TelexFree And PayDiamond Connections.

Per website behindmlm.com, and also, onlinewealthchronicles.com, these are the connections to Ash Mufareh. We will be leaving the links to those reviews bottom of this article for those interested. The founders of these website’s says PayDiamond and TelexFree are Ponzi Schemes from the past. Ponzi Schemes are illegal and very destructive things to get into.



… the plot thickens …


While you may make a reasonable, or huge,  investment for insane returns, there is no defined product, and is wholly dependent on similar investments by others. Where others invest then you get an ROI that is very high indeed. Typically, the founders of such schemes get the lions share of the overall investments. Where investors run out then most participants will lose their money. 

  • PayDiamond ceased in mid 2018 at that time he began work to create OnPassive.
  • In 2014 TelexFree was closed down by SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission) for fraud on charges of being a Pyramid Scheme. Allegedly this Pyramid Scheme gave only 1.3 million dollars revenue shared to its members of TelexFree while the umbrella company kept $1.1 billion dollars to themselves. You may read more on that from forbes.com here.


So, I looked into OnPassive on Facebook, and it seems there is an Anotonia Fradique is part of the team running that page. AntoniaFradique.Live is a site that has information on how to earn online.


That site says:- 


For The First Time In The History you can get an automated business — TOTALLY HANDS FREE!! With automated and unlimited stream of income on autopilot.”


The language of that pitch is disturbing to me. ‘Automated’, ‘unlimited stream of income’, ‘autopilot’, ‘automated business’. These are typical and very well known scammer buzzwords. I am not saying that site is fake but the choice of words is interesting and actually puts me on guard, once again.

OnPassive has been stated online as having no products and seems to run on membership fee’s. Thank you to behindmlm for that illuminating article.




‘GoFounder’ and ‘OnPassive’ Compensation Plan.

After some rummaging around online, we did find Antonio Fradique’s Video on OnPassive, and since ‘GoFounders’ and ‘OnPassive’ seem to be connected per at least 1 other site online, then here is more information on them both:-



That video is 8:55’s long. We did also find an AnotonioFradique.com website that seems to give out more information on the products. They appear to be free to get set up and no monthly recurring fee’s.  

One thing is bothering, if Ash Mufareh is the founder, why are we running into Anotonio Fradique so much? Perhaps his one very successful affiliate of this program?

Founder name not declared on their websites is something that I actually find strange as well.

Anyways, here is one report that states the founders have attracted 11500 founders for the price of $95 (others say $97) sign up. That is only 1% of the original price. So it clearly is not all free. With that payment fee, the following is the matrix of how the money earnings run.



$95/$97 gets you qualified for all four tiers in their matrix scheme (presumably) and lasts while Founder Positions are available.





Once all Founder Positions are Filled, here are the Fee’s and ‘OnPassive’ Compensation Plan:-

Since ‘OnPassive’ and ‘GoFounders’ are inextricably linked, and we could not source the compensation for the later site, then here is OnPassive.com’s plan.


Matrix Tier 1 – fee of $25 to take part:-

  • 1st level:- $2 earned when one of your referrals takes up one of these positions.
  • 2nd level:- $3 earned when one of your referrals accepts one of these positions.
  • 3rd level:- $2 earned at this level of enrollment for each of your sign ups.
  • 1st – 8th levels:-  $1 is earned from level 1 up to level 9 for all referrals you make on these levels.
  • 9th level:- $2 for all sign ups to this level via you.
  • 10th level:- $1 for all that sign up on this level through you.


Matrix Tier 2 – fee of $125 to participate:-

  • 1st level:- You earn $10 per person that signs up on this level.
  • 2nd level:- $15 is earned per sign up on this level.
  • 3rd level:- $7 is your earning per sign up on this level.
  • 4th level:- $5 for all that sign up on this level.
  • 5th level:- Same as the 4th level for compensation per successful sign up that participates.
  • 6th level:- $3 for all affiliates on this level.
  • 7th level:- $2 is earned for all on this level who sign up via you.
  • 8th level:- $3 is your earning on this level per everyone that signs up through.
  • 9th level:- Same as 8th level for compensation.
  • 10 level:- $2 for all that come in on this level.


