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I made a purchase from Gladeals of a Shower seat £54 not aware it was a Chinese company?
After the twenty days delivery promise they contacted me by email:
Service5 asking about delivery.

I informed them it had not arrived whereupon they offered me a refund, 33.4% of the purchase price.
I asked for the item or a full refund.

I then received an unsolicited package with two scarves from them.
Informing them of this they said they would look into it.

They then came back blaming everyone but themselves and offering a 44% refund.
I stated again that I wanted either the item or a full refund.
I have not heard from them since.

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  1. Marivel Bruner

    I paid 99.00 for a wine barrel table and two stools. on May 4, 2020. i emailed with the company for a few months holding out hope that they would realize i did not get my product. Nor did i receive any other product to replace it. I did check with the United Stated Postal Service which they told me repeatedly to do. i found out that it was went to Philadelphia. It never reached my door. After a few more emails and checking with my bank. it is past 60 days so my money cannot be refunded. I am basically out 99.00. HIROSHIMASHI__JPJP. this is the company my money went to.
    this is a scam at its finest.

  2. Anthony

    Company is a front. Sent me a pair of fake Rayban sunglasses that I didn’t order instead of my order. Blaming everyone but themselves for not receiving my order. Offered me a 34.7% refund. Company is fake. Should be posted everywhere to shut them down. They are a Chinese company that doesn’t mention that on the website so getting them wont be easy and they probably have thousands of shell companies. Piece of crap company. Trump is right about China

  3. Sue B

    Same here for purported Australian company R M Williams boots…not a sign on website that it was not the true company including boots named as per the company until I received a baseball cap instead and an offer of a 44%refund when I sent an image of cap and PO tracking number to them. .I did contact R.M. Wiliams in hopes they could stop them ..(no response this far). I refused 44% refund so they upped it to 50% -refused again now no response so will go to ban today as I paid by credit card.

  4. Steve Morris

    Same here they sent mr a pair of socks and told me my item got mixed up at the delivery office,

    is there any way of getting a full refund?

    1. Scam Witness Post author

      How did you pay Steve? If you are sure you were scammed then contact the company you used to make a purchase. Bank card? PayPal? Which ever company you used then call them for a possible refund. Feel free to let us know how this turns out and good luck with this Steve 🙂 .


    Same story received scarf instead of shoes. % proposal that i refused. Il sent back the scarf and asked full refund but it s not working !


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