Matrix Tier 3 – $250 to participate:-

  • 1st level:- $10 is earned for all that are actively sign up through you.
  • 2nd level:- $25 for all that participate in this level, that is your compensation.
  • 3rd level:- $10 for all new affiliates.
  • 4th level:- $8 for all that sign up onto this level via you.
  • 5th level:- Same as 4th level.
  • 6th level:- Identical earning to 4th level.
  • 7th level:- $7 on this level for all that register to participate on this level.
  • 8th level:- Same as 7th level.
  • 9th level:- $8 for all new member signs ups on this level.
  • 10th level:- Same as 9th level.


Matrix Tier 4 – $500 fee to participate.

  • 1st level:- $20 per new active sign up.
  • 2nd level:- $30 for every new active member.
  • 3rd level:- $15 for all members on this level.
  • 4th level:- See 3rd level.
  • 5th level:- Same as 3rd level.
  • 6th level:- $10 per sign up on this level.
  • 7th level:- See 6th level.
  • 8th level:- $15 per new member that signs up through you to participate at his level.
  • 9th level:- Same as 8th level.
  • 10th level:- Lastly, for all new active affiliate members via you then you receive $10.




Points Of Concern – What Are They Selling Us?




Per the compensation plan there appears to be a lot of money to make. They also appear to have their own internal ads going on for their own internal traffic. However, what is the product?! 

Where we see a business model that appears to depend on making sign ups for profit, then that is a very shaky business model indeed. Early on in these projects there will or may be a huge ‘buzz’ surrounding them. Here we may or will see many people signing up.

Why? Because those that get in first have the greatest chances of success! That is always the way with such offers. Since most of the cash floats up to the founders and a maybe a select few, the masses are left out in the cold. Many could lose money with such a business model.

Since the founder was connected to past and destructive activities then its possible we could be looking at another scheme, a scheme that could at any moment in time, collapse without notice.

We see that those that sign up after the founder positions are closed, stand the greatest measure of financial success, while the rest will or may struggle to build out their own network for financial success.

Sooner or later though, the whole system may likely run out of new sign ups, and when that happens, then the fall out could affect negatively a great number of people.

I am assuming, for their members to make good returns per the compensation plan, that those fee’s are recurring? If so, Imagine paying $500 a month and not make that back, if anything? One thing is for sure, that money is gone and in someone else’s pocket…

FTC states excellent guidelines on MLM’s, for which I suspect the aforementioned sites are(at this point) , and you can view FTC Guide Lines Here. Does the aforementioned sites fall into these guidelines? 

Well, I still do not know what they are selling! IF they are not selling some kind of physical real world product, or digital services that are not considered worthless, they very well could be in breach of the law.

What are your thoughts on this?








Final Thoughts.

Many are calling them an MLM which they appear to be. Ponzi Scheme is also a term being flung at the aforementioned sites. Product in exchange for monies is not defined. ‘GoFounders’ led me to ‘OnPassive’ that led me to ‘AnotionioFradique.com’ and ‘AndtonioFradique.Liv’e. Those digital products are not asking people for cash. They are saying there is no monthly fee’s. And then we find the compensation plan where fee’s are clear and evident.

They say one thing and I found out another = this smells like a scam to me.

It does not help that the credited founder of ‘OnPassive’ and ‘GoFounders’ past schemes were shut down, by arguably one of the biggest customer protection resources in the world, for being fraudulent. Has he changed now? Well, please define me the product that is being exchanged for up to $500 per month (I believe that fee is not applying to ‘Founder Positions) for the promise of good returns.

Seems that people who sign up, pay their fee for which ever tier they can afford, and so that money is trickled up through the MLM. As a referrer you make a cut, but it may transpire, that the founders and maybe a close knit group of people, will profit the most. That is not an accusation, but only, that is the nature of this kind of business model, if other MLM’s are anything to go by, where well over high 80%/low 90% make nothing.

‘On Passive’ seems to be the main launch pad for ‘Go Founders’ etc and so another term being used against their sites is – SCAM.






So they ‘appear’ to be an MLM, but I was unable to locate any products, then so they maybe a Ponzi Scheme. A Ponzi Scheme is worse, and without an extensive network below you, MLM’s may soak you dry of your finances.

Those that knowingly enter into a Ponzi Scheme that turns out to be very damaging to a local economy, where they are responsible for pulling in many other members (whom as a consequence) suffered financially, then ‘YOU’ could hunted by authorities on serious charges. I stay away from both biz models.

Where sites are clearly scams, I have no problem saying ‘SCAM’. But MLM’s and Ponzi Schemes are murky waters, and so I believe NOT RECOMMENDED is a fair verdict.



People who have success stories, views, disagreements with anything said here, scam reports, reviews are welcome to place such comments in the section provided below. I will respond to all comments personally providing they are of a non-offensive nature. If so, they will be edited.

That just about wraps up this article and I learned much from researching What Is GoFounders.Net, but also on OnPassive.com. Strangely enough, I saw another very similar name to one of their sites on Facebook, and so I will be heading there next. Very much looking forward to hearing from you all in the comments and take care until then. For those interested, you may view the other two reviews where some of our information has been sourced just below.







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Behindmlm.com Review.

Onlinewealthychronicles.com Review.


69 thoughts on “What Is GoFounders.Net – Is GoFounders Scam or Legit? – OnPassive Review

  1. Wolf

    Hey Philip,

    I noticed how the people who were founders kept talking about how they have seen success with go founders. How is that possible since it is 2020 and it still hasn’t launched? What product are they talking about? It is suppose to do the marketing for businesses like mine http://WWW.Krwproducts.com.
    If it has not launched how is it benefiting these people?


  2. D. J. O.

    As far as I’m concerned, any negative articles are from people that have no idea what Go Founders – Onpassive is really about. Yes in the past somethings went on that caused problems and it got shut down. But let me be clear, Ash Mufareh is not at fault for any of what went on, as he lost more than many are aware of and the culprits who caused the failure, have been dealt with. Ash without any finger pointing stepped up like the true leader he is, told us in a video, called “My Confession” what went on. I joined Feb 12 2019 before I watched that video. All that did was strengthen my Faith and Trust in the man. I’m proud of Mr. Ash Mufareh for what he is doing, to create a method for all to succeed no matter their skill level. Only todays Go Founders Members know, what is really going on, I login everyday, to stay updated and the best thing I have ever done online was to become a member of todays Go Founders, the step to the Onpassive platform, where all succeed. There are no secrets, information is privileged to members only for good reason. Our numbers grow daily, those with small minds and no patients can request their money back anytime. So when I see something negative about Go Founders, I will step up and defend this Company, because the negative things are coming from those that have no idea what Go Founders is today, and it causes people to miss out on achieving the much wanted, success they’ve been searching for. Go Founders is the only online business, anyone will ever need.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to place your comment and I wish you the very best in your endeavor D.J.O.

  3. Jackie

    GoFounders is not a scam. It is the platform that is being used to inform the founders of OnPassive. New information is coming out daily. Traffic is the main product of this platform. Everyone is guaranteed success. Today, we learned about one of the ways we will receive unstoppable traffic. Everyone likes a better way to reduce the size of a URL. So, GoFounders, OnPassive has a way for that to happen. Go to trimURL.co and shrink your URL to the shortest possible way. You can view more info at my site… trimurl.co/mo3.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      OK Jackie, I appreciate your comment and respect your opinion. Waiting on more reviews as time goes by and I do wish you most success as wel.

  4. Sherlyn Comeaux

    I felt that this was not a legit way to make money. I tried to deter my husband from signing up. This was back in December 2018. He just kept telling me oh it is gonna launch January 1, 2019. Nope did not happen. Here it is March 25th 2019. Still has not launched. My husband tried to request a refund of his founders fee. This was two weeks ago. There is no customer service number. Or customer support email. I asked well who do you contact? Oh, the lady that signed him up. Well he checked the Gofounders website, he could not log in. His contact told him they were working on the website. He tried several times, by using the forgot password, button. Check his email, no email received to reset password. So from my first gut feeling, this is definitely a SCAM. Trust your instincts, mine have never been wrong. Good luck to those, that are believing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Sherlyn for you report here on Gofounder platform. Since the service has not been delivered per the promised time table of that site perhaps apply for a refund from your payment provider. Thanks again Sherlyn for taking the time to share what you know, it is appreciated.

      1. Jan

        I signed up around end February as a Founder. They updated the website, it’s continuously being improved and sent out emails to everyone with their new passwords.
        Their Support system works, although it takes them some time to get back to you.
        They did state that if a Founder can get a refund at any time, it’s not only 30 days.
        The Founders fee is valid for a year.
        After the launch of OnPassive, there will be no founders allowed for at least 6 months.
        It seems to me GoFounders was established to provide income to create the OnPassive platform, that’s why the Founders are trying to get others to join as well. In the end it will benefit them.
        OnPassive will be a platform where all the members will have access to a website to promote their own business opportunity(ies) or cause. All the tools any digital business requires, will be available. They have over 200 people working everyday from 4 centres around the world, with the head office in Florida.
        The monthly fees will be for the use of all of this as well as the “traffic” that will be generated by OnPassive. That’s why they say it’s going to be handsfree and automated.

        In the feedback webinars most of this is discussed with the Founders and if Sherlyn’s husband just logs in and get updated with what’s going on, you’ll see that it’s not a scam in my eyes. Ash did mention the previous businesses he was involved in, not as a founder or owner but as an affiliate and how much he lost and also why he cannot trust other people anymore, that’s why he decided to build his own, which will work for everyone.

        I’m still new in this and learn as we go along but I trust him because he has other very well respected people in the MLM industry who all stand behind him and support him and this cause.

        Hope it clears up a few issues.

        Oh, another thing – they don’t use Facebook at all because they created their own Community sites inside GoFounders where everyone can collaborate.

        1. Scam Witness Post author

          Hello Jan,

          This has been a very informative user review of Gofounders and also on OnPassive. Thank you kindly for clearing up a few issues. So now I see the correlation between both the sites. Thank you for taking the time to detail this and also your comment I hope will help inform others as time goes by. Thanks again Jan.

  5. George Flintwell

    If there is anyone out there who has actually received any money from GoFounders please speak up. However, I don’t expect any proof – this company may be legit, but so far it is just grand promises and stringing people along.

    1. Sam

      This is not for those who are looking after the pennies life is about taking risks everyday we are ripped off left and right. We are ripped by the bank’s no one makes any reviews

      1. Jan

        George, OnPassive hasn’t launched yet, so nobody received anything yet.
        I left a complete, well almost, comment at the previous question from Sheryl.

        Commissions will only be paid out after OnPassive is launched and everyone, including the Founders, have positioned themselves. The Founders will of course be entered first based on the hierarchical order they signed up and they’ll be given a month to do that before the sluices are opened for the rest of the world to join.
        There were yesterday almost 22 000 founders already.
        And because it’s a monthly payment plan, everyone will be making money sooner or later.

  6. David Marshr

    My two friends, my uncle, my beautiful wife is in this business. We will achieve things we will only dream of. I have already started to see the benefits..and trust me they are amazing!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi David,

      I am happy to hear this and thank you for letting us know your experience with GoFounders. Much appreciated.

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Great to hear David and thank you for taking the time to shed more light on this company. I wish you well and thanks again.

  7. steve mc milliann

    Gofounders is not a company that will take the money and runs away…if it was like that, it would have gone many days before. I am in this since last few months.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Sounds good Steve and have you been having some level of success yet? I know it can take time and certainly welcome back to discuss further if you wish. Thanks for taking the time Steve to comment here today.

  8. james hubbard

    A one-time payment of $102 with all the other charges included for a seat in gofounders and look at the benefits! I’m incredibly happy.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Dawn and thank you kindly for your comment about GoFounders. It is good to see good reports on them coming through. Much appreciated.

    2. Scam Witness Post author

      Well, the other reports here are a lovely addition to this article and helping to shed more information about this company. Thank you and to all others for commenting here Dawn.

  9. tim williamys

    Gofounders provides the best solutions to people’s financial issues.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Well if it works for you then keep on keeping on 🙂 – Glad to hear this Tim and thank you kindly for commenting here.

  10. danny caybuo

    I was skeptical too in the beginning. Though I haven’t joined any other company like this before…I don’t know the pros and cons. With all due respect to everyone, please don’t be this much judgemental. My experience with this company is awesome.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Danny,

      Please forgive the critical viewpoint I took. I viewed them the same way I had to any other site to give two sides of the coin. I will bear this in mind for future articles. Thanks for your feedback Danny.

  11. cristina martizonx

    I find myself lucky that I found out gofounders. I wish I had found out before.

    1. Paddy

      Have you had any tangible benefits you can cite for appraisal? I was introduced to it but haven’t had the opportunity to get any testimonial with clear and concise benefits. I see you “find yourself lucky to have found gofounders”, what exactly have been the benefits?

  12. eric gersonq

    This is unfortunate that we are always assuming and never questioning. I have seen people crying after their investment in MLMs and I am seeing my brother too who is buying is planning to buy his dream car soon. He didn’t even have a job a year ago.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      This really amazing to hear this Eric and thank you for letting us know. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. It is appreciated.

  13. shelley rochambeauo

    Gofounders is not like other MLM companies. It is genuine. I know coz’ I am a founder. And the best thing is I don’t have to give much efforts to see my earnings every month.

  14. judy karrbergy

    How can you even judge when you are not a member at all? Other is a scam, does not mean it is too. I am a member and I have seen the profits.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Judy,

      I wrote up about GoFounders to see if they were legit or not. I decided fast that it was evident they were legit but could not recommend due to the research freely available online. I wrote up on them as well so to make people, researching GoFounders, to inform them and save them time as well.

      You make a fair point but I also hope you see why I wrote about them. Thank you kindly for your comment here Judy, it is appreciated.

  15. jaquie shasmitht

    That is the difference! A decision makes all the differences. Gofounders have a great policy and business structure. It is not like other MLM companies. The business fully runs on automation. Means, it is hands-free, people will join under you automatically, you will get the benefits sitting at your home and invest that money to start your other businesses. What else do we want from an MLM?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you Jaquie for your comment and I can see there are many positive comments on GoFounders coming through. I am very appreciative to all that have taken time out of their day to do so. Thanks Jaquie and to all others for your time and thoughts on GoFounders.

  16. chelse appeters

    Wow! Really! You guys are really judgemental. Yes, some of us have lost our money in these kinds of scams..doesn’t mean this is a scam too! My mother has joined gofounder and she is happy! I bet, people have found some benefits or why would they join and remain in the business! Just look at the number of subscribers man!

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Chelse,

      I took a critical viewpoint in order to reach a fair and logical conclusion. My criticisms, if I am encountering them, so may others as well. However, I recommended them as legit and I am happy do to so for the people that visit. Thank you for your time and I will certainly try not to be so critical going forward. Your comment and view is appreciated.

      1. D. J. O.

        Scam Witness, Thanks for the legit recommendation, because Go Founders is the first to actually say enough is enough, Thanks to one man the internet marketing industry, is going to see a big change. this has created some trash talkers and haters because they won’t be able to carry on cheating people, out of money and traffic, people who worked hard to try and make a dollar online but gave up or failed, because they didn’t know they got played. Well none of that will be tolerated by Go Founders, the best Company to ever be created for online success.

  17. sierrahan kersont

    In my late 20s, I joined an MLM business opportunity which was a big scam! Since then, there has been a trust issue. When I found gofounders, surfing through the internet, out of curiosity I went through the details and found out some seriously genuine benefits of this. Though I was skeptical. I took the risk. But surprisingly, this has changed my life. It is surely what it claims to be! An opportunity to make the dreams come true.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      This is great to hear this Sierrahan! 🙂 – Thank you so much for letting us know your experience on GoFounders and am very happy to see so many positive comments about this company.

    2. Paddy

      Can you please elaborate on how it changed your life? I see a lot of people being affirmative but without substantial or physical evidence. I am actually interested as the module looks great but getting concerned as the person who introduced it to me (amongst the first few thousands to register – an IT engineer in the US) says the platform hasn’t been launched yet (as confirmed by some users on this platform). This leaves me very curious when you say “it has changed your life”. Please, can you please kindly share the already achieved success stories so some of us can learn? Thank you for your time in advance.

  18. carol kelly

    Not a scam at all! I know that we have seen many companies that are a scam but I can assure that gofounders is not one of them. I have seen people getting benefits from this.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Carol,

      I agree with you Carol. I seen one article saying scam and I was sure they got it badly wrong given the other research done by this point. Thank you kindly Carol for your comment and your time as well. It is appreciated 🙂 .

  19. terry lemoine

    Hey Phillip….great article on an obvious scam. When there are no products outlined in a business plan it’s bogus, because for any kind of business something has to be offered or promoted for sale and there clearly has to be profit involved in the product to make the business legit, if it’s going to be self-sustainable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Terry,

      I did not recommend them, however, you will see two links at the bottom of this article. You may read there also as to why they are calling GoFounders a scam.

  20. Donny

    Hello Phillip and thanks for this very detailed review

    Looks pretty much like just another scam to me

    I remember the first sites I got involved with before finding real ways to make money online was more like go founders

    I was simply going to pay for an intangible product for a fee of 200 bucks and was supposed to refer people to get commision

    Whether people get paid on this program or not, with no real product I don’t see the legitimacy here…

    Okay maybe not really really scam, people might get paid but …. it isn’t something to recommend and givem that the guy has run some other scam site makes it very untrustworthy

    Good work bro , keep helping us out on these online jobs and other scams

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Much appreciated Donny 🙂 and certainly it is not something I would go near. No many red flags about GoFounders.Net given also the founder has already been involved in very serious situations with powerful resources. They got shut down in Brazil etc for their practices and so just do research guys before buying into anything online.

  21. sahar

    I think it looks like scam too. The problem is that with so many fake reviews online, not everyone will go into such length to check the validity of a program. Thank you for your website and for all the details you are providing to help people know what is real and what is not.

  22. Mike

    Great review on something that falls into the “run away screaming” camp for me. Like you I worry when people are not clear about who they are and how to contact them. I note by contrast that your own site has explicit privacy policies and disclaimers including your name and contact details at the bottom of this post. I also worry when there is no obvious product but you seem to earn more if you spend more with the owners – smells like a PONZI scheme to me loosely dressed up as relationship marketing. Not my thing at all. Thanks for giving me a steer before mistakes were made.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      “Run away screaming camp”! Now that made me laugh so hard 🙂 – thank you so much for that Mike and your comment is very much appreciated 🙂 .

      Yes, many things came up during research that simply astounded me somewhat. Even some info I simply forgot to add into the post such was the amount online.

      However, the most pertinent I feel is in the above article and surely it is more than enough to help others decide on them for themselves.

      Thanks again Mike 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  23. Todd P Matthews

    I’d call a scam on this one too. For a product that isn’t clearly defined, there’s no way I’d give any information for a potential product like GoFounders. Bogus address, plus a founder who isn’t even present immediately on the site are other causes for concern.

    I always recommend to others that they should have a clear idea on what the product is, the founder, and even the founder’s history before handing over any information or worse, following through to buy the product itself. There are a lot of these scams out there, and it’s good to see you’re warning others about them.

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Thank you kindly Todd though its important that I said not recommended. However, there are others online calling them a scam also! That is worth noting. Thanks again Todd 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

  24. Mary

    wow love the way you piled up a ton of evidence logically there, I was reading another review on gofounders and it was crazy, the reviewer still did not give what the product was just told people how wonderful a reviewer he was and people should just go sign up! You on the other hand have piled up the judgement scales to see which way it tips and for sure too many things here to make me comfortable to hand over money, the least they can do is clear each of these things up. Thanks for showing us not only this ‘company’ but basically what to look for in any potential scam

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Great to hear from you Mary and thank you very much for your nice words, I am glad you appreciate the effort here. Took me longer to research it then it did to write it.

      Long day 🙂 . I hope it reaches people to help inform many before they make their final decision on GoFounders.Net and on OnPassive.com.

      Thank you for you nice words Mary and it is very nice of you to see the effort compiled here. Much appreciated 🙂 ~ Philip (Scam Witness).

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      Hey Glen,

      Thank you very much and very happy you found it informative. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving us a comment. Nice work and look forward to hearing from you again sometime. All the best for now ~ Philip (Scam Witness).


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